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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – Scam Or Not

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I received an email just the other day from someone who claimed to be a retired cop, Sargent Marc Wilson from Florida. So being the curious guy I am I clicked on the link in the email. It brought me to a page that is offering a system called the 7 figures system.

After looking through the site I found that it was actually the 8 Figures Dream Lifestyle. I learned this by going on the Terms and Conditions page within the site.

I have to say I just went from 7 figures to 8 in a matter of 20 seconds I have never seen such an increase in pay in my life.

So let’s get into this review we will go with the 8 Figures Dream Lifestyle…

So What’s Going On Here

I tried to find the 7 Figures System but it all comes up 8 Figures Dream Lifestyle so I’m not sure if Sargent Marc has named his “company” 7 Figures or if it’s an old name that they used to use. The other odd thing is your can’t seem to find any information on who owns this site or who operates it.

What’s the deal with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

It’s a multi level marketing business package. It’s a package containing material for different self-improvement products such as ( Fitness, Business, Confidence Building, Health, and things of that nature). From what I can tell if your sign up you are just confined to selling affiliate memberships.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Scam, Fraud

You do get some training on affiliate marketing but not a lot. When, you buy in you will receive a package that contains a bunch of marketing materials to help you suck other people in. Wait, did I say that I meant to say sell the package to other people. They give you wild stories that you will make thousands of dollars is a short period. You may even get millions of dollars in your bank account from this system.

How Much Does This 8 Figure System Cost

Well I really hope your sitting is a nice soft comfy chair.

  • Basic Membership – You get a series on meditation, fliers, marketing modules, and some other marketing materials. Cost $2,000 + $149 license fee.
  • Builder Package – You get some information in the Health area like fitness, weight loss, muscle building, and a few more. You also get some training materials. Cost $3500 + $295 license fee.
  • Advanced Package – This package is focused on marketers it includes material on how to drive traffic. There is also a bunch of videos on how to get traffic to your page. Cost $6500 + $395 license fee.
  • Pro Package – This package again is for marketers you get training information on how to drive traffic through social media, list building, hosting webinars to promote sales, email marketing etc. Cost – $12,500 + $445 license fee.
  • VIP Package – Well now your a VIP so you will get “Blueprints” step by step instruction on how to do videos, webinars, email companies, social media, and podcasts. COST a Whopping – $22,000 + $449 license fee.

These are some hefty price tags for material that anyone that knows how to use a google search, bing search, yahoo search you get the idea,  you can do for free. Now what you also need to know is if you buy in at level 1 to get to VIP status it will Cost $46,500 + $449 license fee. (You have to buy all levels)

How Do You Get Paid

Getting Paid, Work At Home Scam

Well this is where things get interesting. Affiliates looking to participate in the companies affiliate plan must donate money to each other through a 1-up payment model.

So to put this in simple terms when and if, you sell one of these packages you have to donate the commission its 100% commission to the person who sponsored you in.

Now if you decide to buy in at the basic membership level and you somehow sell a VIP package, lets say it’s after you already made your first sale and that was donated to your sponsor. You would only get the $2000 commission and the rest of the money would be donated to your up line till it gets to the member that was in at the $22,000 dollar level.

AffiliateMarketingScanOrNot Final Thoughts

Here is a system that really doesn’t sell anything except their own service. There is a bunch of old ways they make it look like people are making tons of money. Filming promos at mansions with crazy expensive cars and beautiful women. These all can be rented to film these videos this is the oldest trick in the book.

Fast Cars Fraud, Mansion Scam, Work From Home Scam

Also, if you add up their numbers they just don’t work they promise a huge monthly payment and a big daily payment that just doesn’t make any sense. Because, you multiply the daily promise by 30 days it doesn’t work.

When digging in we also found that 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is involved in a company call Tidom, that company is owned by a guy named Scott Miller. It turns out that our Mr. Miller has been a busy boy, he was behind the scam 22K Collective. The website domain is now unresponsive.

The whole problem is that once there is no more people that get in this whole scheme falls in on itself and you will lose. Besides how many people do you know that have $46,500 lying around doing nothing.

My advice to you is to walk away, I have no choice but to put this on the SCAM list…

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