Back To School Scam

Back To School Scams

I am sure you can imagine nothing is safe from a scam. Not even going back to school, their are scammers that are just waiting for this time of the year. Back to school-time is a time when parents are spending on average approx $700 per student.

This is a pretty appealing figure to people that are out to rip you off. It’s crazy to think that Back to School Scamseven going back to school is a time when you need to pay attention, not only to make sure you are child is getting what they need. But you have to pay attention to what you don’t need to happen.

With such an expense you can imagine that parents will look for ways to save money and cut some cost. That’s why we see all those coupons out this time of year. There are also plenty of paid surveys out this time of year to help curb the costs. But, are they a way to save or just a back to school scam?

The big question is will these things save you money or in the long run cost you more than you ever expected. Now I am not going to ever say don’t cut coupons or look for ways to save money. Because let’s face it, when you have 2 or 3 kids going back to school you need to save a couple of bucks.

What Am I Looking For – Or Looking Out For

The thing is these scammers don’t put up a big sign saying click here to lose you are private information. That’s why we need to pay close attention to what we are doing online and wherewe are putting our private information. These scams come in different ways like through fake coupons, online surveys, and gift cards.

These ways we usually think are going to save us money, they will in some cases redirect us to another link or site. Then we have the idea in our mind that at the end we are going to get that coupon or that gift card. When all we are doing is putting in our private information for someone to steel.

Back To School Scams

The thing to look out for is these redirect and also know that these big stores are not going to give us $50 gift cards for filling out a 5-min survey. In other words don’t put you are private information on the internet unless you are 100% sure where you are putting it. Remember scammers are smart they make it look legit and they are not going to say for a good scam click here.

What Other Scams Should We Look Out For

It’s interesting that these scams all have the same thing in common. That they are looking for someone to be caught off-guard. To be in a nervous state that will allow for your guard to be dropped because you are more worried about the outcome than what the scammer is saying. This is the reason scams are so effective.

They play on the fact of us being nervous about something, like our child going off to collage. Back To School ScamsMost of us are worried about how we will pay for collage. What better way to catch someone off-guard than to call them and tell them their is a problem with their tuition payment.

What will happen is you will get a call they will say they are from administrations of the school. They will go on to say that their has been a problem with you are payment. The other choice would be their was an issue with the scholarship or the grant money you were going to receive.

Now at this point you are listening very closely because they are telling you that if this is not cleared up your child will not be able to attend classes. They will go on to give you instructions on how you can wire the money and even in some cases they will tell you where to drop it off. That takes nerve to intercept that money.

The thing is that the school will call if their is trouble with a payment so how are you to know what is true and what’s a scam? First off, ask questions about the school about why the payment was declined anything that will give you a clue. Ask for the itemized bill but tell them you will pick it up if it’s emailed who know where it will come from.

Because kids go off to collage in different parts of the US, you might not be able to just fly out their to pick up a bill. Get the name of the person you are speaking to and a phone number to get back to them at. After you get off the phone call the school to verify the information if you find it to be fake call the police and give them all the info you collected.

The big thing about scams is to keep a cool head in any situation, if it’s not a scam you will end up better off and if it turns out to be a scam you will definitely end up better off.

I Need Books – There How Much???

Here is another place where scammer love to hide. They love to hide behind websites selling books, we know how expensive these books can be. There can be good sites to buy used books from, you just need to make sure you are on one. Make sure the site starts with HTTPS: that’s a good way to tell if you are on a good site.

The other thing to look for is the padlock in the address bar it will usually appear on the right Back To School Scamsside and says “Secure” next to it. There will always be people out their trying to take advantage of others, just keep yourself up date as to what to look for and stay sharp if something doesn’t seem right it’s better to walk away.

You want to be careful whenever you are going to send money. So if your going to end up buying books online be careful if they ask for the payment to be wired or ask you to send a money order. If they are legit they should take PayPal, that would be another way to tell.

****My advice to you is simply don’t send a money order or wire money to anyone you don’t know. You will have zero recourse if something happens.****

I Just Started Collage – I Need Money!!!

Here’s where it begins, these scammers have a captive audience a bunch of kids most away from home for the first time. They are looking for a way to make money while in collage and we all know all the “Get Rich Quick” scams that are around. These scammers are just looking for the new blood.

There are some pretty easy rules you can go by to stay out of that trouble. Again like any scam if it’s too good to be true it most likely is.

  1. Where did you find this job? Was it on the internet, did you apply for it? Do you have you are resumes on job boards?
  2. Did the job search you out? Did you get an email, or a text? Where they looking for you?
  3. Are they asking for money to get the job? Does it say you need to pay to get the material to do the work?

Make sure you pay attention to how you were contacted and what kind of promises they are Back To School Scamsmaking you. Always remember if the claims are that you will make tons of money with very little work it’s a scam. Check into a company before you go to work for them.

Come back check this site, or just Google the company check reports and see what people are saying. Even if you have you’re resumes on Monster or any other job board, you still need to check them out. These companies find their way onto these job boards so don’t trust everything just because it came from one.

I will say it again because it’s worth mentioning, any job that requires you to pay money is a scam. There is no “what if” no “well wait” nothing if they ask for money it’s a NO GO!!! Just be smart go to collage get an education, but bring your lifetime of education with you. Don’t just lose your mind because you don’t live at home anymore, be smart and use your good sense.

Thanks for coming by my site if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I get back to everyone in less than 24 hours.


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  1. This is very good advice especially for the elderly and the college student both which are easily persuaded to use get rich quick scams. As a mother of 3 college students I totally agree that shopping sales and cutting coupons are the best ways to save. As Rick has stated if it sounds to good to be true it probably is and is a scam. Take his advice, its right.

    1. Hello Dawn,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. With three children in collage you must have seen all the scams. I am glad to hear that you also see through the nonsense and won’t get blindsided. So I guess will will keep cutting coupons and looking for sales. haha…

      By the way God Bless, 3 kids in collage that is a feat in itself. I wish you and your family all the best! Thank you again for stopping by and thanks for your feedback. Its great to hear from people that are in the situation.

      All the best,


  2. Hey Rick,

    What an awesome website I have seen today, I love it. But not only that I have learned something unique about online scammers today from your website. In fact, as you said, we need to be very careful about their tricks. They are very smart as you said and I agree with you perfectly.

    I saw an email about a marketing tool that promised me that, I can make tons of dollars by buying that marketing tool.And on this website, I saw that same padlock you mentioned, saying secured, but later when I did research about his offer, I realized that this guy is a very smart scammer who wanted to scam me.

    thank so much for sharing this valuable information with me.

    1. Stephen,

      Thank you for the visit and the very nice compliment, also I am very glad that you learned something from my site. This is what I am trying to do with my site, and thats educate. If we know what to look for then we can know when to run.

      Even if the site shows all the signs of being legit we still have to do a bit of research just to make sure. They are very sneaky and will try just about anything to get your money.

      There is nothing I hate more than someone taking advantage of someone else. If you didn’t earn it you don’t deserve to have it.

      There is another post you might be interested in and thats I really think you will enjoy this post. Thank you again for the visit, come back anytime new content added all the time.

      All the best,


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