can you hear me now phone scam

Can You Hear Me Telephone Scam

I know if your like me “can you hear me now” is just a tired old Verizon phone slogan. Too bad it’s still not only a slogan, “can you hear me telephone scam” is not slogan. Can you believe that Can_You_Hear_Me_Nowsomething so simple is now the worst thing you can say and that’s simply “YES”.

It seems that every time we think we have a jump on these scammers they come up with something new. This time it’s so simple almost anyone that answers the phone will automatically fall for it. Because, all you have to do is say yes.

What The Heck Do You Mean – Yes!!!

I have asked a bunch of people and I get almost all the same answer, I will never fall for a scam. Well here is the scam you get the call and the scammer says, “can you hear me” if you reply, “Yes” they can you hear me now telephone scamgot you. So what they are doing is record you saying “Yes”. Now what happens next is the big problem to you your credit and your information.

They can use that recording of you saying yes to make it seem like you agreed to a whole host of things. They can use that recording to authorize charges on your bills, with your credit card and more. The scammer pretends to be from some sort of company, usually security or a vacation, really it can be anything.

What Happens Now…

Now your going to get a bill for the services and when you try to fight them. They are going to play back the recording of you agreeing to the charges or saying “Yes”. Of course, they are going to threaten you with some kind of legal action if you refuse to pay the charges. Now instead of your word against theirs it’s your word against your word.

There are other versions of this scam as well. They could accept charges to credit cards or even utility bills. With everyone putting their lives on social media they can sometimes get past the security questions to get the charges through. You would think if they can think of all these scams, can you imagine if they used their powers for good instead of evil what they could accomplish.

Just So You Know, Its Not Only “Can You Hear Me Now”

  • Depending on if a male or female answers, are you the man/woman of the house?
  • Are you the person responsible for paying the bills?can you hear me now phone scam
  • Are you the person who owns the home?
  • Are you the person responsible for paying the utility bills?
  • Is the connection good on your end?
  • Really any question that has a Yes or No answer, they will keep looking for a Yes.

This is what they are looking for a question that will produce a yes, sure, OK something that means the same as Yes. You need to be cautious if someone calls and starts asking you questions that have no value to a conversation. The best thing to do is either not answer if it says unknown on the caller ID or if you did answer and this happens hang up.

Now, What Do I Do?

When you get your credit card bills and your cell phone bills make sure you are checking them over. In some cases they hope you just don’t see the 3rd party charges especially cell phone bills. When you wait too long to dispute charges and they have your “Yes” response it’s harder to prove you were scammed.Can you hear me now phone scam

As soon as you see this has happened to you call the credit card company or your cell phone company and report it. Make sure you call your bank as well, in most cases you can stop payment if it happens to be on your debit card.

The big problem is most people don’t report this crime because they blame themselves. In a lot of cases the person feels stupid if it happens to them so they won’t report it. These scammers are smart they count on people feeling this way. This is how come it is so hard to stop these scammers. When, they get found out they will switch up the scam so we don’t have a chance if we don’t turn them in.

There Are A Few Other Things You Can Do

  • Copy down the number and report it to (bbb.Org/ScamTracker) doing this will help others. The BBB also will share this information with law enforcement and government agencies. The Best way to slow them down is with every piece of information citizens can report.
  • If you haven’t signed up for the do not call list that’s a good place to start (DoNotCall.Org). Scammers don’t care about the law so they are not going to stop calling because your on the do not call list. But if you cut down on the calls you have a better chance to know what number it was if this happens.
  • Rely on your caller ID it’s a good defense, if you don’t know the number just don’t answer, that’s why we have voice mail if it’s important you can call them back.
  • One of the best apps out there to stop robo calls is (NoMoRobo) you can google it to read about it and find out how it works.

Final Thoughts

can you hear me now final thoughts

Can you hear me now telephone scam, is one anyone can fall for. You just need to pay attention andkeep your ears open. We all need to ban together and work toward stamping out these scammers. Don’t feel like your the only one, call it in report them it’s the only way to stop them.

Add that app to your phone (NoMoRobo) or one like it, it will stop some of those nuisance phone calls. Not to mention it will make your life a lot easier. Also, pay attention because scammers are not only using phone calls they use text messages as well.

Keep these tips in mind

  • Don’t give out any personal information over the phone, text, or in an email.
  • If you don’t know the sender don’t open links in your email or texts.
  • Don’t let anyone push you into a decision, it’s always better to take a minute to think. If it’s a real opportunity it will be there later or tomorrow.
  • I did another post just a little while ago don’t send any money because someone says a family member or someone close to you is in trouble or hurt in someway. Check it out first be sure and if they say to send a money order or a wire transfer, stop and get the phone number turn it in.
  • Just think before you act, if it sounds like a scam feels like a scam I bet it’s a scam.

Thanks for visiting, I hope someday we can put a stop to these scams but until then keep your guard up and if it does happen turn them in.

Let me know what you think, if you have heard of a scam or have been a victim of a scam leave it in the comments below. You may just help someone else out and save them from going through the same thing.


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