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ClickFunnels – 100 Day Challenge – 2nd

So it’s been about a week since the first update on ClickFunnels so I am here to catch you up on what we have been doing. There has been a lot of information I just hope I can do it justice in this post. I still say with Wealthy Affiliate and this ClickFunnels program it’s an unbelievable 1-2 punch.

I am sorry this post is a little late its just like I said there was so much information. I have been trying to keep this post on the shorter side.

I will get into this more later so sit back relax and see what has been going on for the last week.

This Weeks Topics

  • 7 Phases of a Lead & 100 Visitors Test
  • Creating Your DCS Book Offer
  • Creating Your First Facebook Campaign
  • SOAP Opera Sequence
  • After The First Test
  • Russell’s Traffic Scripts

7 Phases Of A Lead & 100 Visitors Test

This as Russell said is his favorite part of this whole business, so we are going to get a look inside of his mind and see his process. Russell talks about if a funnel works don’t mess with it. What he means is if you see a funnel that works do the same thing.

The difference is what happens if you do everything the same and it doesn’t work? This is what Russell is going to get into we can only see the tip of the iceberg so we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.

The 7 phases of a lead are:

  1. Traffic TemperatureClickFunnels 100 day challenge
  2. Your pre frame bridge
  3. Quality subscribers
  4. Qualified buyers
  5. Identify buyers in heat
  6. Age and ascend the relationship
  7. Change the selling environment

There is a lot to these steps so my advice to you is to click on the 100-day challenge if you want to get in depth knowledge of each step. I will try to give you an idea of each step just so you have an idea. I just don’t want to turn this post into 18 pages. haha…

So traffic temperature basically is the different stages of a buyer from cold to hot and ready. That will make the difference to where you send the traffic and what is on the page they will see.

Pre Frame Bridge

Your pre frame bridge is your intro to your offer. Depending on how your intro is will depend on how your offer will be received. This is an example Russell gave, he was asked to speak at this meeting and the person that announced him was low in personality. He does OK at the meeting but not great and that was because the “pre frame” was just so so.

Now the nest time he was asked he had put together a video. The video was of some referrals and music, excitement and an intro from Tony Robbins. So asked the guy this time can you just introduce a video of me he was confused be agreed.Beginner_s-Series-How-To-Launch-Your-First-Facebook-Ad-Starting-At-5Day

We it came his turn and the video was introduced, it started and the music was going Tony Robbins introduced Russell the crowd stood up clapping and Russell hit the stage. Russell says it was one of the best meetings followed by a great sales day.

What he is telling us is it’s all in the intro, so if you end up on a page that’s exciting and fun to see the results will be much better.

Quality Subscribers

Is just really what it says the idea is to find quality subscribers. The question is how do we do that? We add a squeeze page or a landing page depends on what you call it.

This is of course where we are going to add a place for an email. Someone lands on your squeeze or landing page, if they are willing to give you an email you know they are a Quality subscriber.

Because, think about it if they won’t give you an email the chance of them buying something or spending money is much lower.

Qualified Buyers

This is an easy one if you have a small offer something you would sell cheap or a shipping only offer. Let’s say that visitor goes for that deal they are now a qualified buyer. Some people will just get rid of the squeeze page altogether.

This way they will only have a list of qualified buyers, not just an email list of who knows.

Identify Buyers In Heat

A buyer in heat is someone that buys your first deal. That could be the inexpensive product or the shipping only offer. Now they go to the next page and they buy the first up sell.

We now know that person would fall in the category of buyer in heat. Now we just keep putting the offers in front of them or call them right away for the coaching package or the big ticket item.

Age and ascend the relationship

At this point you want to make the relationship better, you want to start showing your attractive character. You may send them to a webinar to introduce your next products.

You are educating them and showing your attractive character making more of a bond. You show them how you can help them and what you are all about.

Change the selling environment

At this point you have sold them on the programs you have. Now you would for example, get them to a meeting place teach them something get them out of their house into a different environment.

It will be much easier for someone to say no to you over the phone. Think about it at this point you are working on selling them an expensive product.


ClckFunnels 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp

Creating Your DCS Book Offer

Russell taught the 31 building blocks of a funnel. Again this is just way too much info to put in a blog, but there is a picture if I find it you will see it on this page.ClickFunnels 100 day challenge

Russell also explained the benefit of using a quiz. It would be a pop up and on it would be a quiz most of the time its good to use a yes quiz. In other words all the answers would be Yes get them in the mood to say Yes.

When you use a quiz its good to show steps, so the visitor knows how far along in the process of the quiz they are.

He went over about the Free Plus Shipping being the way he likes best to get visitors into buyers. Also, using the Free Plus is a great way to get people on your list and know they are buyers.

Creating Your First Facebook Campaign

Facebook Ads Overview

  • How To Get An Account – Facebook.com/ads
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Set
  • Ads

Campaign He explains it as an attempt at building a successful  ad for a specific product. So basically you put a name to your campaign, and if its not successful you try again. That would be a new campaign with a new name.

You can run many campaigns for a single product until you find one that works. Now if you were to start selling a new product that also would be a new campaign.ClickFunnels 100 Day Challenge

Campaigns are where you set your objective.

Ad Set Is inside of a campaign, its where you set things like who is going to see the ad. With Facebook you can choose your audience, this is also where you would set your budget.

Your going to choose who will see and not see the ad. Ad set is very audience specific.

AD This is the creation of your ad, where your going to get all your images, video, and ad copy. You can have 2 or 3 ads in an ad set, as well you can have 2 or 3 ad sets in a campaign.

This is what you will learn on this day plus quite a bit more. This goes in way deeper in these subjects.

SOAP Opera Sequence

A SOAP opera sequence is a sequence of emails that tells a story and introduces your attractive character. The whole idea of this is to get the attention of the customer and keep it.

ClickFunnels 100 Day ChallengeWhen you write your SOAP Opera sequence you want to start with high drama. What I mean is when you begin the story you start with something that is going to grab their attention.

Just think about it if you start with a regular slow beginning of a story how many people will read the follow up emails. So you grab their attention right away and then if you can keep it most likely they will read the follow up emails.

Within this training Russell explains the concept in detail and even gives examples its definitely a training you won’t want to miss.


ClckFunnels 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp

After The First Test

This is the place where we take a look after we run the first funnel. After you have built the funnel and drove traffic to it you need to take a step back and see what went on.

Russell explains that at this stage he will have people that will come back to him very happy because things went very well. He also gets pretty real and say, but more people don’t make money and get Beginner_s-Series-How-To-Launch-Your-First-Facebook-Ad-Starting-At-5Dayvery upset they are upset because they drove traffic to their funnel and didn’t make any money.

Now remember this traffic cost money so if your spending money to drive traffic you want to make money from your investment. At this point we need to look at the funnel and see where the break down is.

By breaking down the funnel and looking at how many clicks you got you can find out all kinds of things. You can find out what your cost per lead was also how many sales did you make so you can find out your cost per sale. You also want to find out your click thru rate.

After you compile all this information you can find out what is working and what’s not. Now you can make the necessary adjustments and go ahead an test again.

Russell’s Traffic Scripts

This is the traffic scripts that Russell uses and what he calls it, let’s take a look.

Enquirer Interrupts This is a quick headline to grab the attention of the reader, just like the headlines of the enquirer when your standing at the checkout line.Beginner_s-Series-How-To-Launch-Your-First-Facebook-Ad-Starting-At-5Day

After someone has seen thousands of ads and emails you need something to just stop them dead in their tracks. That headline will do just that, make someone stop and read that because it stands out from all the other things we see daily.

This can be as flashy as you want this is the page we are counting on to grab attention, when we go on to the following pages we can go back to normal ads to sell our products.

Who, What, Why, How  It’s a very easy script and one he uses for his free plus shipping offers or a sales message on a squeeze page. If its a lower end product say under $7 this is the script Russel uses.

Its 4 questions. 1. Who? – Who am I? 2. What? – What do I have? 3. Why? – Why do you need it?      4. How? How do I get it? There are also 4 sub questions so here they are.

  • Catch – Whats the catch? We’re all skeptical we all want to know, so you need to get that out of the way. Russell says he uses this, the reason I’m giving you this book free is because I want to see you something else on the backend. You have to give them a because.
  • Urgency – As with any selling, you need to create a sense of urgency. Using something like, When they are gone they are gone! We only have 1000 copies so act now! You only have 2 days left to sign up for the live webinar, seats are limited!
  • Guarantee – Put down what the guarantee is, normally its like if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work in 30 days sent it back for a full refund. People now are using some crazy things for a guarantee. But, its up yo you how normal or crazy you want to be.
  • Re-Cap – This is where, at the end of the page you would re-cap the offer. You want to do this because there are a lot of people (I am one of them) that scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. They never really see the offer or they just want to see the bottom line.

The next update should be coming pretty quick, you still have time to join in this journey if you would like to remember its free and no credit card needed.





All the best,


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