ClickFunnels Affiliate BootCamp - 100 Day Challenge

ClickFunnels Affiliate BootCamp – 100 Day Challenge – 4th Update

How time flies it’s already time for our fourth update. I hope if you are following along everything is going well for you. We have some very interesting topics for todays update. So like they say no time like the present, so let’s get to our 4th update.

The question I do have for you is, can you now see what they are saying about getting rid of your website. Start making money using funnels. Something to think about…

This Weeks Topics

  • After The First (FHW)
  • Maintaining Your CommunityClickFunnels 100 Day Challenge
  • Split Testing Your Funnel
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Message to Market Match PWS
  • The “Perfect” Soap Opera
  • Selling Nothing… “Perfectly”

After The First (FHW)

5 Steps you should be taking after you run an ad campaign to a new offer. These are all Reviews from day 9.

  1. Add A Tab For The Funnel Hacks Web class To Your Existing After The First Google Docs/Spreadsheet
  2. Record Your Initial Facebook ad, and Affiliate Funnel Conversations Percentage In Your After The First Spreadsheet.
  3. Pull Your Affiliate Sales Report (.csv) and Calculate Your Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Ascension, and EPC
  4. Determine Which Part Of Your Funnel Needs Improvement.
  5. Determine If Your Facebook Ad Is Starting To Fatigue (Frequency vs CTR)

To start off we need to make a new tab for the Funnel Hacks Web Class, this way you can tell what funnel works better. This way you will have all of your data in one place. Don’t forget to copy the algorithm from tab 1 and copy it over to tab 2 as well.

Now you record the information from Facebook, Funnel Conversations, and affiliate ascension percentages on your sheet. Then pull your Affiliate sales report from the (.csv) file, and calculate your cost per sale cost per ascension and your EPC (Earnings Per Click)

Now at this point you want to find out what part of your funnel needs improvement. From all this ClickFunnels 100 day challengeinformation you will get a good idea what the weakest part of your funnel is. If you, find that the weakest part of your funnel is sales, them you need to look at the beginning part of the funnel.

Most likely it’s an issue with the customers not knowing what to do or what to expect. Also, it could be that your leads just don’t know what the offer is. The other possibility is that your bridge page is not per positioning the offer correctly. Again, if sales is the problem you have to look at what you are promising before you send them to the sales page.

See if you Facebook ad is fatiguing if the frequency is getting to 3 or 4, this means that your list has seen the ad multiply times. But your CLR (Click Through Rate) tanks it a sign that your ad is fatiguing. The CTR is the ultimate benchmark, sometimes the frequency can be high but if the CTR is still good your OK.

Maintaining Your Community

The front end of your funnel is the most important part that is where visitors come in and they can become part of your community. Usually when someone fails at this it’s because they are not maintaining their community you have to email them and keep them interested.

You need to show your community that you are going to be around for the long haul. As long as you show them what they want to see and keep them engaged you will keep your community.

In this training today he reinforced the “Soap Opera Sequence” it’s very important to send these emails. There are so many websites that when you get a member it’s so important to keep them. Its so easy for them to lose interest and move on to something else. Again it’s all about maintaining your community.

Split Testing Your Funnel

They go into explaining a bit about ClickFunnels, and that ClickFunnels comes with a feature called Start Split Test. Split tests are important because they allow you to get to the break even point faster. The way this happens is you have your first ad that is your control ad.

Now once you click on the Start Split Test, ClickFunnels will allow you to put out another ad. Then you change some things about your ad, then traffic gets pushed to both. You already know how your control is doing let’s say 19% then you see what the new one is converting at.

If it works out to be a better conversion rate you can go with that ad. They do go into detail about split testing and how to set it up. He then goes into the bridge page and using split testing on that. This is also explained very well.

clickfunnels 100 day challenge

Daily Maintence

You have already done some Daily Maintenance, by looking over your split tests, checking your Facebook champagnes, also looking at the overall performance of your funnel. Then he talks about why it’s important to keep up with your Daily Maintenance.

The importance of Daily Maintenance

  • You need to stay on top of your business to see what is working and what is not. If you don’t you will not have any idea what is working and what needs to be tweaked or fixed.
  • You have learned the tools in the previous trainings. (After the first test & Maintaining  your Facebook ads)
  • The habit of doing something to further your goals every day, no matter how small, creates a much larger impact than a massive spurt of movement in a handful of days. The problem with doing it in spurts once in a while is once your done working on it for say 5-6 hours you might be spent. So when you go back the next day to work some more, your remember how tired you were yesterday. Then it starts to become overwhelming and you start to work less and less. You want to stay excited about your business this is going to be your empire.
  •  Use these methods to determine which funnel steps and which ads needs improvement. 

ClickBank 100 Day Challenge

What Comes Next, Turning your Business Into An Empire

This is the same system Russel uses and you can do it to. You are going to keep working on the funnel you have created, but starting tomorrow we will be starting another. It’s going to be another break even funnel.

This is going to add people (traffic) to send to your high ticket offer. But, this is not the end. You can add a continuity funnel and another break even funnel there is a lot more to do and then you will see where you can make this into an empire.

Action Steps For Today

  • “After The First Test” Funnel Maintenance
  • Split-Testing Your Pages Funnel Maintenance
  • Facebook Ad Performance Review
  • Facebook Ad Maintenance

Remember, Russell has been doing this for a long time. But, you can with work make $17,947 a day…

Message to Market Match PWS

Now this is going into adding another front end offer, this will 2x the amount of people going to your high end offer. Also hopefully will be breaking even if not you will still have help from your high ticket offer to get it to even and beyond.

Finding The Hook

  • This is a bit of a review from about 10 days ago
  • Go to the offer page  -Watch the video and take notes  -Read the sales page/copy and take notes
  • What’s the hook they are using?
  • What is the offer they are making?
  • Whats strange, curious, or interesting about this? 
  • Testimonial Style (Hook) (yours or someone else)
  • The key is here to find or create a testimonial about this offer that gives your Dream Customer an idea whats on the other side.
  • What problems were solved as a result of saying YES to this offer.
  • How Russell Brunson closed 34% of the room…
  • Direct Benefit
  • Best way to sell a product between $500 – $5000 is with a webinar.
  • Don’t know how to sell? Sequential sales formula to sell any offer, opportunity, product, or service. 
  • Best sales formula for the stage, or any presentation 

Remind yourself who you are marketing to, what are they interested in, what will help them in their current situation.  You want to make sure that the testimonial fits your community that it speaks to them.

Make sure you are using what you learned the Who? What? Why? How? Your testimonial will have a huge impact to your dream customer its ok to use someone else, but its nothing like giving your own.

Action Steps For Today

  • Review your dream customer profiles
  • Go to,
  • Watch the video and take notes for what would appeal to your dream customer
  • Review the testimonials and consider how you will use them
  • Write your own testimonial on how Perfect Webinar Secrets helped you. Or how it will help your audience based on what you learned from Russell’s webinars.
  • Find the right hook for your Dream Customers that will want to make them learn more.

ClickFunnels 108 Proven Split Test Winners

The “Perfect” Soap Opera

We went through this training back on day 8, but it will be a good review and were going to put it into action.

Action Steps

  • Write your soap opera sequence to pre-frame this offer to your newly acquired community/list members  (Day 8)
  • Consider what you life and business was like before you were able to sell effectively, and close more sales all the time.
  • Consider your own tail in how you were able to use the Perfect Webinar Secrets to close a large
  • ClickFunnels 100 Day Challengepercentage of the room, meet new people, and how
    you are able to better help others.
  • Use these stories in your Soap Opera Sequence

Selling Nothing… “Perfectly”

Today is about the Seinfeld emails (Day 12) and your sending out a promotion so that your list will see the value in what you are selling. Plus, adding to that so you can build an ongoing story so that your list will always tune in tomorrow.

Action Steps

  • Consider your Attractive Character identity that best fits your experience with the Perfect Webinar Secrets offer, with your community in mind.
  • Consider the background elements that will provide the foundation for your story.
  • Select the story archetype that you’re going to use for your email campaign.
  • Write 3 – 5 that each tell a small story which fits the Attractive Character Identity, and the story type  you’re using. (Day 12)
  • (Optional) String a few of them together to create more of an ongoing narrative. (about nothing)

That was a lot of information but don’t worry most is review. So if you need to go back then go back and refresh yourself so you can understand better.

Well that’s the end of the 4th update, you should be very proud of yourself for getting to this point. I know if you stick with it and put in the work. You will see the benefits for a long time to come.

If you have any questions or comments about this post leave them below. Thanks for visiting please come back soon.


    1. Matthew I want to thank you for the visit and for your question,

      ClickFunnels is a way to market on the internet by way of a funnel instead of a Websites. Russell Brunson is the master at funnels and making money using them. If you, just think of a funnel wide at the top and small at the other end.

      It’s about filling the big end of the funnel with cold prospects (visitors) as they funnel through. The funnel will take a person from their first engagement with your brand through a bunch of steps with the hopes of one or more conversations.

      Customers may be offered different things at different points, depending upon the actions they take as they move through the funnel.

      Funnels may be simple, or incredibly complex and sophisticated, but at the end of the day, they are all about one thing — increasing conversions and profits.

      I hope that answers your question, a lot of what you learn can be used to market your website. I personally have learned quite a bit doing this 100 day challenge series. The great thing is that its 100% FREE!

      Matthew I want to thank you again, come back again soon, new content is added all the time.

      All the best,


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