Coffee Shop Millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire – Scam Or Not

How is everyone doing? I have been looking at this one for a while it’s also been around for a while, but I still wondered if it has anything to offer. You know what they say the oldies but goodies, lets find out if, Coffee Shop Millionaire falls into that category.

  • Name – Coffee Shop Millionaire
  • Website – www.TheCoffeeShopMillionaire.C…
  • Owner – Anthony Trister
  • Price – $37/month plus up sells
  • Rating – 2.2 out of 5. You can learn very basics, but much better systems exist.

What Is Coffee Shop Millionaire

This is an online course that has been around for a while as I said, of course, it’s about how to make money online. Although it’s been around for a few years it still sells and people are still interested in this system for making money online.Coffee Shop Millionaire

As with other online programs they start with a small fee to get you hooked in and then if you really want a chance of success you need to buy the up sell. Of course, it is not just another $37 or $27 if you try to click away, to buy the up sell it’s more like $297 this is for the “Six Figure Success Club”. You are pushed into this up sell before you even get to the membership site. The problem is if you don’t go for the up sell your chances of success just went down the toilet.

OK, so now your ready to get going on your online venture to fill up that sad bank account. Wait! They forgot to let you in on the next road block, or should I say the next bag of money you need to put in to find success. You have some training because of the money you forked over to Coffee Shop Millionaire, But…

How are you going to get up and running? Because with Coffee Shop Millionaire you do not get any hosting and you need to get your own domain name. Now this is getting expensive what good is training if you don’t have a website in which to build an online business.

Coffee Shop Millionaire

I do want to let you know that you will get a website from Coffee Shop, but it’s a pretty bare website. It does have some PLR content thrown in. The problem is their is no way to know if other members or all members get the same PLR website. Now don’t worry Anthony, because of the fact he is such a great guy he recommends a place to buy 2 years of hosting right off the go. You think maybe Anthony gets a piece of that pie for his recommendation?

I am not against anyone making money. After all isn’t that why we are looking into programs in the first place. The problem I do have is when someone is making money off of unsuspecting people and then takes advantage of them just for not knowing any better. This is the reason we are looking for a program in the first place to get help, not to get screwed.

What Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Offer

You will learn the basics of internet marketing, you will be able to reach out to local business to sell them your internet marketing services. This is a very legitimate business model, if you are looking for the most basic of information. If basic is what you are looking for then Coffee Shop Millionaire maybe Coffee Shop Millionaireit.

Just remember the statement, most basic information. I point this out because if you are just starting out in the online world is the most basic of information going to be enough. Or are you looking for a more complete package so you can go on to even bigger and better things?

The other problem I have is the claim of making $21K in 3 weeks time with Anthony’s “Cash Machine System” you guessed it, not going to happen. Sales video’s are just that for getting sales don’t believe everything you hear. Anthony keeps telling you if you follow his “Baby Step” online marketing plan you will be an internet millionaire. I don’t like the fact that this suggests online marketing is an easy way to make tons of money.

What’s Missing?

Wait, now you have some information, but if you are going to put this kind of money into a program you should know everything. The thing is with Coffee Shop Millionaire, you are not going to get a program that goes from 0 to 60. What I mean is their are a lot of things missing in this product.Coffee Shop Millionaire

You are going to have to do a bunch of research on your own to get a full online business. Don’t get me wrong Anthony gets you going in the right direction. But, let’s say your going across country and you live in Connecticut and someone says go right out of your driveway. What do you do next to make sure your going the right way to get to California?

This is the problem with Coffee Shop Millionaire, what do you do after your on the right track. Just as you would need maps or an updated GPS to ensure you make it to California. You will need to do research, once your on the right track you will need to learn so much more to finish what Mr. Trister started.

The point is their are complete training out their that will teach you everything you need to know to get your online business up and running. Then after it’s up and running, they keep the training going and up to date so you can continue to build on your business.

Where Is The Support

When you are just starting out support is key. You will likely have many questions so the first question is, will I be getting the support I need to find success? Unfortunately support is not high on Anthony’s list of things to do. There is a Facebook page for Coffee Shop Millionaire, with all of 70 members. Just think this system has been around for a while and having so few members sparks the question of Why?

Coffee Shop Millionaire

I almost forgot their is also a Coffee Shop Millionaire Club, Facebook group, they do have over 800 likes. But, it’s easy to see why the membership of Facebook is so low. The questions that are posted are not answered very quickly so you have to wonder if Anthony cares much about his community at all.

There is also a community site within Coffee Shop Millionaire, but it seems to have the same problem. What good is having a place to ask question if no one is their to answer? This just shows a lack of caring about the people that are making you your money. How much confidence can you have in a system if you can’t get answers to your questions.

Coffee Shop Millionaire

The Bottom Line

In my opinion their are problems with Coffee Shop Millionaire the training is not up to date. Not only does this system have holes in it, but the latent lack of support is a big set back to this or any system. There are promises made in the sales video that are just not going to happen.

You have to be very leery of any system that promises quick wealth and makes the journey seem very simple. The bottom line to building a business online is it takes a lot of work. Having a system you can count on to take you from the beginning all the way through to success and beyond. Is a very important first step to become successful in the online world.

Coffee Shop Millionaire does not fall under scam in my opinion, but if you are looking for a complete system for building an online business I would suggest looking elsewhere.

My number 1 pick that will give you a complete up to date system for building an online business is Wealthy Affiliate! You can start as a beginner and work your way through success and beyond. This training package has everything always updated content, a community that is second to none, and the owners care about their community.

You can actually ask the owners questions and get the answers. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just take your money and leave you on your own. There’s more you can actually try it for FREE yes FREE! No credit card needed, if that doesn’t show confidence in their system I don’t know what would.

I want to thank you for your visit, and if you have had an experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire and want to share your experience please leave a comment below. Also, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below as well.

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