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CryptoCurrency – Secret Bitcoin Blueprint

Hey Folks! How’s things going? As usual, I have been checkin the internet for the next best thing. I came across this one and I thought of you guys. (CryptoCurrency – Secret Bitcoin Blueprint) I just love a good promise, we all need something to believe in. We look for those promises every time we get into a new program or system.

The thing is we just need to know when the promises turn into lots of (BS) to sell a sub-par useless system. I am going to keep diggin in and finding the scams out there, of course bringing you back the info. I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for coming by for a visit. OK, lets get on with it, what the hell is this CryptoCurrency?
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Bitcoin is going nuclear

The sales video starts out as you would think. He is going to show us how the red-hot cryptocurrency market is going to potentially amass a fortune! Well, so far so good the word potentially was the exact word used. He is going to show us what we are going to need. The three things to be exact.Secret $20 Blueprint

  1. A little $20 bill (I thought they were all the same size)
  2. The fact that dozens of penny cryptocurrency have exploded in price over the past few weeks. (Some have skyrocketed between 12,000% and 56,000%)
  3. A major Crypto “Showdown” that could cause a major surge in the market come this November. (Somewhere around the 15th of the month)

All we are supposed to have to do is to copy this “Secret Bitcoin Blueprint” and then we can retire increditably wealthy. He asks does it sound impossible, well of course it does. OK, good thing is we don’t have to know anything about Bitcoin or any Cryptocoin or Cryptocurrencies.

The Less You Know The Better

I am not really sure why less is better at this point. But, that’s what he is telling us, because this way we won’t bias.

  • Don’t need to know about banking or investing.
  • Don’t need a lot to get started, only $20.
  • Don’t need a lot of free time.

But, what you do need to know is what Cryptocurrencies to buy, and when to buy them, not only that, but how much to pay for them.

Now He’s Going To Help Us Out

We are about to find out a little known investing secret. (I hope your sitting down) Again, don’t worry if you have never bought an alternative currency before. He is going to hold our hand a walk us through the whole process. (I don’t even know who the hell this guy is, now he wants to hold my hand)

This is as easy as setting up an email, I know for some people that’s not very easy to do. For those of you that can’t set up an email its as easy as answering the phone. (so he’s got you covered) Because, Secret $20 crypto Blueprintanyone can do this. Now of course there is a catch.

This will only work if you are willing to stake a claim in the red-hot cryptocurrency market. Especially if you stake that claim before November 15th. Most of these cryptocurrencies trade for just pennies. But, once the 15th comes dozens of these cryptocurrencies could begin skyrocketing in price 300%, 500%, or even 2,500%.

This is only if you do this before the 15th of November. The secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint doesn’t work if when the alternative currencies trade for hundreds. This system only works if there trading for pennies. Put simply cryptocurrencies is a digital currency that operates outside of government control.

What this means is these cryptocurrencies can’t be manipulated by government agencies, like Federal Reserve bank or any other bank around the world. This is what makes these currencies the only pure one left. Well, of course this is what he is telling us. Do we believe him?

OK, What Is This All About

Most people know what Bitcoins are or have at least heard about them. Bitcoin burst on the scene back on May 22, 2010. That was when a web developer bought two Papa John’s Pizzas using 10,000 units of Bitcoin. This was the first known Cryptocurrency purchase and this was back when Bitcoin was trading for pennies.

Now what he tells us is that 10,000 Bitcoins was worth roughly $30 at that time. We know now that since then Bitcoin skyrocketed in price. I’m still confused why someone would have sold two Papa John’s for $30? By 2014 four years later that $30 was now worth $5 million dollars.

Now each Bitcoin is worth $2,128, he is telling us that the Bitcoin has been up to as much as $3,500 Secret $20 Crypto Blueprinteach that’s worth more than an ounce of gold. Now, there are over 831 cryptocurrencies trading hands on the open market today. Most of these trade for pennies, just like Bitcoin did back in 2010. (Bitcoin was the first though)

OK, so he says Bloomberg says its time for more of this internet currency is going to make a huge rise. So according to that logic some of these 831 cryptocoin are going to rise to those 200%, 500%, or 2,500%. Reddcoin is one that was supposed to be used across the internet.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram people like using because of the security and anonymity of it all. Recently Reddcoin exploded in value by 1,134%. There is another called Dogecoin this as you might guess it is an alternative currency for pet lovers. Its accepted in a number of stores.

Again in that 7 day period as with Reddcoin, Dogecoin jumped 267%. But, there is even one that is more exciting and that’s called NewYorkCoin and it catapulted 2,871% overnight.

This Is Where It Gets Better

The price of NewYorkCoin had been steadily going up all week. Now were up to the price jumping 56,606% in a week. He does invite us to look up what he is telling us if we don’t believe him. I will get to that in a bit, everything he says is 100% true. (so he says)

This Is What You Need To Know

These cryptocurrencies markets are the hottest thing since sliced bread. (OK sliced Toast seeing how its hot)

  • Hotter than the marijuana investing market.
  • Hotter than any government currency
  • Hotter than any stock on earth

See with the price of the cryptocurrencies is so low, even newbies can get in with a low investment. This is a piece he ripped out of the paper actually ripped. The biggest percentage gains in the cryptocurrency market. It has no dates of what time period or any other data that looks really legit. (not saying either way)Secret $20 Blueprint

  • AllSafe – 15,808.00%
  • NewYorkCoin – 2,871.68%
  • XP – 1,301.81%
  • BumbaCoin – 482.13%
  • LuckChain – 333.85%

Although these were the top 6 there were still 21 others that went up by at least 100% now I will have a hard time proving or disproving this because there is no time frame to look during. Now he is going to show us how great the gains are compared to the New York Stock Exchange. Again no date range to look for.Secret $20 Blueprint

  • Bunge – 16.60%
  • Independence Holdings – 13.26%
  • AK Steel Holdings – 8.7%
  • On Deck Capitol – 8.65%
  • CDI – 8.11%

OK, we have a month and day May 24th. He brings up more examples but the bottom line is the gains for the cryptocurrency is much better than that of the Stock Exchange.

So How Do We Know

We now have seen that cryptocurrency has a better rate of return. (we don’t know for sure just what he told us) Now we need to know how to pick them. Cryptocurrency has been killin it since Japan and Russia passed or are about to pass cryptocurrency as an official form of money.

Other contries like Canada, United Kingdom, and even US are starting to embrace this MEGA TREND! He tells us that some where about 260,00 places are going to be using some kind of alternet currency. Then sometime around November 15th a Crypto showdown will take place. This could send the prices to the outer reaches of earth.

What he is banking on is these Crypto’s go mainstream, if and when they do the price would shoot up. USA, LLC

What Can We Expect

This is what we are going to find out, well in theory anyway. When we use “The Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint” Now he says this is Risky and he wouldn’t recommend it to his students or something like that. Here are the exploited figures that could maybe quite possibly be.

These figures happened over a 3 day period then he tells us its highly unlikely this will happen again, but you never know.

Penny Blueprint Step #1

AMIS is brand new and hit the market April 21, 2017, On May 22nd AMIS was trading at $1.54 and although these won’t be seen on TV or Newspaper by the end of the day there was a buying Frenzy and by the end of the day it was worth $458.82 PER UNIT!* That’s good but its just chump change compared to what’s next.

Penny Blueprint Step #2

This is a great example of how powerful Crypto’s can be if the timing is perfect. You could have bought NYCoin for less than a penny a share on May 23. By the end of the day NYCoin went up 2871%*. There was no notice from anywhere New York Times or any other outlet. We are supposed to believe that the Crypto market is just booming.

This is the kind of gains that we should expect on Nov 15th when Bitcoin makes a huge announcement.

Penny Blueprint Step #3

Were going to look at a penny Crypto called SolarisCoin (XLR) their claim to fame is they can send or receive money anywhere around the world instantly. This is what people are looking for a safe secure way to buy goods from around the world without huge bank fees.

All of a sudden people just started buying units of SolarisCoin, when the market opened it was at 40 cents a share. By mid-afternoon it was trading at $4.30 that’s 975% gain*. This whole Crypto explosion just happened that’s it just happened. Again he goes on with its unlikely that this will happen again, but its not impossible.

At this point he is just droning on about how much money you might maybe could its possible who knows might make. I just don’t get it he talks a lot about all these people making tons of money with Bitcoin. I guess he wants us to believe another one of these is going to be as big.

Who Is This – You Have Talked Forever

Now after all of this he is telling us who he is of course he worked on Wall St. His expertise is in currency plays, mip cap stocks, IPO’s, new stock offerings, and buyouts and takeovers. He keeps bragging about all his conquests he has articles in all the money mags and he is on all the Sunday Secret $20 Crypto Blueprintmornings shows. (he says)

We are in luck he saves all of his best ideas for True Alpha, this is the time to invest in these Cryptos. Even though, its all risky speculations again with the warnings. Oh wait, that’s only for some Cryptos you can’t avoid them all you will lose Millions!

Hang on he has picked the real maybe winners and he is going to give us his list in just a minute. We are now learning his system you need to pick the “alpha” getting an edge over the markets. So all of his training takes him to all the alpha’s no matter what they are


  • Criteria #1 – Must have the potential to move 1,000% or higher. A true Alpha your not looking for 5% to 10%
  • Criteria #2 – Must trade for pocket change. He picks the cheap ones for bigger percentage gains.
  • Criteria #3 – Must be safe with little chance of going bankrupt. He will give us the get in and get out times.
  • Criteria #4 – Must be magnets for fresh capital. He looks for the Cryptos that others are putting fresh money into.
  • Criteria #5 – Must have an immediate catalyst. Its got to have a very quick turnaround.

He has run all 831 Cryptos through this 5 part system. From doing that he has found 5 Cryptos that we need to get into right now.

What Is Blockchain

The short version, blockchain is what is known as the backbone of the cryptocurrency market. Within the blockchain, transaction records and payment details are spread across a massive public database open to all bitcoin miners in the network. There’s no centralized location for transactions to occur.

Miners programs confirm transactions every 10 mins, each 10 minute time frame is a block. Each proceeding block is verified by mining software, then linked to the last block making a chain. This Secret $20 Crypto Blueprint
decentralized system, with tons of computing power behind it.

It makes hacking just about impossible, without a huge amount of computing power. Its like if you had rows and rows, millions of locks that had to be opened in rapid secession. Rather than just hacking into one spot.

Bitcoin transaction is only part of what Blockchains can do. The ability to maintain a decentralized system of verified data, this is basically 100% safe from hackers. It has so much more possibilities. It can be used to track electronic voting, health records.

Just about anything that now requires a “trusted” middleman. The blockchain is a incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

So Just Buy Them All

It wouldn’t make sence to buy them all, remember there are 831 different cryptocurrencies. Luckily he has, like we said before run all 831 through his 5 step process. He came up with the top 5 you need to get into right now!

He is going to show us what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy. He will also give us a buy up to Secret $20 Crypto Blueprintprice, so we know when to stop and not to chase. You can not buy this list anywhere, but he made the list available to download and free of charge.

In this free report we are going to find out everything we need to know. Were even going to get a 3 part video series so we can see it done right in front of us. Now comes the you need to get it now and if you don’t you could miss out because they will shut this down if too many people get in. (I wouldn’t worry about it they won’t shut it down ever)

Great News! Were not only getting the top 5 picks were also getting True-Alpha Wealth Building System. Oh Ya! For Free.

bitbond bitcoin lending

Bonus Offers

  • 5 Trump penny stocks that can make you rich.
  • A little trick that could out an extra $178,683 in your pocket*
  • Secret Penny Stocks, How to cash in on America’s best kept Stockmarket secrets.
  • Unlocking True Alpha, Strategy guide
  • Alpha Profit Alerts – Weekly

Now, he could sell all these Bonus offers for $100, or he could easily get $50 each report. But! yes you guessed it they are all coming to you FREE! I know relax this is so exciting, but just calm down wereSecret $20 Crypto Blueprint
almost done.

You can get onboard for $49 a year, thats only 14 cents a day. Well he is sure, we are wondering how he can do this for only $49. Well here it is he is hoping you will like what you get and keep signing up if you don’t they will go broke. I don’t get it aren’t they using their own system?

This is a 12 month guarantee if your not happy you get your money back no question asked. One of the problems I see off the bat is. They dubbed over the taped promotional video, right over the date. This bothers me that means they have changed the date, I wonder how many times?

There are a lot of asterisks involved in this report…

*The examples provided may not be representative of typical results.
Your capital is at risk when you invest in securities – you can lose some or all of your money.
Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Secret $20 Crypto Blueprint
Read The Date Sept 30th, 3rd Date I Have Seen

These are right on the site under the video your watching. He also tells us that his reports have to be right because if you don’t make money he won’t make money. But, he is making money on every subscription he sells to us.

I am not sold on this idea, but I guess worse things could happen, $49 is not the end of the world. I don’t like all the asterisks and I don’t like that they taped over the date and rerecorded a new date. You would think if they are making so much money on these cryptos they could redo the video.

I know this is a ton of information, but I’m just not going to jump in and buy anything. You could track the Cryptos yourself and see how each one is doing. I just don’t get the warm and cozies from this whole thing.

I went to BBB and looked up the Reviews mostly all of 123 reviews were customer complaints. Its tough because people that don’t make money usually put up a bad review. But, as I said most are bad reviews, complaints of no one answering the phone, not getting calls back, no response to emails.

Finally having a hard time getting their money back. If you have, did, or are going to sign up please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the program. Maybe, I will change my mind about the whole deal.

Whatever you decide I hope I helped at least a little, its tough with all these offers out there just be smart in what you do. Don’t get stuck shelling out so much money that you have to make twice as much to get back to even.


All the best,



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  1. Thanks, for the review. I’m looking to subscribe to the yearly newsletter. However, if it doesn’t work out I see people are/was having issues talking to someone live or getting their money back! That’s a red flag! Can you provide me with the source I can find the 123 reviews?

    1. Hello Again David,

      Here is the information your looking for They are doing business under the name, Agora Financial, LLC if you go to this page you will see the overview.

      If, you go to the right side of the page you can click on the negative reviews. To show that they are Bitcoin Blueprint, on the right side of the page click on, Alternate Business Names. Bitcoin Blueprint is listed second from the bottom once you click to get the full list.

      I hope this help in making your decision, if there is anything else I can help you with just let me know.

      Thanks for your return visit, and your question!

      All the best,


  2. I recently recived this offer 2/28/2018 and the new date for the huge moves is 4/27/18 based on speculation that Amazone will start excepting Bitcoin. I also recived almost the exact same video from James Altucher promoting his news letter…PS they are both from the same publisher (Agora Financial, LLC | 808 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21202 ) I don’t know if it’s a scam but I have great doubts about the information contained in these reports. It all sounds like an upsale funnel to me.

    1. Hey Don thanks for the visit and the question,

      First I want to say I am sorry it took so long for me to answer. I had some personal issues and it took me away from my site, but I’m back. I have to say that anyone that has anything to do with Agora Financial I just don’t trust. You guessed it once you sign up that will not be the end of the money they will try to get out of you.

      Amazon has registered three new domains related to cryptocurrency, prompting speculation it may be about to announce a move into cryptocurrency. There have been no announcements as to why they registered these 3 domains. It is possible they just wanted to secure these domains so no one else would use them the names of the three domains are amazonethereum, amazoncryptocurrency, and amazoncryptocurrencies. They all redirect to the amazon site.

      It is possible that Amazon will accept cryptocurrency someday, I am just not sure when it will be. As far as Agora Financial I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Personally I would stay away from them…

      All the best,


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