Digital-Altitude Scam or Not

Digital Altitude / Aspire – Review Scam or Not

Here we go, today we are going to look at Digital Altitude / Aspire, Scam or Not. There are a lot of different ways to make money online. With that said let’s dive into this Review… For the purpose of reviews we are going to rank them as a SCAM or a SUCCESS

High Ticket Program, Coaching

Digital Altitude / Aspire – How do I Rank It???

This one here is a bit tough to just out right Rank and I will tell you why as we go on.

  • Name – Digital Altitude / Aspire
  • Owner – Michael Force
  • Website URL –
  • Training – Success 9#’s
  • Support – Success 7.2#’s (One on One Support)
  • Price – This one is tough, we will go into this more (Can Test Drive For $1)
  • Rating – 6.8#’s (Can Be A Success)

Rating system is 0-10 #’s, 10 being the best and that would make 0 well, not so good…

Digital Aspire Work At Home

Digital Altitude / Aspire – Michael Force

He is an Ex-marine with over 15 years of online marketing experience. He has made quite a bit of money running different online business over his 15+ years.

So I would think he knows what he is doing with online marketing. He has built a very professional well put together website.

Digital Altitude / Aspire – A Look At Training

It seems that you will get your fair share of training. As well as a one on one coach. But as with any system that can or will work it takes commitment on your part.

The website is very professional looking, very pleasing to the eye. You get many ways to learn including Audio, Visual, and Text. Also, you have access to a coach if you run into a wall and need help.

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Digital Altitude / Aspire – Here Is The Intresting Part – Cost

As I said in the opening you can test drive for $1, but it doesn’t tell you that on the sign in page until you go to close it out. It starts at $37 per/month but there are many add on’s.

It starts at…

Aspire – $37, $67, $127 per/month
Base – $597 One Time (This includes, setting up business goals, financials, brands, and websites.)

Rise – $1,997-One Time (This gives you traffic, different tools and resources to speed up your business growth)


Ascend – $9,997 One Time (This gives you a 3-day get away to mingle with top minds in the field)


Peak $16,997- One Time (This gives you a 5-day get away to mingle with world’s best leaders in business success, management and leadership. I’m sure this would be once in a lifetime)

Apex – $27,997- One Time (This gives you a 7-day get away where you will learn wealth building, asset and real estate management from some of the top minds in there categories, again once in a lifetime)

There are other add on, products that you can buy. Software Tools, Web Based Services, Traffic and Funnel Services some of these services will run you from $15 to $1500 per month.

AffiliateMarketingScamOrNot.Com – Final Thoughts…

I can’t say that this is a scam because the tools will help you get to your goal of having an online business. It’s just how much money do you want to spend. I know what some will say “You Have To Spend Money To Start A Business” this is true for brick and mortar but no so true with online.

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Also, with there affiliate program you must be at the level to get the commission, so if you are at the Aspire level for $37 and someone signs up for the Apex at $27,997 you won’t see the commission.

You can only get the commission at the $37 level.

I’m sure you could make money with this program, as you work on your business you could save the money to get up the ladder. But I do think this would take some consideration before you jump into this.

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  1. Hi RickD,

    Thank you so much for this review. I was looking into Affiliate Programs and I see the one you are reviewing is for only $1!! This is really affordable!

    However, thanks to your honesty, I could see that you only get commissions for the level you pay up to! This additional piece of information is the make or break decision with me always. Again, you gave that information out so people like myself don’t have to go through the entire sign up process and then have that dawn on us, thank you.

    Well, there is no harm in signing up for $1 which, I think, I will do just that.

    Thank you RickD!


    1. Thank you Philip, I believe that honesty is the only way to go.

      Good luck Philip, I wish you much success!!!

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