Easy Cash Code System

Easy Cash Code Scam Or Not

Hey Folks! Its great day to be alive, it’s 68 degrees outside sunny as can be. The best move I ever made was to move to LasVegas. At my old stomping grounds, it’s snowing and like 30 degrees I have to say I don’t miss that at all. Well you didn’t come here for a weather forecast so let’s get to Easy Cash Code Scam Or Not?

Easy Cash Code System

Can They Get You Hyped

Free Video Reveals How To Earn Up To $500 Daily On Complete Auto-Pilot. That is the tag line on the sales page for Easy Cash Code System. The sales video starts out with random people telling us how much money they are making. This is nothing new and a usual way to try to get you all hyped up for their program.

This is the way they try to get you on their side, in a lot of cases it instills false hope in the system. We still have to see if Easy Cash Code is building us up for a fall on not. I just hate when they supply us with the high hopes of this time it’s really going to work. Then you quickly find out that Its been all smoke and mirrors with a large side of BS.

Something Different

Well, I have to say I really didn’t expect this, instead of the usual statements of you can make $1K, $3K, or even $5K in the next 3 seconds with this system that you do nothing and it just Easy Cash Code Systemrains money. This sales video starts very much different it is claiming you are going to get unlimited $18 payments in your bank account. Using this revolutionary concept, now I am really intrigued.

This is exactly how we all feel, we are tired of all the empty promises. We would love to find a system where we can actually make some money online. This is different from network marketing, where things just are not growing fast enough. We need to make money now, but we want it to last. The Easy Cash Code System claims we can make $100 to $300 up to $500 a day part-time.

100% Commission Payout

This statement worries me they promise to payout 100% commissions all we have to do is send people to this exact sales page. I guess they could pay 100% of the $18 fee to join, but then there has to be some hefty up sells. I will keep going and of course let you know. That’s right you can get in for a small $18 investment, wait for it the catch has to be coming soon.

They claim that anyone can use this system from the beginner to the seasoned pro. So this is supposed to be the answer to our prayers.

Easy Cash Code System

What Are We Going To Get

  • A Funded Proposal System
  • 30 Day Pre-Written Email Marketing Series
  • 10+ Hours of Training
  • Access To Their Private Mastermind Group
  • The Rights To Resell This System

With this system its supposed to help you amass tons of leads for your primary business. The 30-day pre written email marketing series, the claim is you will sell on complete auto pilot. The 10+ hours of training you will be a marketing expert and really start to make money online. With the access to the mastermind group you will shorten your learning curve and be on the fast track to making money.

Now What Will We Learn

The basics of the training will teach you how to build squeeze pages, the idea here is to grow an email list. Once, you build your email list you start sending the pre-written email marketing series you get with the program. The reality of this is you need to spend some real Easy Cash Code Systemmoney to get people to your site to build your list. Now, I am not saying that this style of marketing doesn’t work because it definitely does.

Its just that this program is not doing anything that hasn’t already been done. There is nothing new, I know the old saying if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. But, you need to have something to sell if you are going to sell something. Also, in the training you will learn how to set up a WordPress website this is where you will set up your squeeze pages.

The part that bothers me is they say you can earn $500 a day. This is just a pipe dream it’s not that you can’t make money with this system, but to make $300 or $500 a day at $18 a pop? You do the math that is a ton of traffic and what kind of conversation rate do you think your going to have?

What Is This Going To Set Me Back

Like they said earlier it is going to cost you $18 one time to sign up. But, that’s not the end of Easy Cash Code Systemyour spending that $18 is only for the right to be able to sell as an affiliate. You will receive 100% of that $18 now you have to know that if they are giving you 100% where are they making their money? You are absolutely right, up sell of course.

But, the up sell is not where the spending is going to end for you. To put this plan into action you are going to need to spend money on…

  • An Auto Responder To Answer The Emails
  • Web Hosting (To Build Your WordPress Website)
  • As I Said Your Going To Need Traffic, So You Need To Buy Ads

The up sells are going to cost nearly $700 now that to me is no small potatoes. The other thing is there are no refunds, so make sure you are sold on this program. The reason behind this is that your sponsor, this is the person that you signed up under, receives 100% of the commission. So, once its paid out your not getting it back.

The Bottom Line

This is not a scam, but in the same token the claims are a bit far-fetched. To make $500 a day you would have to sign up almost 28 people a day. The biggest problem I see is that you would need a ton of traffic to consistently sign up that many people. So you would need to do a lot of advertising and that costs money.

The other issue is that although you get some training and it’s worth the $18. To build a Easy Cash Code Systemsuccessful business that would make the kind of money they are claiming your going to need additional training. Plus, as I said earlier you going to spend money on the auto-responder, ads, and web-hosting. When, you add up all of those costs your going to need to sign up more like 40 people a day to walk away with $500 a day.

I can also see that you might have a hard time signing people to this system because you are selling what you bought. What I mean is you have to have a quality product to sell 30 or 40 a day. Although, this is not in the scam category it’s just not the top quality product that will bring in those kinds of sale figures. It’s just missing too many things as I mentioned earlier.

You will find some glowing reviews for this system, but if you look close they are promoting this system. I will be the first to say I promote Wealthy Affiliate, this is a quality up to date training, the most active community you will ever find. The owners are available to the members, live weekly training and so much more. Also, if all of that is not enough you can join for FREE no credit card, and no up sells.

I will finish with this, I will repete this is not a Scam! Despite the fake testimonials, the training is helpful, but incomplete. All I am saying is there are better training out there that give you a real shot at making money online. I hope that this helps you decide if Easy Cash Code System is for you or not.

If you have any questions or comments, if you have tried or are trying this system let us all know how you are making out. I am sure you good people out there would love to hear. I wish all of you success no matter what system or training you decide on!

All the best,







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