Ebay Scams Against Sellers

Ebay Scams Against Sellers – What You Need To Know

eBay Scams, Seller Scams, Product Scams

Today were going to look into EBay scams against sellers. It’s hard to believe that their are so many scams surrounding EBay. But like anything, where their is money involved their will be people that will try to take advantage.

I want to make it clear that I in no way condone these acts. I am not trying to lay out a guide on how to do these things. My hope is if people are educated maybe some of these acts will stop. So let’s take a look and see what they are doing.

eBay Scams, Seller Scams, Product Scams

The High Tech Scam – You Have To Be Pretty Low

A buyer will look through EBay for an IPad, MacBook, or an IPhone, this could be any high end phone or computer. The buyer will also look for someone that is selling this item that is new to EBay. This is usually easy because they look for sellers with very little or no feedback.

Once they find their victim they will buy the item and they will pay for it. Once the buyer receives the item they will put in a claim that either the item was not received in the condition as described, or they will say that it doesn’t work properly.

Now their is a return ticket opened by EBay. The buyer will now send back the item (IPad, Computer, IPhone). The SCAM is they will send back a broken item or maybe in some cases just a shell of the item with no working parts inside. Sometimes they will just put something about as heavy in the return box.

Now the buyer has a working phone and in the case where they took out the insides they will also have those parts to sell as well.

The first line of defense is to take a bunch of pictures of the item, if you think you took enough take a couple more. Take pictures of the item on and working also take pictures of the top, sides, open, closed, bottom, and as I said before take some of the item working and on different screens. This way you have a chance in your appeal case. Especially if they send a broken one back to you.

Money Order Scam – Be On The Lookout

The buyer will pay for the item with a money order. We think that it’s a money order is as good as cash. This just isn’t the case anymore their are high quality fake money orders being made to look just like the real thing.

So now you received the money order and you go to your bank and put the money in your account everything goes fine. Now even up to a couple weeks later you get a charge back from your bank in the amount of the money order.

These fakes are so good that they most likely will get past the teller but the bank will eventually find out it’s a fake and that’s when you get the charge back.

The other thing some of these crooks will do is give you the money order for more than the sale. Then of course they want the change back. This is always a SCAM if anyone wants to pay with an amount more than what they spent with you, you can guarantee it’s a SCAM.

This can happen more if you are doing sales outside of the US. So the safest way to do any foreign transactions is with PayPal.

eBay Scams, Seller Scams, Product Scams

I Never Received The Item Scam – The Oldest One In The Book

This one is just as it sounds the buyer just simply says I never received the item. Most people will say that can’t work their has to be a record of the item being shipped, and a record of it being delivered. Well…

  • The seller feels like he did everything right he/she put tracking on the package, but when you look at the tracking receipt or the tracking sheet it states “The Package Was Left At The Front/Back Door”, and of course there is no signature accepting the package because it was left at the door. According to EBay the seller will lose. I know this doesn’t seem very fair but it’s EBay’s policy.
  • The seller did not use any kind of tracking. Again according to EBay if you didn’t use tracking you lose.
  • This one you think everything is right, the seller puts tracking on the package. The tracking info says it was delivered. Now the buyer says the tracking info had to be wrong because I never received the package. Also, no one ever signed for the package. The seller has about a 10% chance of winning this case, I don’t know about you but I don’t like my odds.

The Credit Card Scam – Very Close To The Oldest In The Book

This one is pretty easy even though you have to use PayPal or the Merchant Checkout. If, you use PayPal you just have to have your credit card attached to PayPal.

You buy the item have it shipped and then when you receive the item you simply call your credit card company. Now when you talk to your credit card company you simply use one of these excuses. I never approved this transaction, the item never made it to me, or the item was damaged / broken / or it just plain didn’t work.

Now your credit card company will most likely dispute the transaction, when a credit card company disputes a transaction they almost always recover the money and the seller loses out on his money and the item.

Bottom Line – Salt In The Wound

EBay scams against sellers happen every day, we can all agree it’s disgusting. The part that just rubs salt in the wound is after you get scammed by the buyer he is allowed to leave any kind of feedback he / she wants. You as the seller don’t get that right you can leave positive feedback or none at all.

You know all of this because you have to agree to the terms and conditions when you start. That doesn’t make this any easier to swallow. My advice to you when selling on EBay is to be as careful as you can. Don’t sell really expensive items. Make sure you read everything before you sell on EBay at least you are educated as to what can happen.

I sell on EBay myself and to date I have only had one issue but I learned my lesson on selling very high ticket items.

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