EZ Money Team – Act 2 The Re-release


Yes folks, I received another email telling me how special I am. How incredibly lucky I am that someone thought so highly of me to give me this chance. Of course, I already know this is a huge bunch of BS. Just Because, I received this in an unmarked email from no one I know.

So this is a Re-release of Jeffery Hart’s systems and were going to find out all about it. So far I have only learned how lucky I am. The other thing I know is that this is very private and confidential and I am not allowed to share this information with anyone else. So I know you guys won’t tell anyone so were good.EZ-Money-Team-Google-Chrome-2017

OK, so now I also found out that I don’t need to know how to use a computer. All I have to know how to do is copy and paste and with this knowledge Jeffery is guaranteeing that I will make over $100K a year. But if $100K a year just isn’t enough it’s OK because Jeff, see were on good terms I can call him Jeff. Anyway he is guaranteeing that if we follow the system to the T we will make $1,000,000.00 in the next 12 months.

WOW! Where? do I sign. He is done playing games he has spent enough money on scam systems and played around with enough Gurus. He’s not fibbing because he showed us his bank account right on the screen and this was his smallest account and it had $3.1 million dollars in it!!!

Couple problems here later in the video he shows us 2 other bank accounts. I guess he forgot he told us they had more than the $3.1 million. These only had $100K and $300K and also on the money subject.

He goes into a story about how he got started with this system, well the system as it was before he perfected it. The guy that he met showed him his bank account and it had the $2.1 million but looking closer his account $3,185,261.00 the man’s $2,185,261.00 see anything funny about that?

Enough of this let’s find out what is behind this whole scheme… So here we go with EZ Money Team – Act 2 / The Re-Release .

Owner – Jeffery Hart
Name – EZ Money Team                                         
Website – ez-moneyteam.com                EZ-Money-Team-Google-Chrome-2017
Ranking – 0 / 100 (SCAM)
Cost – $37 one time / $9 one time

EZ Money Team – What Are You Offering

Jeff is saying that with this system and working with his team we are going to make truck loads of money. Now how about telling us how were going to do this. Jeff tells us how he came up ez-money-team-scamwith this name? EZ Money because it’s the easiest money you will ever make, and because we are all working together we are a Team. So that’s how he did it and so was born EZ Money Team!

OK, now are you going to tell us how were going to make all this money?  Just tell us what we are going to have to do. How about that.

This is a complete done for you system, all the research is done. All the hard work is done, everything is done for you by Jeff and his team. Wait, I thought we were part of his team? It gets even better all the sales are done, all the commissions are deposited in our account week after week.

Again, how exactly are we going to make this money? What do we have to do?

OK, so we do have to spend an hour to set things up but, Jeff is going to take us by the hand and have his team lead us to the way to make real money. Real money online, from the comfort of our home. So I am coming to the conclusion that he is not going to give us a straight answer.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I went to the sign up page and it started at $37 one time, then I went to click out and of course I got the wait don’t go screen. It’s only going to cost $9 on time fee. Well I’m not sure if I can really believe this because this was printed below the sign up sheet…

***Promotional prices are available to new customers only and are valid for the initial term. All products and services automatically renew for the same term length,

Now I wonder how much is it after the first $9 payment?

Are You Sure You Don’t Want To Make $1Million

This just keeps getting deeper and deeper, Jeffery is such a good guy and he has made so ez-money-team-scammuch money he is going to give us $650 coaching course for FREE. Just because he has made so much money now he is going to give us the whole system for FREE.

Oh but he needs to make sure we are 100% serious so he needs a little help. All you need to do is pay $37 that is the cost of his support team. They work 24/7 and he pays them out of his pocket and he just needs you to pay $37 again just so he knows how serious you are. He goes on and on with that statement. (Check out these photos something just doesn’t sit right.)ez-money-team-scam

Most people will either sign up or close it out at this point but I want to make sure you guys get the whole story. So if, you looked at the bottom of the screen you would see this…

***The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. EzMoneyTeam.com does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.***


This disclaimer is on the bottom of the screen, the blue screen and the above writing is in blue letters. Not like they have anything to hide right? Blue screen with blue letters!!!

Bottom Line – Don’t Be Blue, It Couldn’t Be True

Sorry but this system in case you haven’t figured it out yet is a complete SCAM!!! Let’s look it’s a done for you system that all you have to do is click on 5 tabs copy 5 links and paste 5 links that’s it. No no no, you can not make money online or anywhere else without work.

Not to mention we can’t get a straight answer as to what we are really going to be doing. Other than just clicking, copying, and pasting.

I just don’t get it, think of it he says he has to pay customer service reps by the hour out of ez-money-team-scamhis pocket. Why would they do that if they could just use the system and make millions. Right on the site to sign up there is a disclaimer that says “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”

At least something on this site has some truth to it. You will not make any money with this system. This is the scary part they are not asking for $100 to buy this system. So what’s the deal at $9 per person, 2 things they either got a lot of people to sign up at the $37 before the price drop. We know from the disclaimer that there is going to be a monthly fee so there is another way they make money.

This is the part that really has me worried. They have all of your payment information, so now they have your credit card number the security code but don’t worry it’s all done over a secure server. Just walk, wait just run away from this one your bank account will be much happier!!!

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