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Hello everyone, hope all is well. I came across an interesting article and then it brought me to Experts Academy by Brendon Burchard. From what I see people also know this as High Performance Academy. According to the sales page we are going to learn how to amplify our voice and build a fortune by just sharing our advice.

Well, if I knew it was this easy I should be a multi-gazillionaire, I have been giving my advice for years. Even when it wasn’t asked for. I guess I wasn’t doing it the right way, because so far I haven’t had people throwing money at me for my advice. I don’t think this is what he had in mind so let’s find out exactly what High Performance Academy is all about.

What Is In High Performance Academy

It’s a step-by-step, start-from-scratch plan to marketing our advice, brand and products online. Learn to grow our list, get followers, sell products, and become a highly-followed, highly-respected thought leader that you can start as soon as this year.

This really sounds great? What we need to do is find out whether this is a real system for achieving these goals this year. These are some very bold claims and we have heard this before so let’s dig into Brendon’s system and see if this is a real gold mine getter or just more claims that won’t work.

You Don’t Need Anything To Start

The claim is it’s a start from scratch system where you don’t need anything to begin. Meaning you don’t need a following, or any kind of product to start with this system. Brendon is going to show us how to achieve all of these things to build our brand and be respected online.

To break it down, the claim is Brendon has taught tens of thousands of students to become speakers, coaches, online trainers, high paid authors, and leaders in social media. This is where the claim of making tons of money for selling our advice, our knowledge of online business, and so much more.

Brendon Buchard Is Who?

The thing that I did discover, and I will be honest I haven’t heard of Brendon Burchard before. He is actually the worlds highest paid, and most widely followed trainer. He is also one of the top if not the top visionary in the world of personal development. I was very intrigued by this so I watched a bunch of video’s to find out exactly what he is all about.

WOW, this guy is good! I was glued to the screen he is extremely energetic, he really gets into his teaching and has a way to get you motivated. The positive energy that he spreads is just amazing, and he keeps you engaged with his animated style. I have to say I am glad I found this plan to review or I wouldn’t have watched his video’s.

Still, the question remains is having all that energy and charisma enough to make this work? There are people out there that you can listen to for hours because of the energy they possess. That doesn’t mean that it’s worth your time or money to invest in a program that they create.

What You Get

Brendon Buchard’s High Performance Academy started out as a live, four-day class, now he has created a complete one-year class you can do at home. This training starts with a 5 weeks of Mastery-Brendon Burchard's High Performance AcademyLevel online training. Then you will also get one-year of ongoing live coaching, this has a value of $50K.

The idea behind this training is to get you to a level of what you can say is “Peak Performance” being the best that you can be. Living up to your full potential every single day, being able to live your life to its fullest extent. It will teach you to keep growing as a person.

The idea here is to be happy every day and live for now, live in the moment. It will also teach you how to enjoy every aspect of your life at such a high level, a level most people will never achieve. I’m sure this must sound good to you because, I have to say this really took my interest in this to a new level.

What Do You Get With High Performance Academy

When, I first started with this review I wasn’t sure about this at all. Reading the claims and what you are supposed to be able to achieve. But, after really digging in I am blown away by this Academy. This is such a complete plan, its life changing and something you live not go through and get nothing out of it.

As, I said earlier you get the 5-week course Mastery-Level online training. With this course you will Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academylearn how to live your life at the next level, really start living your life at a very high level. This is what I would say is the main part to this online training and where you really start learning the next level of living.

After that you will go on to Brendon’s Performance Plan, this will show you the habits you need to adapt to, this will get you to the next level of living your life. It’s a complete step-by-step plan that you should follow every day. It is designed to get you to live your life at it’s peak.

Now, if that’s not enough you will also get a years worth of live webcasts with Brendon, this is pretty amazing because you are going to be able to ask Brendon questions. Imagine being mentored by Brendon himself that is an amazing opportunity. Just to be able to get answers to your personal questions and Brendon’s ongoing mentoring.

There is something new to this already great program, it’s called Intervention Kit. This is where Brendon Burchard's High Performance AcademyBrendon himself will coach you through things that happen throughout your life. The idea of this addition is Brendon is going to coach you through things that throw you off your game. Things that happen to all of us like coping with family issues, fights with your significant other, a big meeting at work. He will coach you so you can get back into the game.

Something else that is priceless is you are going to get access to a private community. In this community you will be able to interact with and get support from people that are achieving at the highest of levels. How great would it be to network with and get advice from people that used to be where you are now.

Lastly, you are going to receive tickets to the High Performance Academy Live Seminar. I don’t think I have to tell you the advantage of going to this live seminar. The great thing is Brendon knows life happens, so if you can’t go to the live event Brendon is going to do private live webcasts. So you can get the core concepts you will miss from not going to the live event.

I would suggest if you are like me, and I guess live under a rock look up Brendon Burchard. Take a look at some of his videos and see what I am talking about I think you will be impressed.

The Bottom Line

I have been blown away by what I have learned by going through this and I can see the huge value to someone who is already on a path to success. I don’t know if the value would be the same for someone Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academywho is feeling despair. This is not a program for someone who is feeling like they need a last resort.

What I mean is this is what I would call a next level program. It is about taking someone who is on the right path, but really isn’t sure where to go from there. I guess you could say it makes a positive attitude explode, it gives that positive attitude direction. So if you are at the point in your life that things are going well, but you want to take things to the next level you have found the plan to get you there.

I hope that you find the same excitement I did going through this program. And learning more about who Brendon Burchard really is and what he can help you accomplish. If, you have had experience with this program please share your story below in the comment section. I hope everyone can learn to be the best you can be!

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