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Highlander’s Power System – Scam Or Not

As I said in the post about “Success With Anthony” once you put your email on a site like that it never stops. So I got the sales pitch for “Highlander’s Power System” and decided I better look into it. This to my knowledge is a new system so let’s see what I found out and whether you should waste your time or not.

It’s funny though I get so many of these systems and all of them of course promise tons of money will just fall from the sky. Yet I don’t have 100 million in the bank, I guess it must be only me.

  • Product Name: Highlander’s Power System
  • Owner: Gary – Made up of a team of experienced online and offline marketers. (can’t prove it)
  • Website: http://www.highlanderinsidersc…
  • Price: $200 for the package/$7 for shipping $207
  • Overall Rank: 1#’s out of 5#’s

Who is behind the Highlander’s Power System?

It’s a group of experienced online and off-line marketers this is what they are telling us. Each one of them possess a high degree of knowledge in the field of Search Engine Optimization, direct marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing and all aspects of lead generation and sales.

They go on to say that they keep up with all the new marketing trends, they go to seminars that cost them up to $3000 per seminar. This is all so they can bring all of their knowledge, experience, and Highlander Power Systeminsights from these seminars to their marketing programs. I think that is just going above and beyond just for us.

Of course, they claim they have helped thousands of people across the country create a strong and clear brand message through digital and offline means. They believe that anything is possible and that amazing things can happen in the world if we communicate effectively using business as their means.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting this cult kind of feeling so far? Oh ya wait till you hear this! They picked this as their name because they were inspired by the Highlander of Scotland. They say that they chose this name because this ancient society (Cult?) recreates the Highlander’s philosophy of enabling communication and ideas that are cutting-edge, innovative, and creative.

The Highlander’s of Scotland came up with a secret language so they could hide their plans from the enemy. Pretty smart of them if you ask me, I just hope these guys didn’t hide the way to make money in a secret language.

Training Course – There Are Many

The one that they were interested in selling me on was The Highlander’s Power System. This system consists of 3 different training.

Step 1 – Offline Trick to get Quick Seed Money for your Business – What step one is all about is investing a small amount of money to make a great return to have money to spend on step 2 and 3. What they claim is you can take as little as $30 and turn it into $60 or as much as $800. Then you take what they claim to be a small fraction of that and put it into Step 2 & 3 and turn it into $1000 to $7000.

They are going to show us how on a shoe string budget were going to have tons of money in our
mailbox in no time with no effort and not talking to anyone. Gary, tells us that he was dead broke $50 left to his name living in the middle of nowhere and on the verge of finical suicide. Now he has been doing this system for 15 years and he is sitting on cloud nine.

Step 2 – The Power of SMS Mobile, Email and Fax Marketing – Now that you have your seed money you invest between $50 and $200 in step two. You don’t

Highlander's Power System

need a computer or any equipment to do step 2, all you need to do is make a call to an 800 number that Gary will provide 1 or 2 times a week.

The secret of STEP 2 consists of using SMS Text Messaging or Email/Fax Marketing. Text messaging is like 5 times bigger than the internet. The other thing about using text messaging is 97% of text messages are read in the first 3 minutes. You also have to use the right email or fax broadcasting service to get maximum results.

They even go as far as saying their are many crappy broadcasting companies out their, and we don’t even know if they are on the up and up. So the key is to send people that have OPT-IN for what you are selling, or have been asking for information for products like you are selling, have not been hammered with advertisements for those items. These are all sound reasons, targeting people that are in some way looking for what you are selling.

With the Highlander Power System there are several products you can promote, you can do what they recommend or pick your own. Or you can choose to promote the Highlander Power System.

  • First you call any of the recommended email or fax companies to order a blast.
  • Second you order 25,000 to 100,000 emails or 1000 or 2000 fax blast. They say you will get back 40 to 100 responses.
  • You use their system to turn 10 to 30 of those 40 to 100 responses into orders.
  • Collect your money. Then you need to send the drop ship order to them to get it sent to the customer.
  • You can do this as many times as you want.

Each order you make between $150 to $200 dollars. So their saying that if you get an average of like 20 you will make $3000 to $4000 in 7 days.

Step 3 – Getting up to $21,000 a month Now you are doing mailings, they claim your only mailing out a few per week with their fantastic letter that returns 1% to 3% order rate. Sounds like you have to send more than just a few a week. Now they tell you if you follow the system you will not have Highlander's Power Systemto pay a penny out of you pocket to send these letters.

You will be using the money you made from step one, and he is going to show you how to get free supplies. He’s going to show you all the tricks to get outstanding response rates (1 to 3%). He’s going to show you where to get these mailing lists from, envelope tricks, and how not to make the mistakes the other guys do.

Here are the advantages of using his new mailing system:

  • Get Paid $150 to $200 for every order
  • Drastically Lower Or Completely Do Away With Out-of-Pocket Mailing Costs
  • Learn The Secrets Of Getting Tremendous Response Rates
  • Learn How To Get Paid In As Little As 2 to 5 Days From Mailing Your First Letters
  • How To Get Free Supplies For Your Mailings… Including Postage, Mailing Lists, Printing
  • How To Earn up to $21,000 a Month Without Doing Any Of The Work, How To Have A Company Do All Your Mailings… Drastically Saving On Postage
  • Have Use Of All My Tested And Proven Marketing Materials And much, much more

If that’s not enough to keep your pockets full of cash your going to get these bonuses.

  1. Compound Interest making money hand over fist not doing anything, someone else does all the work.
  2. How to take $50 and turn it into $400 to $4000 in 30 days using the hottest dating site on the internet.
  3. Making $3500 a month playing games or $3000 a month doing surveys. (You have to be kidding)
  4. How to use a secret classified ad code to increase your sales.
  5. How to make $2000 to $10,000 a week selling something that over 40 million people desperately want and need.

Now he is saying that he is working all of these systems and making money hand over foot. He is also going to send you proof with your package because this is a book a real book not an online e book and you also get a cd-rom. Just when you thought this was just too good to be true your going to get even more bonuses.

  • Check by fax software, all you have to do is get the customers bank account number, routing number, check number, and a few more details. Put the info into your computer and it will print the check out on special check paper that only costs five cents a sheet. I don’t see any problem there???
  • Accept all major credit cards without a merchant account. You are going to use someone else’s merchant account for just a small fee. Again what could go wrong there???
  • Send out all the text messages you want for free with this special program and the easy instructions usually they cost two cents to five cents a piece.
  • How to get any video ranked on YouTube in the top 10 in less than a week.
  • Free support, even though this is as easy as it gets your going to get access to Gary or someone from his team for free.

Highlander Power System – How Much Is It

This whole system could easily sell for what thousands of dollars, OK I can’t even type this with a straight face. Anyway, the free stuff would cost $895 but that’s free if you order within 7 days of receiving the email or text. The system usually sells for $307 but you going to save $100 so all you pay for this no brainier of a system is $207 Tax Included.

My Thoughts On Highlander Power System

This is so amazing its hard to find the words. They start off by telling you that this 3 part system is going to make you a ton of money but then the last free gift makes you more money than Part 1 & 2. I just am going to say that its my advice to keep your money in your pocket at least you will have that.

They make a claim in their presentation that this is no get-rich-quick scheme, but all over this ad it’s saying your going to make a crazy amount of money. They show checks that this one guy received they are all for over $1000 and they are all from different people so what they are selling cost one to three thousand dollars? They also, include 2 videos the only 2 I can find on YouTube They are both great reviews.

There are so many holes in this I just hope all the money your going to make doesn’t fall through all those holes. I tried finding anything I could about this system and there is nothing. Except Highlander’s Insider’s Club where they sell this system and talk about a bunch more. I don’t see anything about a money back guarantee. I can’t find anywhere to verify his name is really Gary. I thought this was a new system (Scam) but the checks I mentioned before were all dated 2014.

There is just way too many shady things going on here, I get that weird feeling when I read through this, when I get this feeling I am always right. If you decide to roll the dice on this one be careful how you pay and don’t give up too much information. Even the price $207 what is that. The other issue is as far as I can tell they use products from ClickSure this is not the most reputable affiliate company out there.

They are known for selling low grade products, a lot of returns, and a bunch of scam products so you lose your commission. Not only that but you kill your reputation as an affiliate marketer. In closing, I would stay far away and if you don’t heed my warning I wish you a lot of luck, I think your going to need it.


If you are trying to find a system that truly works and has a free membership option no credit card needed. Click on the link below and give it a try.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Not

If you have any comments or questions about this review, if you tried this system let us know how it turned out. Thanks for visiting!!!




  1. I came here to find out more if this was a scam but just looking at the review, I think the review is more of a scam. I think the writer is using the search terms of programs to bring traffic to the site and sell his program recommendations. Very clever.

    I haven’t decided on the Highlander but this review looks fishy to me.

    1. Thanks Dan for the visit and the comment,

      I not sure I really understand the comment. My advice is to stay away from the Highlander System. Any system that promises you that you are going to make tons of money in a very short period of time. On top of that promises you can get someone else to do all the work for you.

      Is just not telling the truth! I don’t want to see good hard working people throw away their money. The worst of it all is you get these peoples hopes up and then it never happens. I just don’t like that at all.

      There are links to systems I promote, I will not promote any system that is not upfront or that makes unrealistic claims of wealth. The systems I believe in you have to put in the work to get any kind of reward.

      The 2 systems that I feel very good about promoting, not only give you realistic expectations, they both have a FREE option and NO credit card needed! If someone signs up for the FREE option I do not receive any compensation.

      Thats OK with me because, I can sleep at night. I know the feeling of losing money on scams and systems that just didn’t work. So, I will continue to work at keeping people from losing there money and I will continue to recommend these 2 systems because if you follow the training and put in the work you will succeed.

      Wealthy Affiliate – Link to Review – https://affiliatemarketingscamornot.com/jjnf
      ClickFunnels – 100 Day Bootcamp – Link to Review – https://affiliatemarketingscamornot.com/w56f

      I want to thank you again Dan, I truly hope you find the right system for you. I wish you nothing but success!

      All the best,


  2. Hey guys I came here before and I just wanted to say do not let this review hinder you from joining the program. Here is my experience so far.
    A friend of mine introduced it to me. She sent me a video.
    Although I never joined the full program, here is what I did with them. When I called, they offered me to do one on one coaching over the phone for 30 to 40 minutes on how to use part of their system. They only charged me $1 for the appointment and $40 once I completed it and was happy with what I learned. Let me tell you something. The coaching was not 30 minutes but over an hour. That was mainly because the guy went to detail on how to set up the whole system. I was on the phone with on the computer and he was on the other end. I tell you something. I have never in my life been so happy with a training. This was the kind of stuff you pay over $1500 in webinars for yet it was one on one training. Although I have not paid for the full program yet, I went ahead and implemented the strategies they taught me for my program and I am finally getting some amazing progress. Getting leads like crazy and a lot of phone calls for my other business.. I will for sure join the program once I finish a project. If it is anything like what I learned, it is well worth more than the $200 and more. I decided to write because like some people came to this site first and because of it was somewhat hesitant. But something told me to call them and was the best 40 bucks I spent. I came here because this review does not do it justice and its coming from someone who hasn’t even tried it. From what I was taught I can see how it can grow into a very profitable business. If you are in a tight budget, you might not make 1000s initially, but you can make a few hundred. Then you can rollout into bigger campaigns and grow it. You can have multiple streams using the strategies they teach. If you are uncertain about it, ask for their mentoring program. Its kind of like a try before you buy kind of thing. They do it so you can get a taste of what it can do before you buy the system.

    1. Hello Tina,

      I would like to thank you for the visit and for your comment.

      I am very glad that this system seems to be working for you so far. I would just keep your eyes open to see if they are trying to pull you in with that $1 deal. I believe it will become more expensive as time goes on. I think what you said was it was a $1 then after you were done it cost you $40 more?

      We don’t know how much you have made or how long you have been doing this so its hard to gauge what your progress has been. Never the less, I just want everyone to prosper without losing their money to scams.

      I wish you the best of luck in this or any training or program you get into. Like I said my main goal is to see everyone that wants to start an online business make money and avoid the scams.

      All the best,


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