Home Internet Business Are They Scams - What's The Verdict

Home Internet Business Are They Scams – What’s The Verdict

It all sounds great work from home, wake up whenever you would like, work in your pajamas. How wonderful would that be? Just come home one day and go to the shed, pull out the sledge hammerhome internet business scams and smash the living hell out of your alarm clock.

Doesn’t that just sound like a dream too good to be true. Let’s be honest, most of us have walked into our local Quick Mart and bought a lottery ticket. We pretty much know it’s not going to happen but we think about it and talk about what it would be like.

Wow, not having to get up for work, that four letter word. We dream about going on vacation when ever we want to where ever we want to go. The big question is can you make that dream come true even without hitting the lottery? I believe it can, can you build an online business? But, another question arises and that’s, “How to build an online business?” and how do you avoid the scams along the way.

One Of The First Questions…

One problem standing in our way, is it really that simple? Could that be the answer just start an online business? The thing is you can look on the internet and find thousands of ways you can make money online. Problem is are they really real? Or our they just another scam, that’s the question. So what are you suppose to look for, how do you know if it’s a scam?

Watching Out For The Scam

You already know the first thing to watch out for and that’s make a six figure income in the next ten days. You could be making $2k a day starting tomorrow. So, ya the empty promises, the promise ofHome Internet Business Are They Scams - What's The Verdict huge reward with no effort. You know this just isn’t going to happen, any level-headed person can spot this from a mile away.

First thing to get straight is anyone that promises you that you can make an unrealistic amount of money in a short period is full of s**t. It’s funny because you read these so called systems and it sounds so good you just want to jump in. Then you sign up pay the $99 or whatever it is and the only person that gets rich is the owner of the system.

So then what do you do, what do you look for, how are you suppose to know? That’s the thing they are hoping for that, that you just don’t know. It takes work not only to find what you want to get into, but when you find it. Meaning it takes work to be successful at just about anything you do in life.

So What’s Next – Scammers Are Pretty Smart?

I can’t tell you how upset it makes me that there are people out there that do this. That is the whole reason I started my online business. What I would like to accomplish is to educate people about what not to do. So here are some things to watch out for right out of the gate.

  • Don’t jump into free trial offers – A lot of times these are to trick you, you sign up and then before you know it your credit card is being charged. So if, an offer is free you shouldn’t have to put in a credit card.
  • Make sure you are investigating – This is one of the biggest hopes of the scammer. That’s that you don’t do your homework. They want you to jump in with your eyes closed.
  • Don’t be pressured into anything – This is another hope of the scammer, that you succumb to the pressure. Don’t let the pressure get to you, if it has to be now then say no.Home Internet Business Are They Scams - What's The Verdict
  • Do an online search – Go to Google! Do a simple search put in the name of the company and add simple words after it like scam or review. Don’t just look at one site, its possible that the site is being compensated for their good review. Yes, this really does happen you can read, Scam Review Sites – Are They A Scam.
  • Don’t believe unrealistic money claims – Just what I brought up earlier, if they are giving you figures that are just unrealistic. That is about the number one reason to run the other way.
  • Don’t believe in guarantees – A lot of these scam sites will hide behind their guarantees, they will say “no risk money back guarantee” so what do you have to lose. Most times you will never get your money back. Make sure you are going over their promise with a fine tooth comb.
  • Check for the BBB logo – Check to see if there is any better business bureau logo or a chamber of commerce logo something from a legitimate United States company. These companies are not going to back scams and scam companies are not going to seek out these companies to add to their sites.
  • Look for contact information – If they have this information on the site you can check up on them. If they have a physical address you can see if it is real. Check for an email address email to this address and see what you get back. You can usually tell if it is a legit business when and if you get a reply.
  • Watch out for pyramid schemes – Simply don’t get involved it’s illegal in the United States, and even in other countries.

Those are some things to look out for if you see any of these, it’s a sign to not get involved. Really what it comes down to is use common sense. There are definitely legitimate systems out there that teach people how to make money online. My top pick here at Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Not is Wealthy Affiliate you can read my review.

Final Thoughts

I started my online business for the same reasons a lot of other people might have. I am looking for a way to support my family and not have to stay in one place to do it. I want to travel and I don’t want to be stuck in one city or town. When you decide to do this make sure you keep this article in mind.

Home Internet Business Are They Scams - What's The VerdictThere are a lot of people that don’t have a conscience they have no trouble sleeping at night knowing they are ripping people off. It just makes me sick to think about. I want you to know that I will keep doing what I can to expose these scams and try to keep you safe from them.

On the other hand I also like to show the good, as I said there are good programs out there as well. The last thing I want to do is turn anyone off of this business. There are a lot of people out there that have things to teach us and this might be the only platform they will ever have.

Believe me I know it’s awful to be scammed I have been there. Below this article there is a comment box it would be great if you could add your scam stories below. Hopefully it will help stop other’s from being scammed the same way. If you have any other questions or comments leave those below as well.

I want to thank you for visiting my site and hope you come back again soon.


All the best,

Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Not.


  1. This is a great list of criteria to check out when work-from-home hopefuls are presented with a possible scam opportunity. These scamming companies make MILLIONS off of the hopes and dreams and others and their methods are becoming more well known, so they start doing shady things like charging the credit card immediately after a trial end or guaranteeing things that they couldn’t possibly just to suck people in further. Research and hard work over time is what will pay off eventually and get you where you want to go.

    1. Thanks Wendi for coming by…

      I’m hoping if people are looking to make money online they will go through this list. If they do that it should keep them pretty safe. That’s the problem with scammers they just keep getting more sneaky. I intend to keep updating what to look for so even if the scammers add to their bag of tricks, everyone will know what to look for.

      If we can stay one step ahead of these scammers maybe we can someday get rid of them. Until then I will keep doing my part, keeping people educated as to what to watch out for.

      Thank’s again for stopping by, hope you will be back again soon!!!

      All the best,


      Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Not

  2. Online scams are just the worst! UGH!

    I’ve fallen for a number of fraudulent home business opportunities over the years – The promise of a full-time income within just weeks of doing little to no work.

    I must admit, I used to be naive and therefore fell for “get rich quick” schemes that didn’t work.

    But having learned a few harsh lessons, I now know that “hyped up” programs are nonsense because it takes the right education, tools, support, and also effort to make money on the internet.

    Thanks for sharing some tips and also the signs to watch out for. This will be a big help to newbies.


    1. Hi Neil thanks for the visit and the comment,

      I know exactly how you feel, some of these offers just sound so good, easy, and money making. So, we jump in hoping to see the same results. Then we pay the money and something happens, it ends up not working.

      Neil, you hit it right on the head, without the education, tools, support, and with out a doubt Effort. You will have a hard time making any money online.

      This is why I am part of and support Wealthy Affiliate, this is not a “get rick quick” scam. Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive program that has everything you need to succeed. 

      Everything except for you, what I mean is you have to work at it. No program will work even one like WA if you don’t put in the effort. If you would like, check this out to find out more https://affiliatemarketingscam

      Thanks again Neil, come back anytime. 

      All the best,


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