Hurricane Harry When Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

Hurricane Harvey / Irma – When Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

Before, I get to this article I want to say. My heart and prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Harvey. This is just horrible I can’t even imagine having to go through what you are. I want you to know that people from all over the world are thinking of you.

Hurricane Harry When Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

What Is Going On

I’m pretty sure by now we all have knowledge of the tragedy that hit Texas. The unbelievable storm that hit the coast, and the damage that it left. The thousands of people that are forced to leave their homes and all of their possessions.

The people that are separated from their loved ones including their pets. It’s just so unbelievable that something like this can happen in this day and age. I guess with all the thing we know we still can’t change the weather.

It not bad enough that they have all of this to worry about  there is already price gouging going on out there. The price of water, hotel rooms, and even gas just to name a few. There are still many people trapped and waiting for someone to come get them.

There are animals lost and I’m sure waiting for someone to find them. People ask why didn’t they get more warning, I thought of it myself. But, I found out that the last time they gave the warning 60 people died trying to get out, most of them by heat stroke, because of the traffic jams.

Hurricane Harry When Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

After I wrote this article we have had another Hurricane named Irma, as I’m sure you know she battered  Florida this weekend. So if you can help we have more Hurricane victims that need our help. Most places are collecting for both that is OK.

Just read this whole article you may find something you wouldn’t even think of… Thanks

When, Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

When tragedy strikes so do scammers

I really hate to say this especially since this is such a hard time for the people of Texas. The reason I even bring this up is that when you donate money you want it to go to the cause. This is the ugly truth people will try to take advantage of this tragedy.

You just need to be smart when you decide to donate money to a cause. There are some very reputable charities out there collecting money.

  • Red Cross
  • Local TV, Radio stations
  • The Salvation Army

What Should I Look Out For

Most scammers will use methods that reputable places will not use.

  • Email
  • Phone

This will most likely be the scammers choice of contact. Don’t use Email because even though it may look legit it has a very good chance of being fake. Don’t give over the phone again most reputable companies will not ask for donations over the phone.

Another way to see if you are dealing with a scammer is they will tend to be pushy. They will pull out all the stops. Anyone that gets nasty or tries to make you feel guilty you should hang up on.

Do Your Homework

When you are looking to donate and if your not sure who they are or if they are real do a little checking. Go to Google and check it out if you can’t find anything on them I would pass. If you, find something negative I know that should go without saying.

Making sure you get this right is very important to the people of Texas. Let’s just make sure that all the donations that are made go to the cause. They need so much just think being there with my kids not knowing where I’m going to get water for them.

Hurricane Harry When Tragedy Strikes So Do Scammers

Bottom Line

I can’t even imagine 19 trillion gallons of water hitting the coast that is just crazy, that is what they estimate. Now after that they now have to deal with looters and scammers. That’s just not fair.

We just need to do our homework and make sure we are using our heads. Everyone wants to make sure their donation goes to the cause. We need to make sure that Texas gets every donation and they stay out of scammers pockets.

As of tonight there have been 31 people lost in this flood, one of them being a police officer on his way to work to help flood victims. Not to mention more houses than you could imagine, just the shear property damage.

Let’s just make sure we can get them water and basic necessities they need. This has to be an unbearable time for these people we need to try to keep them as comfortable as can be.

It would be great if we could all just give them a thought or a prayer. And if you are in the situation where you can give money then just make sure they end up with your donation.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you know of any places to donate please leave them below.

When tragedy strikes so do scammers


There are some stores that are taking donations, so when you use your debt card some screens will ask if you want to donate to Harvey victims. That is definitely OK to donate to this is legit, the only thing you might want to ask is how much is going to the cause.

As I added earlier in the post, Harvey barley ended and we were hit by Irma in Florida. Now there will be even more fund raisers out there, so just be careful. If you have a strange feeling don’t do it there are tons of places to give so just move on.


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