IPad Pro Can I Ditch My Computer

IPad Pro Can You Ditch Your Laptop

Today were going to look at the IPad Pro the question is Can You Ditch Your Laptop? That’s what were going to find out today. In a day and age where it seems every time you finally get the device you want a new one comes out.
IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro
The next big thing, and then the next question is what do I do with all my old stuff? Sell it on EBay or on Craig’s list. Or do I need to keep it because what I bought is cool and all but it doesn’t replace my laptop.

Let’s take a look at the IPad Pro.

What Is The IPad Pro All About

It’s a monster sized IPad really, it’s thinner than the IPad Air without the keyboard case. The display is just stunning and perfect for split-screen feature this feature is now available on all IPads. The split screen allows you to view two different apps at the same time. It’s also lighter than the IPad of 2010 .

They also have the Smart Keyboard that you can purchase for the IPad Pro, also available is the apple pencil you can purchase this separately as well. The battery life in the IPad Pro is about 10 hours, even with WiFi on collecting data from Facebook, Emails, many Tweets and Texts and also surfing the web.

Downside Of The Apple IPad Pro

IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro
(Apple iPad Pro w/ Keyboard)

Unlike the IPad which is pretty easy to hold and use for a good period of time. The IPad Pro is rather large to do the same it’s so big it’s tuff to hold steady and use at the same time it’s a little better in portrait mode.

Another issue is the optional keyboard first off the unit itself is so light it’s tough to get the IPad to stand right while using on your lap. Because, the IPad is heavier than keyboard it seems unbalanced. The other issue is the keyboard is not back lit, and it’s pretty costly at a price tag of $169. But it’s Apple so despite these flaws it’s still a pretty great keyboard.

The keyboard is made kinda cool it’s not set up as individual keys it’s like one big unit but when you press on a letter key it feels like they are individual. I don’t like the fact that a keyboard is going to set you back $169, and doesn’t have a tracpad that would have been nice. But all in all it is an Apple product so it does preform well. If your going to consider ditching your laptop your going to need a keyboard, for the ease and speed of typing.

Just so you don’t give up on the keyboard other companies make keyboards that work with the IPad Pro. Some of these keyboards are back lit and have shortcut keys. They are not made by Apple so they are even cheaper than the Apple version. Although, the Apple keyboard is a quality keyboard.

One other thing and I would think at some point this will be fixed, not many of the apps took advantage of the larger size screen on the IPad Pro. It would have been nice if you could view the apps the same way as on a MacBook Pro.

The storage is lacking on the IPad Pro, it’s the same across all devices, Phones and IPads but I would have thought making an IPad that’s trying to compete with a laptop storage would have been addressed.

What Are The Good Points – Glad You Asked


IOS comes with a pretty good email client, it has been optimized for use with the IPad Pro so you can use IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro, Emailit alongside other pages. It’s nice because you can type out a quick email without stopping what your doing.

So with adding a keyboard you can type out a quick email very easily. If you would like you can use Microsoft’s Outlook IOS it’s free to use and people really like using it because of it’s clean interface and power.

Social Networks
IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro, Social Media

As I’m sure you know using Facebook and Twitter on the IPad was one of the most common uses. As I bet you can figure Facebook and Twitter work wonderfully on the IPad Pro as well.

Web Browsing

The IPad was dubbed as a large web browser and this was part of the appeal of it being launched. The IPad developed into it’s own platform it had a great touchscreen and the screen was much bigger than the phone the IPad Pro is the next chapter.

Safari iOS is still one of the best mobile browsers around, with it’s sharing features for things like ICloud and Key chain, etc across platforms. Most apps run very well on the IPad Pro, and with the 4GB of RAM you can have many tabs open at the same time without reloading pages.

Office Applications

IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro, iPad Bundle
(iPad, Mouse, Keyboard)

Using the IPad Pro as a portable office could have some advantages. First because of the lightweight design it’s lighter in a briefcase or backpack. When adding the keyboard you are able to type much faster and be much more productive than using the onscreen keyboard. The IPad Pro has great battery life as I said earlier it will far outlast the Mackbook Pro by a longshot.

If you need to sign documents or have to jot down notes or thoughts for later the Apple Pencil would make a good addition. All iOS come with iWork for iOS, you can create and edit text documents with pages (that includes documents in Microsoft word format).

You can perform spread sheets tasks in numbers, and you can also do presentations in keynote. You can also sink everything to your other devices using ICloud. The issue is that you have limited storage you can buy more cloud space if needed.

Note Taking And Drawing

IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro, Apple Pencil
(Apple Pencil)

This is where the new Apple Pencil comes in handy add a note taking app like Evernote, and the IPad Pro was made for note taking. You can pin a window to the right of what ever you are working on then you can type notes with the Smart Keyboard. Or pull whole blocks of text using two finger cursor control and paste using keyboard shortcuts.

This is wonderful you can actually put together blog posts while your doing your research. You can put together business reports while looking at your PDF’s all with plenty of room because of the large screen on the IPad Plus.

Like I mentioned before you can also use the Apple Pencil to write notes on one side while your doing research on the other. The Apple Pencil is also great for sketching and drawing with it’s automatic palm rejection, and it being 2 times as sensitive as using your finger.

With the Apple Pencil you can even do shading thanks to the built-in accelerometer, and it’s pressure sensitive. There are some great apps you can use with the Apple Pencil that have been updated to support it.

Can I Game On It?

Let’s just say that about fifty percent of the apps on the iOS app store are games, so you will have plenty to keep you busy. They do have an iOS controller this would give you the best gaming experience. The IPad Pro is not going to satisfy the serious gamer, without top titles in first person shooter games as well as a bunch of other games you can play on laptops and game consoles.

Movies and Music

can i ditch my laptop, Movies, Media, IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface ProThe biggest problem with this is the limited storage space on the device, if you have your movies and music on an external hard drive the IPad Pro doesn’t support external hard drives. so it would be an issue to play them on your IPad Pro. If you are using apps like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or Apple Music then your in good shape these apps can be streamed on the IPad Pro and with the screen quality the movies will really POP.

Photo Editing

There is a great app for editing photos and it’s FREE for the IPad Pro, Photoshop Lightroom for IPad . The other really nice thing is that most cameras can be mounted by the IPad Pro so you can actually import photos right from the source. This means you can edit on the go so you will never miss the perfect shot.

All this editing software and capabilities sounds great and for the most part it is, it’s just not meant for super technical edits. Its more for the basic edits that most of us would do.

Video Editing

As some of you know, the IPhone camera shoots in 4K video. So lucky the IPad Pro can edit 4K video because the IPad Pro works with iMovie for iOS, now normally you pay for this app but it’s free with the IPad Pro.

Can you ditch your laptop, IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro

The biggest issue is once you edit all these videos you don’t have a lot of space on the IPad Pro to save your work. When you are dealing with 4K video or even HD video quality you will run short on space pretty fast.

Final Thoughts – So Can You Ditch Your Laptop

We went through a bunch about the IPad Pro and overall it is a very nice solid machine and a top of the line tablet. But can you ditch your laptop, really only you can decide. You know how much space you are going to need and how much you have saved on your computer.

The other thing is how much do you do in terms of photos and video are you going to be happy with good programs for editing or are you going to need something more.

Do you want to do some serious gaming with your IPad Pro you are confined to the app store for gaming. Not that you will be board but are those the kind of games you play.

IPad Pro, Computers, Tablet, Compare to Surface Pro
(iPad Pro)

There are some very cool things you can do with the IPad Pro in terms of the new Apple Pencil for drawing and sketching. This is something only a very few devices are capable of doing is that enough to switch.

I thought I would give you some questions you might want to ask yourself before you make up your mind. Once you take everything into consideration you will be able to make an informed decision on what device is going to work for you.

I love my Apple products, I love the fact that they all sink together and I can find things on any of my devices. I wanted to tell you this because I also own a Microsoft Surface Pro, I also love my Surface Pro but again I also love my MacBook Pro it just depends on what I am doing at the time and what works for the application.

You can throw the Surface Pro into the mix when you are deciding on what device is best for you click on the word Surface Pro and it will take you to my review on it. I don’t want to confuse you I just want you to make the best choice for you. When your spending as much as $1,000 or more you want to make the right choice the first time.

Please leave any comments below I would love to hear what you decided to go with,

All the best,


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