Is Countdown To Profits A Scam – The Real Truth

‘Profit Countdown, is there really a program called Profit Countdown? This is shaping up to be a bit confusing and I will clear it all up by the time that were done. Looking at the sales page I couldn’t shake the feeling I have been here before. I look at different systems daily and I don’t want to waste our time reviewing the same plan twice.

This world is very sneaky so don’t be to hard on yourself if you miss the things that we are going to go over in this review. I do think this will be an eye-opener and it will help you in your search for an online business. So Let’s get into this eye-opening review starting with Profit Countdown or Countdown To Profits if that’s really the name of this program?

This is the same training and resources that their students are using to make millions in their online business. This is their claim now the question is, is anyone really making any money?

I Don’t Like Lies

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when these programs lie, or should I say use the truth selectively. I really don’t understand why these tactics are being used. No one believes them, your not fooling Countdown To Profitsanyone, I hoped that to be true but I found out I was wrong.

I found out through digging deep into these plans and systems. I didn’t use just this program to find out If people really believe these foolish claims. Because, there are so many systems using the same tactics I wanted to know if they really work, if unsuspecting people fall for these tactics.

The truth is many people do fall for these Scam tactics, I found that when people are looking for work at home jobs some are easily fooled. A lot of this is due to the fact that some people are desperate when looking for work at home jobs. That makes them easy prey for these claims they want so badly for them to be true.

Hurry Only 12 Spots Left

When, people see the counter in the corner of the page showing how many spots are left. Its proven that people will get nervous and will click when they see the counter going down. Please don’t get Countdown To Profitsfooled by this scammy tactic, let me ask you do you really think that they will turn your money away?

Just so you know this counter is attached to nothing other than a timer on the site to tell it to count down. There is a little more to it than that but that’s the idea. It gets you feeling that you are going to miss out on something. So hurry and click that button before it hits zero.

As I said it will never hit zero and usually if you go back to the site hours, days, or even weeks later it will be exactly the same. Unless your lucky and the site was taken down.

$500 For 500 Seconds

I have seen this several times now, they say every second you watch this video you will receive a $1. So at the end of the video you will receive $500. Now you know that no one is going to give you $500 to watch a video. But, most people are of a curious nature and want to see what its all about.

Countdown To Profits

Finally, you do find out what the deal is behind the $500 windfall. After, 500 seconds of listening to Richard Paul drone on about all these promises. It felt more like 5000 seconds, the way to collect is you have to agree to be contacted or contact one of their coaches. Then buy the program and work on the lessons that you just bought.

Also, I think its worth noting that during this sales video they make references to a bunch of news Countdown To Profitsanchors showing this work at home system. Well they are not referring to Countdown to Profits, they are however talking about work at home opportunities. Other programs have used the same ploy don’t be fooled. This brings us back to the last section about how I hate all the lies.

What I am telling you is these news outlets like CNN, USA Today, ABC and others have never and will never promote Countdown To Profits. They have however done stories on legitimate work at home jobs as well as warning you against scams. So Countdown To Profits and others use this to suggest they are backing their program.

Who Is Richard Paul

That is a very good question, who the hell is Richard Paul? Well Richard Paul is nothing more than a Countdown To Profitsname, the image used is a paid actor from Fiverr. We have heard of this in other reviews that I have done in the past. Yes! More lies I am guessing by now you have seen the trend we are in.

Just as a note this image of Mr Paul or who ever he is has been used in some other Super Scams that have already been shut down. First we have Stark Trading System and second Profit Stackers System. I am very surprised this site is still up, just simply because of the mistakes that are made in this sales video.

Mistakes That Should Say Run

First if you watch and listen to the video closely you will hear Mr Paul make a mistake. He says he used the Profit Stackers System to make the money he is showing us from his supposed bank statements. Then if you are paying attention to the recent comments.

Countdown To Profits

Countdown To Profits

You will see there is a picture and the girls name is Kate Weinstein, but there is also in the same sales video. Another picture of Kate except this time her name is now Sarah Johnson. It’s pretty clear that getting this sales video out quick and to pick up where the other sites failed is more important than proofreading.

No one took the time to proof the video before they ran it. Lucky for us that their greed took over instead of their brain. These are the clues to look for when you are trying to decide if a system is for you. I watch these sales videos everyday so I know what to look for.

That’s what I am trying to let you in on, what to look and listen for so you can tell pretty quick if the system is worth your time. You can really use this review as a guide, this will help you to know what to look for.

Just In Case That’s Not Enough 

Countdown To Profits

This just keeps getting better, take a look at the earnings disclaimer. Are you kidding me, that’s all they talk about is how much money you are going to make with this system. They even have the guarantee if you don’t make any money the minimum you will make is the $500.

Countdown To Profits

Wait, I thought there was no guarantee’s but right here is what I would call a guarantee. This is kind of a joke of a guarantee if you don’t complete the steps in 21 days you will not see any refunds or the $500.

Countdown To Profits

Well here we go finally some truth, “You may even lose money” that’s a hell of a difference between all the claims of wealth, fast cash, and the finer things in life.

Countdown To Profits And The BBB

Countdown To Profits has a Florida address and Mr. Richard Paul is listed as the Principal for this business. The BBB rating is based on 13 factors that affect the rating for Countdown To Profits. First Countdown To Profits is NOT BBB accredited. It currently holds and “F” rating.

The Composite Score that Countdown To Profits received from the BBB is 1 out of 5 Stars. This score is based on the customer reviews and the “F” rating from the BBB.

The Bottom Line

This is pretty straight forward Countdown To Profits is something you just want to avoid at all costs. Many of the systems we see out there today, will use some or all of the tactics we have disused here today. Some of the programs that actually have some value will use some of these tricks.

I know your thinking if they have value why use scam tactics? In some cases they use these to get noticed, as a grabber I guess you could say. I do agree why? If you have a good system or training that has actual value why not just sell from that point of view?

I guess it comes down to how many clicks is the system going to get. Look at it like this which would you be more likely to click on?

  • Want to make $1K a day with as little as 30 minutes of work a day, you can join our growing list of internet millionaires. Soon you will be living a life like mine…
  • We have a proven training that will help you to create an online business. We supply the training it’s up to you to put in the time. We can show you how to work your way to a successful online business.

Unfortunately, more people would click on the first choice and the chances are this program will be filled with all the BS we have heard in today’s review for Countdown To Profits.


I guess I may just be old school, I believe that you have to work for what you get. Even with the internet you still need to have a plan of action and training that can help. I say that because if we had the answers we wouldn’t be looking on the internet for a program to make money.

There is a training program that doesn’t make all these false claims and empty promises. This training program can actually show you how to build an online business. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and the best part is it’s FREE! Yes, you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and No Credit Card Needed!

So if you are looking to build an online business and try your hand at working from home. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to start. Hey, what do you have to lose it’s FREE no Credit Card. Click on any of the Wealthy Affiliate in the last 2 paragraphs and read my review. You will be very glad you did!


I want to thank you for stopping by and reading this review, I hope it helped and will save you from throwing your hard earned money away. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below…

All the best,







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