Facebook On Fire

Is Facebook On Fire A Scam Or Not

When you look at the sale page and the surrounding hype you can’t help but think this just might be the answer to our prayer. How could you miss with a company like Facebook behind you. So here we are on step 2, I’m not sure how many steps there are so we will keep going.

Facebook On FireNow that we got this far it won’t be long before we gain access to the Facebook On Fire System. With this system we will be able to earn $300 a day, and there are no strings attached. Now, there are a few things here that are a bit troubling. The counter showing that there are only 8 positions left in our area. (red flag #1 act quick)

Also, the headline on the sales page is a concern “Do You Want To Make $3,475.65 per Day?” (red flag #2 unreal income) With Facebook behind this program there must be something good with the Facebook On Fire System. So Let’s dig in and see “Is Facebook On Fire A Scam Or Not?”

Your Gonna Get $500

I wish I didn’t see this, its all the rage were gonna give you $500 for watching the video. (red flag #3 just plain BS) Don’t watch the video just to get the $500 you will end up very disappointed. No one I repeat NO ONE is going to give you $500 just for watching a video.

I don’t know yet which way this is going to fall, usually it will come off the overpriced total for the Facebook On Fire System. So they will say the system usually sells for $599 but were giving you $500 for watching the video so you pay just $99. This will be disclosed later in the sales video.

This is an exciting time he just started the counter for our $500 when it hits zero were gonna get it. The problem is we most likely are gonna get it, right where the sun don’t shine. Again, we will see the ploy when they reveal it.

Let’s Review

Your here because you believe you deserve better. You deserve to make yourself rich instead of making your boss rich, the guy that doesn’t care much about you. It’s time to get out of the debt spiral and be able to pay your bills on time. You deserve to spend time with your kids, as well as with your spouse. Stop doing a job you hate.

Don’t you think you deserve to buy a new car cash, pay your bills and have money left over. Be able to buy your spouse nice gifts when ever you like. Just be able to buy something when you want to no matter what the cost is. You have tried systems before and they just failed, you need a system that is going to work.

A system that starts making you money right away, this way you can see it really works. If this is how you feel does he have news for us. He has the best news were going to hear in our life. He has the system that will make us $100 a day and do it in our first week. $200 a day in our first month and $400 a day in our second month.

That means in 60 days you will be earning $12K a month. (red flag #2 Income) The great news is as the months go on it just gets better, by 6 months you can be earning $36K per month. He even goes as far as saying he is being conservative. He doesn’t want us to be disappointed so he is estimating low, most will make much more.

Facebook On Fire

Why haven’t we heard of this before? Why isn’t everyone doing this? Simple it’s brand new, if you check the time stamp on this website you will find that it’s only like 2 weeks old. He is only keeping this website up for 2 weeks that’s all, he is being very selective about who is allowed to visit. (red flag #1 time)

This is an unlimited opportunity the money won’t stop coming in. But, he is such a great guy he does’t want anyone fighting over territory. So this opportunity is extremely limited, and we are extremely lucky that we made it here. Wow do I feel lucky we could have missed out. (not likely this is just a ploy)

What Is This All About

FACEBOOK! Yes the 5 billion dollar monster of a website that has more cash pumping through it than any other site besides Amazon.com. Facebook is where the money is, if you could just corner 1% of the money Facebook generates you would be one of the richest people in your state.

Guess what else is on Facebook, yes you and your friends likely just goofing around. If you just took 5 Facebook on fireminutes of goofing off time on Facebook and goofed off in a different way you could make $100 a day in your first week. (We are getting closer to the $500 I bet your getting pretty excited.)

Now he wants to be honest with us so sometimes you might have to do more than 5 minutes in a day. He bets we are skeptical, gee why would he think that? He knows that deep down we are scared, scared we won’t be able to man up or woman up. Were scared we won’t be able to fulfill our responsibilities as a father/mother, husband/wife.

He was in this exact situation, but that was before he found Facebook On Fire. Now he lives in a mansion, drives a $200K car, has a huge summer home. (red flag #4 big lifestyle) Just 2 years ago he was waiting tables in NYC, it was a fancy restaurant, but just the wrong job for him.

How Did He Turn It Around

He had to go to work even though he hated his job, he was $30K in debt with Credit Cards. Every day, he would go home and keep clicking ads trying to make money. He knew there had to be a way to make money from his computer. He tried for a year 32 different systems and they all failed.

Until lucky number 33 when it had to do with Facebook he knew the money was there. There are 2 ways to do it running paid ads, or free postings. After 6 months he couldn’t make it happen. Many people don’t know about a secret meeting that takes place every year after Tech Crunch.

Secret Meeting

All the heads of Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and whoever else is on the top of their game in that year. Last year it was Instagram and this year it was Snapchat. The companies don’t always get Facebook On Firealong, but they fake it long enough to steal each others secrets. This is how these companies ensure their companies stay at the head of the pack.

They ordered food from Prime Grill that’s where he worked and he was waiting on them. There he was with these billionaires making sure they were taken care of. Zuckerberg and Gates were in a heated discussion, they had a look of giddeness it looked like they knew something no one else did.

When, he went to fill their glass he dropped a napkin on the floor when he went to pick it up, he set up his iPhone on the floor with it set to record a voice memo. He was willing to lose his job to have the same secret that only Gates and Zuckerberg knew. When, he went back to fill the water he picked it back up he had the whole conversation.

There was a lot of background noise, but he had it professionally transcribed and he could understand everything. This was all about combining Microsoft with Facebook this was a game changer. It wasn’t running ads, it wasn’t social posting it was completely different. When he put the Zuckerberg/Gates conversation into action.

There was no way it couldn’t work. It took 5 minutes to set up then he hit GO and went to the beach. Within an hour he had $580 WOW! Later that night it had gone to over $800 now not everyone is gonna get these results he had experience in Facebook marketing. But, $100 a day is very easy to do with a little work.

The Money Is Rolling In

The first day he made $880 month one he made $8.9K and in 6 months he made a whopping $244K! These are 100% verified results from the same method we are about to get. I don’t know about you but Facebook On FireI am just tingling with excitement. In a few more months he bought his mansion cash as well as his $600K worth of cars.

Now he has over $11.2 million dollars in his bank account. He decided to share it with just a few people and yes you guessed it they all made huge amounts of money in a short period of time and you don’t need…

  • A Website
  • No Hosting
  • Don’t Need To Be Great At Copywriting
  • English Can Be Your Second Language
  • Don’t Need To Be A Fast Typist
  • Can Do It Even If You Never Used Facebook Before
  • Doesn’t Matter If Your 10 or 110
  • It’s A Loophole

Just 100 people will ever see the method called “Facebook On Fire.” Facebook On Fire will walk you through every single little step. It’s all on video so you can go at your pace and just click where he clicks. The original price was $997 and that’s a steal. Then Joseph Magnum (found out his name) felt bad and decided since he stole the information anyway he could lower the price.

He was going to practically give this system away. He thought to himself I must be crazy giving people a system that gives people $100 a day and only charge $197. Then he thought would if it was his son or daughter that needed this system so he decided to charge are you ready for this YES Only $47.

We Did It The $500 Is Ours

We first find out we have stayed around long enough to claim our $500, but then we find out the $500 has to do with the guarantee. The refund period is 60 days, and if you don’t make $500 in 60 days he is going to take $500 out of his own pocket and give it to us. Now you have to show you gave it a fair effort.

I don’t know what that means yet because he said it takes 5 minutes to set up and then we can go to the beach. I guess if we don’t go to the beach maybe we void the warranty. Now the question is will we be one of the 100, take advantage of the behemoth profits produced by Facebook On Fire.

Facebook On Fire

The Bottom Line

Well I am sure a lot of you know this is a pile of Bullsh**. First off look at all those Red Flags anything with that many red flags will never get my support. Second, can you imagine a waiter at a conference with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg being able to plant a cell phone to record their conversation.

Just think how much security was at that conference, you think there is a chance in hell that there is any truth to this story. As with any system you have to look at the whole story and see what you think. Like I said there is way too many red flags with this system.

I hope if you are actually thinking of joining this you don’t count on ever seeing the $500 for their 60 day guarantee. First I will be suprised if the site is still up in 60 days, the other possibility is by the time you are looking for your $500 this will have a different name by then.

No matter what you decide I wish you the best of luck, I believe you are really gonna need it if you shell out the $47.


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If you have any questions or comments, or if you have a story about Facebook On Fire please leave it below…

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  1. I am a sucker for gimmicks… lol. I did sign up for the Facebook on Fire, but it was advertised to me differently. I am a digital marketer and this was sent to me as “You will learn a better way to advertise”. Well, I am all about new and better – mainly because all these platforms keep changing their ways to advertise – and I figured… what the hell. It is only $47. Well, I watched their videos… and I watched what I already knew, and then… someone contacts me… they begin to ask me questions about where I want to be in a year – 6 months… yadda yadda… (Now, I am gullible and naive, but I smell the pitch) I basically tell him what he needs to hear, and there is another promise… that I have been selected (banners are flying, confetti every where) I meet their criteria. (*gasp* me??? I am a “perfect” match) So, someone is suppose to call me today… I am curious (very curious) So, I will update you regarding Facebook on Fire. Aren’t you curious??? Lol.

    1. Hello Jeri, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment,

      I am so glad you left this comment, it’s very exciting that you are a perfect match. WOW! you have got to be one of the luckiest people I almost know. I am guessing this is where the up sells come into play. They will most likely say you need this what ever this is to really make this program worth wild.

      I am very curious what they are going to throw at you. Please do update, this is why I started this site in the first place. I want to thank you for your help and the help you will be giving to others. Some of these products have a small amount of value, but most of what you get you can find for free if you look. Most times you don’t have to look too deep.

      Lastly, I have seen that this has been promoted different ways. They will do this to see what ploy works the best. Even though they are limiting the sign ups (BS) they are looking for what will convert the best. Thanks again for your comment, can’t wait to see what they have in store for you and your winning ways! haha…

      All the best,


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