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Is Home Wealth Business A Scam Or Not?

We made it to the new year, but have you found the program, system, or training you are looking for? We have found another and of course the question is the same, Is Home Wealth Business A Scam Or Not? Well, I’m glad your here because we are going to find out very soon. We have been digging into Home Wealth Business and here you are going to find out if you should take the plunge.

Hyped Up Sales Page

Home Wealth Business

As usual we see the hype starting right on the sales page. “Earn $759 to $1,387 Per Day Online” Working Less Than 3 Hours Per Day, you can do all of this from your laptop or mobile phone. Here are some claims we see before we even get into the system.

  • Works On Apple And Android Devices
  • No Prior Experience Of Special Skills Required
  • Make 6 Figures Per Year Guaranteed

This is my biggest problem to date 6 Figures Per Year Guaranteed, they are really going to guarantee that anyone that uses this program is going to make 6 figures? I can’t wait to see what kind of exceptions exist to this guarantee. The last piece of hype on the sales page is “The Never Before Seen Video” let’s get into this so we can see what all the hype is about.

Got To Love Double Talk

Usually, I wait till later in the review till I go into this, but because they say in plain English and on the sales page I am jumping the gun. As I, said one of the claims is “Make 6 Figures Guaranteed” well it doesn’t take long to find out that is just pure bullsh**. Just open the “Income And Earnings Disclaimer” here are a few things that stand out from this disclaimer.

  • Our products/services/materials are to be considered as educational and entertainment value only.
  • The income or financial examples given are in no way meant as a representation of actual or possible earnings, nor are they meant as an inducement, promise, guarantee or prediction of income of any kind.
  • No income claims, promises, predictions or guarantees are made or implied, of any kind.
  • We have no idea how much business growth you’ll make or if you will make any money at all.
  • There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.

I think you get the idea there is more, but this explains my point. How the hell can they say “Make 6 Figures Guaranteed” and then have this as their Income Disclaimer. This is what gets me when I review a new program and if your program is as good as you say you don’t need all the BS claims. Let’s move on and see how much more Double Talk we can find.

Got To Love Promo Videos

Home Wealth Business
Very Nice, But Who’s Is It?

Before you even start the promo video you get to see the beautiful house and pool. Now, if that’s not enough for you to say here we go again next you see all these testimonial about the crazy amount of money they have made is days, weeks, and then even the millions they will make for the year. Before, you get too excited about all the money your going to make were going to check and see if these are some of our friends from Fiverr.

Home Wealth Business
Paid Actor From Fiverr!

In case, you don’t already know Fiverr is a site where you can heir actors to claim whatever you pay them to claim. Yep, your right if your product is so good why do you need fake testimonials. Next we see that we have just hit the jackpot! We are on course to making a million dollars a year?! Brian Thompson, tells us if we are not the type to go after a good thing when we see it we should just leave and not waste both of our time.

His Time Is Limited And Expensive

So make sure you don’t waste his most valuable time so decide now if you are a sheep or a Shepard. He goes through all the stuff we are looking for making money online, being an internet millionaire, generating a substantial passive income fast. He also adds that we want to do it in a very short period of time. Lucky for us that he is going to show us a unique method that is going to put us on the right path.

This is not mindless hype, oh good I don’t see any hype so far… You’re kidding me! We are going to find out why he can make these claims, he is going to show us how he can take complete newbies that can hardly surf the internet and show then how to make $3K per day on virtually autopilot.

Make Money While You Sleep

I never really understood this because even legit ways to make money online you will make money while you sleep, because people are on your site all times of the day and night. So don’t let the promise of making money while you sleep be a game changer it happens all the time. He claims that all the other programs on our computer right now are pure garbage, and they just don’t work.

He asks if we were to go look at our car, check our bank account, see if all of our bills are paid and paid on time. Now if we can look him in the eyes and tell him that is all true then the programs are good, but if we can’t then all the BS programs on our computer are all crap. All of these other programs failed because they have one thing in common they all assumed you had a clue on how to make money online. The question is do you? The answer is probably not!

Who Is Brian Thompson?

Instead of just telling us he shows us more BS testimonial these are so bad especially one of them if you see or saw this promo video I don’t have to tell you which one. Anyway, he claims he is one of the top affiliate marketers making millions a year. He goes on to say he can virtually guarantee that we have never heard of him. Well this is the first thing I can say that is 100% true! This is because he chooses to have it this way, he claims he can teach anyone despite our skill level how to make tons of money online.

It’s better we don’t have the experience because then we haven’t developed and bad habits yet. Brian does not crave fame, he claims he is well-known in the affiliate world? He has only taught a handful of students so far. Well if that is true how the hell does he know if he can teach anyone if he has only taught a few people? Plus, “Home Wealth Business” domain is registered as anonymous.

His Promise

He is going to show us how he made almost $1.3 million in affiliate commissions in the last 6 months from just one online campaign. Then he is going to show us how to do the exact same thing. These numbers are all from 2017 so they are up to date, this way we will know that what he shows us is still incredibly lucrative. He made all this money without using any of the tools from the so called guru’s.

He just wanted to prove he could do it without using any of them. He is going to show us proff of his success? So he show a paper that says Paychecks showing 2017 $209,882.20 and 2016 $1,577,294.11 if this is the proff you have got to be kidding! These are his claims…

  • He is making this money 100% with his system.
  • He is not using any special softwae or voodoo Google Tricks.
  • He can sell anything he chooses and make loads of cash in affiliate commissions.
  • He spends no more than 50 minutes a week to do this.

He says he doesn’t want to insult our intelligence, but he will make us a millionaire. All we need to do is follow his exact instructions he will show us how to set up our own million dollar business. He is going to show us how to make a lot of money within just minutes of watching this.

Brian’s Problem

He and his new wife have very expensive taste and it costs tons of money to live his kind of lifestyle. He adds that he hates to work and punch a clock to make someone else rich. So he tried the internet thing, but most of the crap being sold online is just that crap. Then he Home Wealth Businessdeleted all those crap systems from his computer and started from scratch. Affiliate marketing is sourcing and sending as much targeted traffic as possible to a location when he could benefit when people made a purchase through his link.

He built his system from scratch with his own money and testing. Little by little his guerrilla tactics started to work he stayed away from all the things we know and went to the underground. He found places to make money that others just overlooked these completely new sources uncovered tons of money. Soon he was making huge amounts of affiliate commissions. When he showed this to his dad he said you need to name this system and sell it, at first he refused.

He goes back to showing us his so called proof of over $1 million dollars, all it takes is 8 minutes a day to set up this system. He has done all the hard work for us, what a great guy.

  • He found the traffic goldmines.
  • He found the products to promote.
  • He provided us with any website we need.
  • He is going to show us step by step how to make money.
  • He designed a fool-proof way to sell almost any affiliate product.

This system is fast and easy and does’t need

  • Google Adwords
  • Traffic Grunt Work
  • Marketing or Computer Experience

He claims this is the system you need to make money online. Internet Wealth Biz is based on Home Wealth Business5 hard-hitting commission generation methods. It’s supposed to be easy to get in front of these buyers and make affiliate commissions. This is our golden opportunity to build our own cash generating system. The million dollar question is can we afford this, well of course we can! Since, he remembers being just like us he is going to almost give it to us. It starts at $297 with $150 discount, then if you try to click away you will get down to $27.  He is also going to give us a 60-day guarantee.

The Bottom Line

First off I would love to tell you that we have found the system we have been looking for, but I can not do that here. There are so many Red Flags with this system it’s not even funny. Like I said in the beginning, the testimonials are paid actors from Fiverr. The very first woman in Home Wealth Businessthe testimonial video says she made over $3K with Google Adsense, first off that is highly unlikely, you can make some money with Adsense, but over $3K? That would be very tough.

Brian says that Google Adsense is not the way to make money online, and that is not what his system is about? I don’t get it did he even listen to what he said? Did he give her the wrong script? You can also see if you were paying close attention that he uses the exact same income proof as the Adsense girl. Then it keeps popping up so as I said the so called proof is just plain and simple bullsh**!

We also have no idea who the hell Brian Thompson is, plus they make a mention of two different business. Home Wealth Business “HomeWealthBusiness.Com” and Internet Wealth Biz “InternetWealthBiz.Com” they both show that they are registered anonymously. That doesn’t mean scam, but why if you have the best system ever created are you hiding?

Home Wealth Business

Home Wealth Business

There is so much nonsense and just wait till you make the mistake of getting into this program. You are going to get hit with up sells that would help you to clean your bank account and not fill it. I am telling you this is just not to be trusted you are not going to make anywhere near the money they are claiming. Just laugh at this sales video and wonder why no one fixed all the mistakes and keep your money in your pocket!





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