Is LifeStyle Now A Scam Or Not

Is LifeStyle Now A Scam Or Not

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing? I hope all is well! As usual, I am out looking for different programs to see if there claims of riches can actually be realized. OK, maybe than’s a bit dramatic, but when you think about it that’s what most of these programs claim.

Although, we have found some that are worth a try. In some cases we have found some that you can actually build a real business with. That is one of the reasons I continue on with this quest. The biggest reason is to save you guys from throwing away your money on systems than just can’t, won’t, and don’t work.

The latest system I have crossed paths with is called LifeStyle Now, lets dig in and see where this system takes us. Let’s find out, Is LifeStyle Now A Scam Or Not?

The Sales Page

I stumbled upon the sales page where there is a video and the headline says… Discover how you will cash 3-4 checks per week with this life changing system. Without Clicksure, Clickbank, Mobe, Binary Trading, D.A. or Shopify. As, I looked into this video even further something was very familiar.

They even called the system LifeStyle Now Mentor? Right out of the gate they say were going to get a free gift on this page if we keep watching. I said to myself, I just heard something just like this, not something like this more like exactly like this.

This is the exact video we just saw when we reviewed the last system called, My Super Affiliate Mentor. I continued to watch the video to see if anything was different. Nothing changed it is the exact same video from My Super Affiliate Mentor. We have already found than My Super Affiliate Mentor was not 100% scam.

With than being said I did not and will not back either one of these systems. Just because something is not an out-and-out 100% scam doesn’t mean we should buy there systems.

To Quick, There Is A Difference

It’s true the video was running along the exact same as the video from My Super Affiliate Mentor, until Tonya same name from My Super Affiliate Mentor said she was given this system from her friend Joel. Wait who? The great guy, her friend that gave her the system in the video from My Super Affiliate Mentor was Misha Wilson?

Where did Joel come from why use the same exact video and just change the name of the program and the friend who gave her the program? Joel made the exact same amount of money Misha made to the penny. WOW! what a coincidence they made the exact same amount of money deposited into the same bank and the exact same looking statement?

Glad I Stuck To My First Instinct

I said earlier than My Super Affiliate Mentor the exact system we are looking at right now was not a total scam. I am having a bit of a hard time holding to than statement now that I see this video. I stand by my advice to walk away from this no matter what they want to call it.

When you hear claims that this Tonya (if than’s your real name) made $1,621.10 in just 4 days, you know you are in for a bunch of (BS). Working online building a business is not going to put $1.6K in your pocket in 4 days it’s just not going to happen! Don’t ever get sucked into a program that is giving you unrealistic claims of wealth.

You can tell if you listen to this video closely that when she uses the name Joel or Lifestyle Now Mentor you can tell it was dubbed. You don’t have to listen too closely to see the unrealistic claims, Tonya made over $8K her first month using the system and over $16.5K in her second month. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Tonya claims she made a whopping $511K in her first year? But, what system was she using My Super Affiliate Mentor or Lifestyle Now Mentor? Bottom line It doesn’t matter whatever you want to call it keep you money in your pocket that’s the only way you will make money with this system. That’s by not getting into either!

It’s Like Magic

It really is like magic, you pay your money and like magic you will never see your money again. What is even more like magic, you don’t even know who the hell took your money was it Misha? Tonya? Lifetime Now Mentor Scam Or Not
Joel? who knows, but one thing I do know is whatever there name is they will be the only ones making money like magic!

They would love for you to believe this is an automatic money making machine, there is no such thing. The is no automatic money making system. The claim is than you are going to get the system, set it up, sit back, and just watch your bank account soar. Just read that 2 or 3 times if it makes any sense to you please read it again.

You Do Nothing

Tonya claims there is no website to create, no blogs to write, no binary trading. You don’t need any technical skills all you need to do is click a few buttons. I promise you that if you do nothing you will get no where and you will make nothing.

I believe we are almost at the end of this extremely tedious video, and Tonya is giving us the 100% iron clad guarantee. I am not sure I really understand the whole claim, if we don’t make $100K in 90 days. Then she will login to our account and personally hold our hand. As long as we follow the step by step instructions.

It’s not clear what she is actually guaranteeing, she will login to our system. But, it doesn’t say what she is going to do once she logs in? Is she going to make sure we get $100K in 90 days? I have no idea, it’s a random guarantee with no specific guarantee.

It Comes Down To 3 Things

  1. You need automated quick and easy, money-making solutions.
  2. Unlike most programs than hand you a packet of information. Take your money and leave you to the wolves, her team will guide you through the process step-by-step.
  3. This is the most important part… You need to get the money into your bank account.

These are not websites, these are My Lifestyle Now Mentor commission funnels. She claims it would cost you $3500 to set up these funnels. But, with this system it’s done for you and all you have to do is press a couple of buttons. No more worrying about complicated systems it’s all done for you.

All you are going to do is go inside and fill out a short form, that short form shows them where to send your money. Automatically every week you get money sent to your bank account. This is how automated this system is (sorry but every system will deposit your commission into your bank account).

This system they claim is so simple than once you sign up you get your instructions. You spend 20 minutes setting it up, press a couple of buttons and the next day you will be making money.

We Don’t Need To Know

OK, we don’t need to know, we have no need to know how this system works. That is about the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. She compares it to an ATM we don’t know how an ATM works but we will take money from it. We put our card in and it spits out money than’s what this system is supposed to do for us.

This system is our very own ATM, I am choking just trying to put this on the screen. You are going to be on your way to being a new millionaire. Buying your fancy cars, mansions, and anything else you want. You are going to make more than a fortune 500 company CEO and you don’t have to work to do it.

The Coaching

Here we go, here is the first of many up sells. You are going to have the ability to hire a personal coach for the one time fee of just $9K yes that’s all jut one payment of $9,000.00. What a deal how can you beat a deal like that. If you want to know even more about this system just go to my review on My Super Affiliate Mentor review.

Just plug in My Lifestyle Now Mentor in place of My Super Affiliate Mentor. It’s the same exact thing except Joel is the guy that gave her the system instead of Misha. One other difference is, if you enroll under My Lifestyle Now Mentor it’s going to cost you $49.95. Through My Super Affiliate Mentor you can sign up for $37.00.

Don’t worry though you are still going to get the moron proof guarantee, I just love that the way they try to get people to join is to call them stupid. The only thing that would be stupid is to get sucked into this BS program.

Please Read The, My Super Affiliate Mentor Review

Here is the link again you can click to see a complete review on the same program with a different name and $49.95 instead of $37.00. The other difference is the guy that gave her the system either Joel or Misha. Click on this link to see what I am talking about. My Super Affiliate Mentor.

P.S. Toward the very end of the video they missed dubbing over Misha’s name so if you watch both the video’s you will see what I am telling you is 100% true.


Just like on the My Super Affiliate Mentor Review, I am going to give you the chance to actually make money online with a training program that really works. The name of the training is Wealthy Affiliate, your not going to get all the lies and BS that you are going to make crazy amounts of money in 2 days.

Your not going to get a promise that you will make money with no work and you don’t need to know how the system works. This training is 100% real and people actually make money following the step by step training. You don’t have to believe me because you can try it for FREE no C.C. required.

All the best,



If you have any questions about either system let me know. If you want to learn the right way to make money online and be able to try it for FREE no C.C. required. Click where it says Wealthy Affiliate and see my review this training can really change your life.



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