IWIN 123

IWIN 123 – 3 Seconds To Kiss Your Cash Goodbye?

Happy New Year’s! It looks like we are going to make it to the new year. 2017 is just about over and soon we will be in 2018, are you still working that Job? Are you dreaming of finding that way to quit your job and build a business of your own? Well IWIN 123 or “The Institute for Wealth In Networking” is claiming this is the way to find freedom in 2018.

IWIN 123

The Institute for Wealth In Networking

So, what is IWIN and is it your way to get ahead in the new year? I am going to give you a look inside the IWIN system. The basic idea of this system that has been around for 10 years according to there website is to help others to help yourself. That sounds great so far, but the question is can you really make the kind of money that they promise you?

IWIN Product

Let’s keep this simple according to IWIN there product is education, they teach marketing strategies to find customers for businesses. As you, learn these strategies you are going to then turn around and teach the same strategies to others. You will be teaching the IWIN business platform, this will give your students the framework for there own home business. You will earn an income by using these strategies to teach the new incoming members.

What Is IWIN’s Approach To Business

  • Business Optimization – They will help you set up a marketing strategy that will bring this information to people that are interested in this business.
  • Marketing Implementation – Your teacher / sponsor will make the calls for you to start you off. They have been working the business so they will have a better chance to answer any questions.
  • Capital Appreciation – Your sponsor will help you sign up your first two people, you will make 90% off your first sign up. The second commission will go to your sponsor.

The idea is when you start a new home business you want to make sure that the business is set up with your success in mind. With IWIN they say that is the case it’s all about people helping people to succeed, according to IWIN the way to make money is by helping others to make money.

What You Get With The IWIN System

  • You Get The Money From The First Sale – Because you get the commission from the first sale you get your money back fast.
  • Your Inviter Makes The Calls – Your inviter makes the first calls for you, most people need that help to start off. You get this service at no extra cost.
  • It’s About Support – Your inviter will make the first 2 sales for you, again at no extra cost to you. The reason is your inviter is going to get a 10% residual income from your sales.
  • 90% Commission – You are going to get 90% commission from the very first sale, your inviter gets the 10% residual. Unlike other systems that give the inviter the first sale.
  • 10% Commission – You are going to get the 10% residual from your down line forever. You make the income by helping the people you invited into the business.
  • Once Qualified – You will make 90% and your inviter gets the 10% from every person you invite after you are qualified.
  • You Keep The Qualifier – The second person you sign up is your qualifier, your inviter gets the commission from this sign up, but they remain in your down line. You get the 10% of the cash referrals forever!
  • The Members Make The Profits – All the profits from the sales goes to the members, none of the profit goes to the company.
  • Quick Cash – When you sponsor someone you get the cash that same day.

3 Simple Steps To Money And Freedom

  1. Your Job Is To Learn – You will be taught a marketing plan, if you follow this plan you will get a flow of targeted people that are actually interested in the IWIN business model.
  2. You Call Back Intrested People – You are calling people that are interested in more information, you will get help from your inviter because they are still making the residual income. Then you direct them to the IWIN site to view the videos and to sign up.
  3. Help Your Downline – Now it’s your turn to help, you will assist your down line with there first calls and sign ups. You just answer questions and you will be making the residual income on every sale your down line makes.

IWIN Teaches You To Increase Your Income

IWIN is all about educational marketing products and services. IWIN offers 5 levels of IWIN 123business marketing software products and tools, also health and wellness as well as self development packages. These products and tools are filled with information that you can use to build your own business. As you, get familiar with the products you will market them to earn a very good income.

This is a learn as you earn system, of course the higher level you get in at the higher profits you will earn. You can start at any level and as you go you can upgrade to higher levels. Think of this as stock ownership in your business, so the more ownership or more levels you are in will entitle you to more products and larger commissions.

The 5 Levels

Before I get into the cost of each level I want you to know that you can join as many levels as you would like. You must join in order and you are not allowed to skip any levels. So you can join level 1,2,3,4,5. But you can not join level 1,2,3,5 you can not skip level 4 and go to 5.

  • Bronze – Level 1 – $250
  • Silver – Level 1 & 2 – $750
  • Gold – Level 1,2 & 3 – $1750
  • Diamond – Level 1,2,3 & 4 – $3750
  • Platinum – Level 1,2,3,4 & 5 – $7500

Now if you were to join at the Bronze Level and your first sign up comes in at the Gold Level you can only receive the money up to the level you have joined at. So in that example you would receive the $250 while the rest of the money would move up the line to the next qualified person in your up line.


IWIN 123

The main service with IWIN is coaching members on different marketing strategies. The main service is to teach marketing education. They will teach you different proven methods that you can end up choosing from. These methods are the same methods used by all the internet guru’s that are finding success. It’s up to you to learn these methods, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme so if that is what you are looking for your in the wrong place.

  • They teach marketing strategies for business.
  • They will show you how to make big money from home.
  • You will get live coaching and they will call your initial leads for you.
  • They will mentor clients with strategic marketing tools to get the sales.
  • They will close your first 2 sales so you can earn money fast.


IWIN has a full line of digital software, e-books, and instructional presentations that are available for paid members to download. These products cover a wide range of topics with a strong emphasis on networking and internet. All the products have re seller rights. At each level that you come in at adds more products that you can get on demand. So the higher the level you come in at the more opportunity you have at more products and services.

There are a bunch of e-learning software too many to list, each of the 4 levels has more benefits with more training that is relevant in todays market. The combined over all value is over $100K.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of big promises here and it sounds just too good to be true. Well you know what they say if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is. I have seen programs like this before and the question you have to ask yourself is how many people do you think are going to sign up for a program that is going to set them back thousands of dollars? Most people that are looking to start a home business are strapped for cash.

As far as your sponsor or inviter is concerned you will most likely have to catch them at the beginning of there quest. I can see how you would lose interest when no one is willing to dump thousands of dollars into a program that really is not selling anything. This has all the makings of a cash gifting system, as we talked about earlier there are a bunch of e-books IWIN 123and training.

The problem is they have not been updated so a bunch of them are of no use. This is really just a smoke screen to try to show some sort of value. The other huge RED FLAG is if you do just a bit of digging and look at the BBB Rating for IWIN it will tell a story. It says “This Business Is Not BBB Accredited” and they give it a big fat “F” for a rating. The say there is no selling all you have to do is answer questions when interested people call you.

I don’t know about you, but this is selling when people call you to ask there questions you will be trying to sell them on the idea. Also, you will have to sell the value of the product, I am not sure how that is going to work out. If you really dig into this what are you selling? You’re selling an idea that people will throw thousands of dollars for no real products well no up to date products.

How are you going to explain that they are paying people from Fiverr to do there testimonials? If this is such a money maker where are the testimonials from actual members? Why would you have to pay for them? Lastly don’t think for one minute that once you dump thousands into this your spending is done you still have to pay a hosting fee, plus a landing page where you get your leads. They will also try to get you to buy text marketing leads to the tune of another $1K or more.

Is this a Scam? Well I don’t know if it really sits in the scam category, but I do know this it’s not as easy as what they would like you to believe. My advice to you is to pass this one by, you will see some positive reviews just don’t be fooled. They are most likely people at the top of the scheme trying to get as much as they can out of good people like you.

There are other ways to start a business in 2018, our top pick is Wealthy Affiliate. The great thing is you don’t even have to believe me you can try it for yourself for FREE no credit card needed. You can remain a FREE member for as long as you like. I don’t know about you, but a training that is willing to let you in for FREE and see what’s going on must have something to offer. Give it a try again for FREE no CC needed, and see what you think…

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