Jury Duty Scam – October 2017 It Has Been Reported

Jury Duty Scam October 2017

It has been reported by several CT Police Department Officials that scammers are calling claiming to be a member of law enforcement, whether it’s the local police, the sheriff’s department or the U.S. Marshals Service. The caller typically tells the victim that you have failed to appear for jury duty.

Others, they will try is you failed to answer a court summons or have an active warrant for your arrest, which they may tell you was just signed by a judge. Of course when we as just regular people, hear that the court summons or arrest warrant was signed by a judge we get nervous.

Who wouldn’t, the thing that the scammer is banking on is you don’t think of the fact that you never received a notice to serve on a Jury. They will also hope you have no idea about a court summons or a warrant in your name. That is the key to most scammer’s success, getting you off balance and worried.

But, The Caller ID Said

The caller ID may show phone numbers for a courthouse or law enforcement agency, and the caller may cite names of actual police officers, court officials, judges or town officials. In one of my other posts a month or so ago we found that these scammers are spoofing phone numbers.

Just to refresh spoofing phone number is when they use a phone number you will most likely recognize. So they will use the same 6 numbers you see in your town all the time. They know they have a much better chance of you being curious and pick up, if you see a local phone number on your caller ID.

The caller will tell the victim that they can pay a fine to avoid arrest. They will request this payment through prepaid cards, gift cards or wire transfer. Remember anytime someone you don’t know wants you to pay with prepaid cards, or wire transfer you are most likely talking to a scammer.

I Just Have To Confirm You Are You

The caller may even ask that you the victim, confirm their identity by soliciting personal information, including your name, birth date, Social Security number and other ID theft-worthy details. Again, always remember do not give any personal information over the phone especially when you have no idea who you are talking too.

According to many Local Police Departments, “The jury duty scam remains one of the most successful intimidation/impostor schemes, “scammer’s can not only get a quick payoff but also enough personal details for future identity theft.” Be smart don’t let this happen to you!

Police recommend that people receiving this call HANG UP without providing any information. We are all most likely going to make the mistake of answering one of those spoofed calls. Especially if the first 6 numbers are the ones you see from your area.

Just be smart and like I said don’t give out any personal information. Once you, hear this crazy Bull Shi* story just hang up. I would hope that you would know if there was a warrant out for your arrest. Or if you missed jury duty or have a court summons out for you.

Just use your head, no personal information and don’t send money even if they are claiming any of these things. Just take a deep breath and take a second to think. It will save you tons of headaches later on.

This information provided the Senior Medicare Patrol at the Western CT Area Agency Call to be a volunteer and Help STOP Fraud, 203-757-5449

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