Latest Scams Going Around

Latest Scams Going Around – The Worst Scams

Work At Home Scams, Take Advantage, Postal Scams

These are the scams, I think some of us have had the displeasure of running into in 2017. These are some of the Latest scams going around for 2017. I am just appalled at what scammers will do to steal from unsuspecting people.

Here are some of the ones that are not on most peoples radar. So if you think this won’t happen to me, think again. These scammers are looking for people just like you. People that just don’t pay much attention because “It won’t happen to me”.

So don’t just read this Take Action!!!

Coming And Going Scam – Humdinger Of A Scam

This all starts with stolen credit card information or just a plain stolen credit card. What the scammer does is orders a computer or something very expensive. They buy the item with your credit card and have it shipped to your address. Sending the item to the address on the credit card doesn’t send up any red flags with Best Buy.

Now, you get the delivery buy FedEx and have no idea why you received this laptop. Here is where it gets crazy, the next day the FedEx driver shows up at your door again with a pick up slip to get the laptop. The slip will say return to Best Buy on it, except the address is not for a Best Buy. The hope is (for the scammer) you don’t ask any question and just let them pick it up.

Most people would just give it to the FedEx driver and think all is well. The thing is the scammer made the call to pick it up and have it sent to an address of their choice. From their they usually will not have the return address to them. What some do is send it to one of those people that answered an add for “Doing shipping from the comfort of your own home”, known as re shippers.

This can be another scam all together that I will go into another time. Of course from that location they will have the unsuspecting shipper send it to them. Who knows if the re shipper actually knows that they are the middle man in this scam.

This whole scam is about timing, you get the item one day and the next day they come to pick it up. Work At Home Scams, Take Advantage, Postal Scams, USPS ScamsMost times you won’t know your card has been charged so I can see why people wouldn’t think about giving it back for return. Just think even if the scammer doesn’t get the item he won’t lose anything, it wasen’t their money to begin with.

To put a wrench in their plans is very easy. When, you go online onto your credit card site you will see a notification tab. This is where you can set up dollar amounts. When you charge over a pre set limit the credit card company notifies you, it depends on your limit you can set it for over $100 or $200. You, can choose to have the alert emailed or sent as a text.

This is a free service so their is no reason not to do it. With this handy notification you would know right away that your card was charged. Now you would have time to figure out what is going on and what your next step will be. Most people would Call Best Buy to find out what is going on and return the laptop themselves.

Here is the part that no one wants to hear “well one of the parts” if you did give the item to the FedEx driver. Then it gets shipped to the third-party address you have a big problem. The chance that you could convince Best Buy, that you really didn’t purchase the item after its been shipped to the thrid-party is very slim.

Just because of the shear elaborate nature of this scam it made. The Worst Scams… 

Collection Scams – We Already Hate Collections

This has to be one of the most annoying scams ever to come out. The scammers usually from India and Pakistan know that a legit collection agency has the right to call. And boy do they take advantage of that information.

So they call representing a fake collection agency or sometimes they call as the US Attorney General’s office. So they make tons of cold calls, till they get someone to answer. When someone answers they use threats and intimidation to try to get their victims to pay. These guys do their homework, they use real life details about these past due accounts.

They are persistent the calls can go on for a very long time months or more. They work on the victim and Work At Home Scams, Take Advantage, Postal Scams, Phone Scamswith the constant harassment some people will actually agree to pay. It seems that once they go through their lists they will go back and start over. So it seems the calling never stops.

Sometimes the scammers will sell their lists to other scammers and then the process just starts all over again with a new bunch of scammers. They will ask for the fees to be paid by non-returnable transactions.

The thing is unless you owe money, or know you have some items in collections. Just don’t answer the phone and if you do answer and find it to be a fraud. Turn them in we need more people to step up and make the necessary calls to your government agencies.

This makes the list just because of the harassing calls. The Worst Scams…

Grant Scam – You’re Getting $8500 Just Cause???

This is one of the most annoying scams out there today. You can get many calls a day and even if you decline you will get called by another scammer. The scammer calls and says they are from United States Government Grant division. They claim you are set to receive a free grant in the amount of $8500, I have heard of different amounts.

You ask, where do they find all these people to target? The scammers actually get your information and everyone else’s legally. They buy them from legit companies that run Payday Loan Affiliate website’s. Most of the companies don’t have any idea that they are not dealing with legit companies (scammers). They actually believe that the scammers are going to offer legit financial assistance. The scammers also get customers information from unsuspecting advertising agencies who run lead generation campaigns that target people needing a loan.

Work At Home Scams, Take Advantage, Postal ScamsThese scams usually come out of India and Pakistan. So you can ask all the questions you want but if it goes off script you won’t get any of the answers. Most of the time it is very hard to understand the scammers they have a very deep accent. What they are looking for is a processing fee so the mark can claim the grant.

They will ask you to go to the nearest Western Union location and get a money order for the amount they decide on. Then they will ask how long you will take to get the money order and they will call you back then. When, they call you back they will tell you to read off a series of numbers from the money order. This gives them what they need to get the money. Surprise!!! you get nothing and of course there is no way to get the money you gave them back.

Just remember that paying $279 to get $8500 just isn’t real hang up the phone and report the number.

This makes the list for just being annoying. The Worst List…

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  1. I really like this article it tells about all the scams going on in detail. The one that happens to me all the time is the calling one! They tell me they have a warrant out and all that stuff sometimes they leave messages. How do I get them to stop calling!?

  2. Alyssa,

    I glad you liked the article! I know that those phone calls can be very annoying. You can block that number right from your phone that’s if your using a cell phone. I know everyone is very busy but, people need to turn the phone numbers into the proper government agencies. If more people do this it may slow it down. Again I want to thank you for visiting my site, please come back anytime.

    Love to have you back.

    All the best,


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