Lotto Profits Scam Or Not

Lotto Profits Scam? – Or Not?

I have been adding posts to my website for a while now usually I go for more of a system or a training. I was asked by one of my readers to look into this program. That’s what I am going to do see if Lotto Profits is a Scam or Not. I try to go into a new program with an open mind.

I will go into Lotto Profits with that same open mind. I’m guessing some of you are thinking, Lotto Profits? what the hell is that and who the hell is going to say they can pick winning numbers out of the blue. Well first we are going to find out if that is their claim.

So, without wasting any more time on talk, lets find out if Lotto Profits Scam? Or Not?

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A Little Back Story

Winning the Lottery! Wouldn’t that just be wonderful, I think that everyone has at one time or another thought about hitting the lottery. The times when the jackpot was nearing the billion mark, Yes! A Billion with a “B”. All the talk around the water cooler was what would you do if you won?

I personally have been playing the lottery since I was 18 years old. I picked my numbers and have been playing them ever since. It’s very stressful if I go somewhere for vacation I have to make sure I buy my ticket ahead of time. I know my numbers by heart so I can’t just not play.

I would know if I came back and saw the numbers, if I had won or not. So it puts me in the position of having to make sure no matter what that my numbers are played for every drawing. Well now we have something called Lotto Profits can a system really pick the winning lottery numbers.

Cheater, You Are Cheating The Lottery

So our story begins as the creator of this winning lottery system goes into his local gas station. He was going in to cash his 8th winning lottery ticket in the past 3 months. The owner of the gas station startsyelling Cheater! Cheater! As, he walks to the counter to cash his ticket.

No sooner he walked to the counter the gas station owner ripped his phone out of his hand. He says how come you win all the time and no one else can win. I see you with your

Lotto Profits System

betting slips and you’re looking on your phone for the winning numbers. What do you work for the lottery or something?

Now people all over the store could hear the commotion, they though he was robbing the store. A man in line even pulled a gun on him thinking he was up to no good. He knew he had to do something fast or he would be in real trouble. After he calmed everyone in the store down, then he explained how he won the lottery with the sneaky lottery software.

He had created a sneaky system to pick what numbers would hit the lottery next. This lottery software was 100% legal, it was the same software that produced $176,000 in winnings in the past 3 months.

He Cleaned Up With The Winnings

What he explains is how he paid off all his bills with his new-found wealth. The wealth he created with a secret lottery number picking software. He goes into how he cleaned up very old bills with his system. He also paid for a 2-week trip to the Bahamas for his whole family.Lotto Profit System

If that, wasn’t enough he bought his kids all new clothes they have wanted. New running shoes, bikes, and the latest video games and systems. Everything they ever wanted even his dream house he just closed the deal on. But, after what had happened at the gas station this morning he knew he had to be more careful.

The reality is once you know how to crack the lottery code, there is going to be a bunch of very unhappy people. Once, you keep having the winning tickets your going to have to switch off gas stations. He claims that the store owners hate to pay out the cash from their registers.

Why This Doesn’t Make Sense

This last part does not make a lot of sense to me. Because, in the state of Connecticut as well as other states if not all other states. The store that sells a bigger winning ticket gets a bonus from the lottery headquarters. Why? would the store owner be mad about getting so many bonuses?Lotto Profit System

Oh ya I almost forgot if you sick around long enough he is going to share with us the secret to hitting jackpots at will. I am not going to hold my breath because he is selling this system so he is not going to tell us for free. Now he claims the store owner are scared that the lottery commissioner is going to watch their store if they sell so many winners.

It has nothing to do with the store it has everything to do with the system picking the numbers. He comes clean that all the winnings were not millions. Some were just $6K and $13K not enough to retire but, enough to make life a lot easier and more comfortable.

He’s Not The Only Winner

He claims he has shared this lucky lottery number picking system. We see 3 different people that supposedly used this system to hit jackpots themselves. We can see the checks in their hands but of course we can’t read what is on the checks. Except for the last one the name on the check is Company Inc. What lottery is that?

Now, if you had asked him a few years ago if there was a system that could consistently hit the lottery. He would have laughed in your face and called you a jackass. He knew that the lottery was made by humans so there had to be a flaw you would just have to find it.

Never Even Bought A Ticket

That’s right he never bought a ticket until just a few years ago. The Powerball Jackpot just got up to $340 million, that’s all everyone was talking about. He was down on himself because they were just Lotto Profit Systemaverage, not dirt poor but not living high on the hog either. So he decided he was going to pull his family up and onward to the next level.

How else would a normal adult try solving his money troubles? Of Course, buy lottery tickets! He marched right down to the gas station and bought 10 tickets for $20. Well you know what happened he only picked 1 number right out of all 10 tickets. He thought to himself, how could such a well-thought-out plan of hitting the lottery just not happen?

Something Wasn’t Right

After that great plan just fell apart, life went back to normal. He never saw his wife cause she worked 2 jobs, and when they did see each other they would be just too tired to do anything. OK, I have to ask why did life get so damn depressing just cause he didn’t hit the lottery the very first time he played?

We will look into that more, then he goes into all these people that hit the lottery more than once. I am not sure what this was suppose to prove? I know because like I said in the beginning I have been following the lottery for a long time.

I don’t believe these people all have winning lottery systems. Yes, if you hear about all these people at one time it’s unbelievable. These mulitiple winners were over a long period of time it’s not like all this happened in the same week, or month, not even the same year.

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What’s The Deal 

So now he was on a quest to find out what these multi-lottery winners were doing that he wasn’t. So here is where this story gets a little shaky. He claims he goes into detective mode and calls all of these multi lottery winners. How where did he get their phone numbers?

Just think about this for a minute these people won the lottery more than once and this guy finds all their phone numbers calls them and they all talk to him. I’m sorry I am just not buying this. He claims that he told them he was just interested cause he was a math wiz.

Do You Have A System

He says he talked to 35 multi-winners and 32 of them had some kind of so called system. So he took all of his notes and worked on this system for a couple of years. All of a sudden it happened he correctly picked the 5 winning numbers for the cash 5 drawing.

He started out very upset because he didn’t play the numbers and he claims he would have won over $200K. That’s when he decided to take $50 and play the more popular games. Then BOOM three days later there it was $5k winner, then a week later BOOM $10K winner.

He was off to the races, he had taken the 32 different “systems” put them together added a little shim sham and Shebang the Lotto Profits system was born! He was collecting so much money from the lottery headquarters they started to know him by name.

Now I Have A System 

This is a system that anyone can use even if you don’t know basic math. You punch a few keys and the system takes care of itself. Now I am going to share with you how this system works…

  • Lotto Profits keeps a running memory of all the winning numbers going back a decade.
  • It takes this data and compares it to resent winning draws.
  • Then it automatically enters all data into the patented computer algorithm developed by him and his team of experts… (When did this team arrive?)
  • It instantly analyzes it against 126,000 different variables.
  • It identifies the likelihood of any new combinations of numbers being drawn. (With a 9.5% accuracy rate)
  • The software scans and automatically searches for potential winning number combos that have the best chance to hit. By the time the numbers go through the software algorithm, you get the most likely number combinations to hit for the lottery game you’re playing.
  • Of course no one could pick numbers with 100% accuracy. Using the software cuts down on the randomness and gives you a better chance of winning.

A Few Words Of Wisdom

You are going to want to hire a finical planner and an accountant after a few wins. They kinda take some of the fun out of it but they will help you to create wealth. The other thing he adds is maybe after we have paid down our bills we might want to donate to charity.

He says he is giving back because he is going to let us in on the system. I hate to be the voice of reason, but your not giving back if you are charging for the system. Giving back is so very important to him, I’m not buying it. When you are making money from this system you are giving back nothing!

Robert Jackson, Is The Saint Behind The System

Robert is capping this at 200 sales well that’s what he says anyway. He claims he has already sold 138 @ $300 each and when he sells the last 62 at $147 he is done and the site comes down. So the $50K he made off of selling this system doesn’t count because he is such a saint.

Don’t forget the 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with this system for any reason at all he will happily return your money in full. Still trying to confirm it’s easy to get your money back.

Bottom Line

Just think about what you are about to do? You are going to buy a system for picking lottery numbers, say that out loud. Look, I would love to think this has a chance to work even with a 9.5% accuracy rate. But, I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago.

There is really no mention of how much you will need to spend to hit the lottery. It could be $50 a day or $500 a day we have no idea. I am going to be a party pooper and also the voice of reason. KEEP YOUR MONEY!

Just say it out loud again, you are buying a system that picks lottery numbers for $147. The other problem I have is the guarantee would we ever see our money again? I’m sorry I just can’t get behind this or any system that claims I am going to retire from hitting the lottery.

After hearing this I can’t believe I didn’t buy those magic beans. Haha just kidding if you want a real chance to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race there are better ways to do this. This line is directly out of their earnings disclaimer… “This software is for entertainment purposes only and makes no guarantees of actual wins.”


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