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Making Money Doing Online Surveys???

Now here is a great question, don’t you think??? I don’t know about you but I have tried everything. Including this. I can tell you that I get tons of e-mails asking me to sign up for more all the time.

If, nothing else I always have unread e-mails so that can make you feel pretty special…

So as I’m sure you have guessed this post is all about the wonderful? world of online survey’s.

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Online Surveys – What’s the Deal???

There are tons of places that claim you can make money doing online survey’s. You see them when your surfing the web, you see them in your e-mail, you even see them as advertisements on web-pages.

So what’s the real truth behind what seems like an easy way to make money? When, you look at these you will see “make up to $35 with online surveys”. “Earn extra cash doing online surveys”. “Join for FREE, $10 bonus when you sign up”. “Free gift cards for doing online surveys.

It goes on and on, so let’s dig in and see if this is the easy money that the claim it will be. There are many sites out there so here are some of them…

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Below is what I copied out of one of the many emails I get every day…

Survey Invitation

Hi Rick,
You’re invited to participate in a new survey! To maximize your chances of qualifying we highly recommend you take this survey as soon as possible.

Begin survey

Survey Name: Study 1393916 – Other

Length: 10 Minutes

Reward: $1.16



If you are unable to click the link above, you may copy and paste the link below into your browser to begin the survey:

This email was sent to {rickjd@} from XXXXX. To change the types of email you receive, you may update your email preferences.


 Build An Income From Online Surveys

There are a few things to look at here…

At the top of the invite, to maximize your chance of Qualifying we highly recommend you take this survey as soon as possible.

This is what I have been through so I can only report on my experience. There has been so many times I have answered some questions and it says this survey has been closed, or I don’t qualify. So this can take about 5 minutes or so to find out.

Well, can we agree that if you do 3 or 4 of these and get that message then you find one that you can do and is available. It says in the example above the survey takes about 10 minutes. You have now spent about a half hour to make a whopping $1.16 Yes!!! $1.16 in cold hard CASH!!!

Now if you sit in front of your computer and have your email open and just wait to get a new survey invitation, I bet you have a much better chance of the survey still being active. But even if you were to get into everyone you get and did them right away it still takes about 15 minutes to fully complete and the payout is still $1.16.

Just so we are clear some survey’s pay more I have seen some in the $2.00 to $3.00 range. Most times if they are a higher payout they take longer to complete some can take up to 45 minutes .

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You Might Ask…” Is Every Survey Site The Same “

The short answer is no, every site has their own thing. Some payouts are different, some you build up points that can later be redeemed for a gift cards or gifts. It all depends on which one or ones you sign up for.

Some you have opportunities to make money buying different products and or services, the biggest problem is when you get done you could end up spending more than what you make.

Of course some will redirect you to sign up for other offers so you really want to be careful when you sign up for any online surveys. At the very least pay attention when you are going through them.

Bottom line For Doing Surveys

If you decide that online surveys are something you

would like to try…Click Here!

What’s the Bottom Line…

You can make money from online surveys but some are better than others. If this is something you really want to try I suggest signing up for these (list below) and see what you think.

  • My Points (They are known for earning money from shopping and sign-ups, but they do have surveys for cash.)
  • SwagBucks (By doing surveys and tasks you earn SwagBucks that can be used for cash or gifts.)
  • My Survey (This is one of the more simple sites they have bigger payout surveys but they go fast so be on top of it.)
  • Ipsos iSay (This one is all about surveys, they are a market research company so the surveys are more specific.)
  • Vindale Research (They are more about surveys and less about signing up for different things.)

Online surveys are not only about surveys some want you to sign-up or shop online. There are a lot that put you in the merry-go-round of redirects and you just wish it would end. Of course once you are in it you feel like the next “click” could be what you were looking for so you just keep clicking.

My advice to you is if you decided to get into online surveys and get stuck in one of those merry-go-rounds just click your way out it will seem like an eternity and end up going no where. Just a quick hint…

So I really can’t say that online surveys are a scam because some you really can make a little money. Just be careful and watch what you are signing up for. If it looks like a SCAM and reads like a SCAM it’s most likely a SCAM!!!

It’s really up to you and how you would like to spend your free time. Are you going to get RICH doing online surveys “not likely”. I have to say it’s not my idea of fun free time, but only you can decide.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I can tell you more about my online survey experience…

If you would like to really make money online

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    1. Good luck to you whatever you decide.

      Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to ask…


  1. Amazing article. Without a doubt worth the read…I have been very hesitant about trying this and after reading this article I definitley think I’m going to try it out! Thank you!!

    1. Justin,

      I very glad that this helped you decide, I wish you all the luck. Just keep in mind that you want to stay on track. Stay with the surveys don’t get caught up in pop up adds, or other links that will take you away from your goal.


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