Michael Phelps And The Shark Scam

Michael Phelps vs Great White

All you saw was advertisements of Michael Phelps vs Great White Shark they even had the race during Shark week. People were talking about this everywhere. Different ideas on how this was going to happen, how dangerous it was going to be.

Why? would a successful guy like Michael Phelps risk his life for some promo, was it for the big bucks or the continued fame? People wondered how could this be done or even if it was possible. How could it be safe, would if something went horribly wrong.

What? No Real Shark – This Is A Scam!!!

So you got ready and made the popcorn, had your drinks poured and ready, everyone was in front of the TV eagerly awaiting the big event, the main bout on the card.

Michael Phelps vs Great White, Fake SharkThen 57 minutes into Discovery’s heavily promoted Shark week main event the news drops. Tristan Gutteridge an ecologist, one of the featured scientists on the show. Where Olympic’s record breaker and star of the chlorine waters was set to race the champion of the sea a Great White Shark.

Announced that “Clearly, we can’t put Michael in one lane and a White Shark on the far lane. We’re gonna have to do a simulation.”

Wait stop. This isn’t going to happen Michael Phelps was never going to actually race a shark live on TV. The show was called “Phelps vs Shark, Great Gold vs Great White”?! “Not Great Gold vs Great Computer”, Then there was an hour long special building up to this huge moment. Only to find out 57 mins into it, it was just a big SCAM!!!

Why? What Happened?

While this was built up for the last month or so, this was never really going to happen. I guess common sense would tell you that you can’t put a man in the open waters with a Great White Shark and think it’s a good idea.

Also, Phelps in the pre-show interviews assured everyone that he would not get into the open waters next to a Great White Shark and race it. He might be super fast in the water and with the special fin they made for him to make him even faster he’s still not that fast. He’s not going to swim for his life on TV.

Even with common sense (not everyone has it) many of the viewers were not at all pleased with this turn of events. Throughout the episode, people were glued to the TV and listened to Gutteridge and the team of scientists talk about collecting data about the swim speed of sharks.

They used this speed data they collected to create a computer-generated image of a shark that was racing. Then Michael Phelps would race against the CGI shark. This didn’t fly with the internet community this is what some said…

  • Cindy – YOU SAID HE WOULD FACE A SHARK, NOT A CGI SHARKGreat White vs Michael Phelps, Fake Shark
  • Meg – Call me crazy but I thought they were gonna put Phelps up against a real shark not a simulation, I feel robbed.
  • Jimmy – Should’ve called it Michael Phelps vs a Computer Generated Simulation, Huge letdown
  • Jerod – Waited an hour for Michael Phelps to race a CGI shark… Discovery is receiving a strongly worded letter fur sure.

Then the 100-meter race of the century was on, Phelps vs A Fake Shark…

He LOST, Michael Phelps LOST to a fake shark!!! (Michael Phelps 38.1 seconds – Fake Shark 36.1 seconds) After this happened the internet had more to say…

  • Jessica – IT WAS A FAKE SHARK. Phelps raced a fake shark, and lost. I feel cheated.
  • Casmier – We just wasted an hour waiting to see Michael Phelps swim against a computer generated shark, and lose.
  • James – Phelps vs Shark was essentially 58 minutes of fishing for sharks & 38 sec of Phelps in the water LOSING to a CGI Shark.
  • rmejia – Michael Phelps lost to a computer animated great white shark by 2 seconds…

Michael Phelps looked disappointed, but he was not surprised. Because earlier in the episode Phelps was watching the CGI Shark in the Olympic swimming pool, he knew his chances were thin. Sharks average speed is about 25 miles per hour and that is close to 4 times faster than Michael’s top speed.

They did make Michael a special wet suit and a fin for his feet to make the contest a little closer.

eaten alive discovery ChannelJust so you know this wasn’t the first time that Discovery pulled this. In 2014, they hyped that a man was going to be regurgitated by a giant snake the episode was called “Eaten Alive” but they never went through with the stunt, at that time the viewers were not happy.

I don’t know if the internet community will get over this. Next time Discovery has a crazy thing happening with animals you know there is going to be a twist.

I know this artiacle was off topic, but I thought it was funny enough to make it on the SCAM list. If you have any comments or questions on this or any Post please leave your comments below.

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  1. Hi Alyssa,

    Nice to see you back!!! I agree with you on all counts. If people had common sense, than they would have known that wasn’t going to happen. But, I see their point of being upset, discovery did sell it that way. The point I agree with the most is your last one. I wouldn’t get no where near a shark, fast swimmer or not!!!

    Thanks for stopping back see you again soon,

    All the best,


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