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My Millionaire Mentor – Who Really Ends Up With Millions

Hay folks how’s things been? As usual, I am combing the internet looking at different programs. I came across My Millionaire Mentor, I am going to give you the ins and outs of this system. They claim from the start you are going to be the next internet Millionaire.

That sounds just great I would love to see this be a reality. OK then, make sure you are ready to see where this system is going to take you. Go grab a drink and a snack it’s always nice to have a refreshment when your looking at being a millionaire.

Without any further delay we are going to jump right in and see what the deal is with My Millionaire Mentor – Who Really Ends Up With Millions?

  • Owner – Ryan Matthews (Doesn’t exist) Real Owner –  Matt Lloyd
  • Name – My Millionaire Mentor
  • Website –
  • Ranking – 3 out of 10 SCAMISH
  • Cost – $49 – Plus $19.95 monthly, Plus Up sells that will make your head spin.

The Owner – Ryan Matthews?

Let’s start this right from step one and that’s the owner, who is Ryan Matthews. Well as far as I can tell by doing a ton of research that I don’t believe that Ryan Matthews even exists. (red flag #1) Why would any legitimate company make up the owner? The domain name was purchased and registered in July 2017.

But, try to find information about Ryan Matthews, like I said I don’t believe he exists. The question is why come up with this elaborate story about Ryan Matthews. This is one of my biggest pet peeves it shows deception right out of the gate. Someone registered this domain so why not just be honest?

Later I found out that Matt Lloyd is the actual owner of this program of course he is also the owner of My Online Business Empire (MOBE), My Top Tier Business (MTTB) and My Millionaire Mentor.

The Millionaire Mentor – Sales Video

The second pet peeve of mine, Throwing out all the expensive fast cars, huge mansions, girls in bikinis and luxury yachts I don’t think they missed any. (red flag #2) This really gets my goat and I don’t even have a goat. But, it doesn’t stop there they roll right into the unrealistic claims of wealth. (red flag #3)Millionaire-Mentor-System

They show all these statements of people that have made anywhere between $10K up to $2 million+. Then lets not forget about the actors from Fiverr that add their fake testimonials. (red flag #4) You can do a little digging and find that these people sell these fake testimonials for like $5 each. Its actually pretty easy just look at their Fiverr profile.

This is just so frustrating, using these fake testimonials with outrageous income claims. They haveMy Millionaire Mentor Success or scam people on here saying I made this $25k+ in less than 3 1/2 weeks. Another made $10K in a day let me tell you my friends this is BS. Don’t let me forget that he is going to pay us $500 just for watching this video.

Then while they are really laying it on thick, they show in big print you will be making $1,250 to $5,500 A DAY! Before, I forget our narrator tells us how he has made $11.85 million in the last 2 years. Not only that he also shows us his new Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes SLS and finally his wives Porsche and for daily tasks her Mercedes SUV I think you get my point.

I have to add this he has his own personal Jet it’s on order. Don’t forget about the mansion right on the beach in California. Now I’m no math professor, but if you added up all the possessions he has bought in the last two years and mind you he claims he had nothing two years ago. $11 million wouldn’t even begin to be enough to have all of those items.

The Millionaire Mentor – Is The System Real

Ryan has become so successful that he wants to share his success with us. What a great guy? He has put all the information he has, and wrapped it into this system that you can make this unrealistic amount of money starting day one. Now if that’s not enough to get your blood pumping you only need to work 45 mins. to an hour a day. (red flag #5)

I hate to be the bad guy here, but this is an honest review. Claims of wealth on top of claims of working only an hour a day is just not going to happen. To make money on the internet or any other way for that matter you have to put in the work. They might just as well sell us the magic beans so we can climb up the stalk and get the golden goose.

Ryan, explains that this is a proven breakthrough in teaching people the inside information on how to become a millionaire. The thing he must have forgotten to clue us in on is who proved it? This system has nothing to do with MLM Multi-Level-Marketing, no pyramid, and no home parties. This is supposed to make us money for 5, 10 even 30 years from now. This can be passed down to your kids and even your kids kids.

Now if this doesn’t tell you that this is not legit I don’t know what will he claims he just put this video up yesterday (First lie) and that he only has fifty spots open and only 7 left. (Second lie) I have been digging through this system for almost a week and the video hasn’t changed.

The Millionaire Mentor – What Are We Selling

The great thing is we don’t have to sell anything, their team of millionaires are doing the selling for us. Why would that be hard to believe? Only the private members can make the $5K a day that’s what we about to become. This is totally safe there is no way to lose money. It’s totally legal, ethical, and moral. I have serious doubts about that. Also, you have to buy into the level to get the millionaires to sell for you.

The Millionaire Mentor – More Than Meets The Eye

This sounds like it’s a funnel for another system out there called MOBE, it was created by Matt Lloyd. What really is going on here is this Ryan Matthews has something to do with the MOBE system and is using this cheesy video to get people to his funnel. Then you will be sent to the MOBE site to register.

With some digging this is how I see this, although there is no mention of MOBE or MTTB system. Once you put in your email address you are taken to the MOBE, MTTB system to pay the $49. Now
don’t think for a minute that’s all the cost, there are many up sells and it looks like there is also a recurring monthly cost involved.Millionaire-Mentor-System

MOBE, My Online Business Education, formerly My Online Business Empire. Would be like the master site now even though I told you he said this is not a MLM (Multi-level-marketing) well he is not very trustworthy. So once, you pay the $49 you get the 21 step system, you then own the rights to sell the system.

Now, you get to be Ryan and do the same thing. It’s all about the old pyramid, you get the rights then turn around and get others to buy the rights and do the same thing then when the person you signed up gets someone else to sign up you get an override for that sale.

The thing that keeps this barely on the side of legal is you are actually selling a product. But, make no mistake this is basically the old pyramid scheme. Think about it really all they care about is recruiting someone else to sell the program but they are only interested in the override.

The Millionaire Mentor – Are People Happy With The System

Once you realized you bought a 21 step system that boils down to just selling the same product how happy do you think you would be. Well, your not alone there are plenty of complaints to be found on the internet of people that are less than happy. You can find some of the negative reviews on the site called Ripoff Report.

The other thing is they are not the only site that is promoting MOBE, I know there is more out there, but here are two I know of… Automated Daily Income, Cash with Matt. Here is an example of what people are saying. (To be fair sometimes people that don’t succeed will leave a bad review)

The millionaire mentor Scam Or Not

The Millionaire Mentor – Bottom Line

I know you guys are here because we are all looking for the same thing. We are looking to make money online. The thing is we need to be smart about it. Can you make money with this system the answer is Yes. That Yes comes with a little explanation, there is an actual product and you can sell it so you can make money.

The real question is can you make the money they are talking about? We saw claims of over $11 million in two years, over $25K in 3 1/2 weeks, it’s not gonna happen! There are many up sells that go along with this program and if you want access to the higher commissions you have to buy into the MOBE Certified Programs the prices of those are above.

We have read about unrealistic claims of income, only 45 to 60 minutes a day unrealistic, Ryan doesn’t exist, all the nonsense of the cars, boats, mansions, and money. All I care about is not seeing you guys lose your hard-earned money. This is not the program for you, way too many Red Flags. I don’t see anything about letting us take a free look, like I say if someone is willing to do that they must have a pretty good product.

I almost forgot all about the $500 for watching the video. I’m sure you figured out that they are not going to send a check for $500. What they do is pretend that they are taking it off the price so they are suggesting that it sells for $549 but with the $500 they owe us you pay $49.



This is why I promote Wealthy Affiliates I have been scammed in the past more than once. This is why I decided to start this website. I don’t want to see anyone lose their money and get their hopes up only to be disappointed and broke! I made such a great decision when I signed up for WA I just want everyone to know about it.

You will succeed with WA if you put in the work and follow the program step by step. When, I started I was hesitant but soon my fears were put to rest. The thing is you really have nothing to lose trying WA. It’s FREE to join and you don’t need a credit card. I even recommend WA to my mother trust me I wouldn’t do that if it was a scam. She would kill me maybe not kill but you get what I mean… haha

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I would love to hear from anyone that tried this program. Just pull your Lamborghini or Rolls Royce over before using your phone.


All the best,



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