My Online Dream Biz - Dream Or Nightmare

My Online Dream Biz – Dream Or Nightmare

We have done a bunch of reviews here at Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Not. I really enjoy digging into a new system hitting the internet by storm. The only thing is, that a lot of these systems are not going crazy they are made to look like they are. Wouldn’t it be nice to click on one of these ads get into theMy Online Dream Biz - Dream Or Nightmare system and make money just like they claim.

As we have seen so far there are mixes, some scams, some good opportunities, and some are a roll of the dice. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy testing and researching programs. I do this because, the bottom line is I like to help people. Nothing makes me happier than someone telling me thank god I read your reviews.

I just wanted you to know what motivates me and why I do what I do. Thank you for giving me a moment to just let you know and to Thank You for being here! OK, back to the reason you came to this page in the first place. Let’s find out what’s the deal with, My Online Dream Biz – Dream Or Nightmare?

  • Name – My Online Dream Biz
  • Website –
  • Owner – Jason Moore???
  • Cost – $499 it’s really $79 (If you try to click off the page you will get $20 off)
  • Guarantee – 60 Day Money Back

What Triggered This Review

You guys that have been here before most likely know I find a lot things in my email to review. This time I just happened to be searching around and came across, My Online Dream Biz. I stopped My Online Dream Biz - Dream Or Nightmarebecause on the ad page they say I am going to get $400 when the video ends. Right off the bat I didn’t understand so I had to find out more.

The claim is, learn how to make $3000 to $6000 a month part-time from your home. Not only that but the statement, get paid to watch this informative video. I figured what the heck plus I get to dig in and see what I can find out. So the video starts out saying, you see this copy button, now you see these 4 one hundred dollar bills.

So I think it’s going to be a wise crack and he is going to say just copy them. No, that was not it he is going to show us how we can copy his system and start making money as soon as this video ends.

My Online Dream Biz – What Kept Me Interested

After that the $400 came back into play. I found out that I am getting paid $1 for every second I watch this video up to $400. We all can figure out by this point there is going to be a catch at the end. That’s kinda the fun part for me I can’t wait to see what’s coming.My Online Dream Biz - Dream Or Nightmare

Now as he said earlier he is going to show us how to make between $3K and $6K a month. Not only that but he is also going to show us how to up that to $3K to $6K a day! (red flag #1 unreal income potential) There is a catch you can’t click away from the page. At the end of the 400 seconds he is going to tell us how to claim the $400.

Now he pulls out the screen shot of all the income he has made for the month of February 2017, $194,951 that’s on average of $7000 a day. (still red flag #1) He does have a disclaimer, he says you won’t make that out of the gate. It took him almost a year to get to $7K a day but, he is still claiming $3K to $6K a month right after the video is done.

My Online Dream Biz – What Do We Have To Do

The great part is you don’t have to quit your job. Because, it’s only going to take you 45 minutes a day. (red flag #2) This is not multi level marketing, network marketing, no expensive franchise, and nothing new or unproven. What we need to do is not hard at all and it’s not risky at all.

This is just an elegantly simple and rewarding online business that you will own. His claim is we can make more money in 4 hours of work than you can working a 40-hour work week. This is a copy and paste online money getting system. (red flag #3) He tells us his story at least it was different from the usual, I was dead broke and down to my last $27.

Jason actually says he had a good career making good money as a pharmacist. Jason tells us he just wanted more, so he put together a list of what he wants in a job and what he doesn’t. Then he started looking on the internet for something that matches all of his do’s and don’t list.

What makes this opportunity so different from others on the internet is you don’t need…

  • A Website
  • No Products or Services
  • No Start Up Capitol
  • No Experience

Your not going to get one your going to get five new, easy, and proven profit streams that you can tap into immediately. Why? Would you share this, Jason is sharing this because he gets a big thrill by watching people from all over the world “hit it big.”

Oh ya, he also worked out a way to be nicely compensated for setting people up in this business. Well lets give him a little bit of credit for admitting that.
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My Online Dream Biz – What Am I Getting

  • Instant Access to the Members Area
  • Access to 5 income streams
  • Step By Step Videos How To Use The 5 Income Streams

What do I get when I’m in the member’s area?

  • Instant access to My Online Dream Biz
  • The, My Online Dream Biz, training videos
  • Checklist for each of the five income streams
  • Free monthly video update
  • Full lifetime access to My Online Dream Biz member site.

Remember way back in the beginning when Jason said he was giving us $1 a second? We knew there was going to be a catch. You didn’t think he was going to send us a check? The cost of the program is $499 but we have our $400 coming to us so he is just going to give it to us for $99.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t going to buy it now where is my $400? I will write him an email later. Oh wait there is a bonus. A FREE One-On-One 30-Minute Fast-Start Phone Consultation with one of our top “My Online Dream Biz” Success Advisors. OK, this means someone is going to call you and try to get you to buy their up sells.

See if you wait long enough or read till the end they always come through with some other deal. This one is they will give you a $250 savings card. This card in case you don’t know (I didn’t) gives you a certain percentage off from different stores until you save $250.

My Online Dream Biz 

My Online Dream Biz - Dream Or Nightmare

I wish I had some more real details on this Dream Biz, but they are not letting much out. It sounds like another Link Posting Deal. Here’s what’s going on a bunch of these small companies are getting systems off of affiliate sites. This one is a little difficult to tell because they have their own check-out page.

Anyway, again were sitting here with 3 red flags. The claims of large profits within minutes after starting the program. Only have to work 45 minutes a day if you feel like working. Last for us most likely not for them, copy and paste that to me sounds like link posting.

Personally I would pass there are much better programs out there. There are 2 that come to mind right off the bat and that’s. Wealthy Affiliate & ClickFunnels these 2 programs have a ton of value and you can sign up to either one or both of these FREE no credit card required.

So you look at the difference neither of these 2 promise any results, get-rich-quick nonsense, no you only work 10 mins every other day BS. What they will say is if you put the work in run your website like the business that it is. The big things are follow the training and put in the work and you will see success!

Thank you for visiting my site! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. If you have anything you would like reviewed leave it below in the comments and I will get on it.

All the best,



  1. Thank you for your review, it saved me $79. I had a feeling it was bunk and now you just confirmed it. Again Thank you.
    Also thank you for the two websites that do what they say w/o asking for money up front. I’m not afraid of work but I do like to know how I’m supposed to do it if I have no training in it and these two sites you given, you say will do that. I’m off to try them out and see how I do.
    Again Thank you.

    1. Evelyn, Thanks for the visit and your comment. I’m glad I could help, I have been through what seems like every scam in the book. That’s why I started this site. I hate that these people make money by deception.

      I left you with Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank because they have true value. If, you are looking to build a website and sell your product or if you don’t have a product of your own. You can sign up for affiliate programs, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.(They will show you how to get started with everything)

      The training is step by step and very easy to follow. The community is second to none, you have help 24/7 365. If, your looking for something a little different you can build funnels. Start with the 100 Day Challenge FREE and you will get all the information and training to build money making funnels.

      You can check out my series on the 100 Day Challenge This will give you a very good idea of what you will learn.

      Please come back here and just leave me a note, if you need any help. And if you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, look me up I will be there. If you sign up through my link I will find you. Whatever you decide I wish you nothing but success!

      Thanks again for the visit, come back anytime always adding new content.

      All the best,


        1. Hi Kathy Thanks for the visit and the comment,

          I am so glad that this site helped you keep your hard earned money! My top recommendations are Wealthy Affiliate and ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp. Both have 100% FREE no credit card required sign up. The great thing about these two besides both being great programs. Is that you try before you buy, that’s important if they are willing to do that they must be pretty confident in their program.

          I also want to let you know that I have reviews on both that will explain further. That way you will know the difference between the two.

          Wealthy Affiliate – Link to page –

          !00 Day Bootcamp – Link to page –

          Thanks again Kathy! Please, come by anytime!

          All the best,


  2. Thank you. I thought the $400 was suppose to be to get services from this site because I knew Jason wasn’t going to give people that high payment. I want to thank you for not paying the $79 to sign up. Thank you for all your advice and honest review(s).

    1. Kevin thanks for the visit and the comment!

      This tactic is becoming used more and more, I get its a ploy to get us to watch the video. But, its really not what I would call honest. The other thing with programs like this, besides the red flags is they always have upsells. These upsells are not cheap they can run into the thousands of dollars.

      The biggest thing that bothers me about these programs is people get their hopes up. They buy the program then they get hit for the upsells then they don’t make a dime.

      I’m glad you stopped by before buying into this. There are some very good programs out there and I am happy to say that I do endorse them. My first choice is Wealthy Affiliate everything you need to know to set up your own online business.

      The second is ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp a different way to make money online with the use of funnels instead of a niche website. Both of these programs are so confident in what they offer, they both are Free to sign up and no Credit Card needed.

      Wealthy Affiliate –
      100 Day Bootcamp –

      These are the links to my reviews, so if you get some time check them out.

      I want to thank you again Kevin, for stopping by and I am so glad you enjoy the reviews!

      All the best,


  3. Thank you for the information. Do you know of other scam-free ways to legitimately earn a $40,000 or better annual salary remotely through your computer? I am a stay at home mom looking for a way to help my kids with college loans while not being tied down to an 8-5 job. Frustrated with all the scams! I know there have to be opportunities for this these days without scams.

    1. Susan, thanks for stopping by and for the comment…

      Well Susan I am so glad you asked. I have had my fair share of scams and that’s why I started this site. I have 2 that I really like and are 100% not scams.

      My first pick is Wealthy Affiliate – They have the complete package. They have all the training you need and its all step by step. Great Community have a question just ask someone will answer! The best part is you can sign up for FREE no credit card required. Here is the link to my review.

      My second pick is ClickFunnels 100 Day Bootcamp – They also have the complete package. Its a different system with ClickFunnels you learn how to make money with Funnels. It gives you an option. The Bootcamp is also FREE no credit card needed. I have been doing a series on this Bootcamp were up to Update 6 so you have a lot to read up on if you would like. Here is the link to the first update.

      If you are not afraid to put the work in and follow the training you will succeed! Remember both of these are FREE to sign up for and you get the full experience before you spend a dime. The other bonus with Wealthy Affiliate is there are NO Upsells none zero! There is only (2 memberships Free and Premium)

      If you would like read the reviews and if you have any questions either leave a comment or email me direct at…

      Again thanks Susan for the visit and the comment!

      All the best,


  4. I too am looking for a legitimate business to work at home. I am handicapped and would like to find a way to earn money from home and take all the responsibility off my husband’s shoulders. I would like to earn money without going on gov’t disability. I am currently trying Secure-Job-Position (Rory Ricort), but it is just confusing me getting set up. Not only do you have an initial cost, but you have a cost to get set up with their forms for making money, and a monthly fee. I haven’t been charged yet, but they say you won’t be charged until you start making money and a 60 day money back guarantee. Didn’t like the monthly fee idea. I am limited on my computer skills because I have been raising kids for 17 years. Can you help me see what this is all about? Thanks! Susan

    1. Hello Susan thanks for stopping by and for the question,

      If I am looking at the right program, Secure Job Position. Secure Job Position is a link posting scam. They use a sob story to get you pulled in. They also use logos from well known news sites, thats all fake none of those sites ever backed this program and they never will.

      I am going to do a full Review on this program, the site was opened in 2017, its a reboot of other sites. They get caught then they change the name and resell the same program under a different name over and over.

      Be careful they will start trying to get you to buy their upsells, they will say if you are confused when you buy the upsells it will explain everything.

      Don’t fall for it, its just more BS to try to take advantage of you. I have to say its pretty difficult to get into a program that doesn’t have a monthly fee. You can get into Wealthy Affiliate for free no credit card.

      At least you can try before you buy. But, I will be honest with you if you want to really excel you will need to go premium. With premium you get access to everything every training and so much more. You also get full access to the community.

      Its the number one community on the web. We all have your back if you have any questions just ask.

      I hope this helps, if you have any more questions please add to this comment. Or you would like you are welcome to email me at

      All the best,


      The other thing I should mention is you don’t need any high tech computer skills the training is all step by step with videos. You can actually see what you need to do before you do it.

  5. Rick, thank you for the informative review. I’ve been looking for a way to make a small amount of money online that is easy and simple. Unfortunately, that is not always an easy thing to find. I watched the video of and the one thing that struck me was they never told you what you were going to be doing to make money. All they told you was they were going to give you five streams of income. They were also very sneaky about giving you the cost of the program. Your review brought up all the red flags about this program which should give anyone a chance to pause and think about that they are getting themselves into. Thanks again for the important advise you’re providing people about not only this product but other similar products as well. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Larry,

      Thanks for the visit and for the comment, I am very happy that my reviews are helpful. It makes it all worth wild when I know that I am helping people.

      It is hard to tell exactly what you need to do to make any money with this system. I can’t get behind a program that hides things, if they won’t just come out and say this is what you are going to need to do. Hiding things is just not the way to instill confidence.

      As far as the cost, it is $79 for 6 months if you go to close the tab it gives you $20 off the $99 price. Now I don’t believe that is the end of your spending. Programs like this just love upsells.

      I have my number one pick Wealthy Affiliates, its my #1 pick for a host of reasons. Starting with you can sign up for FREE no CC required. This allows you to try out the system, build 2 websites and see if its something you would like to do.

      This is a no BS step by step system that many people have used to make a full time income. Here is the link to my review for WA that will give you the whole scope of the program.

      Thank you again Larry for stopping by my site, I really appreciate your kind words.

      All the best,


  6. Here’s what I received when I signed up for the webinar I haven’t even watched yet. When I clicked on the link to Jason’s webinar, I heard him mention his wife Lauren…check this out – I got this a couple of hours ago 10-19-2017 @1:17PM PST
    Lauren Dragon must be his wife sending this email to me thanking me for my $97 purchase…HUH? I don’t recall buying anything for $97 and then she includes this link tO Jason’s webinar

    Dear, Patricia, Thank You For Your Purchase!

    Lauren Dragon via
    1:06 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    Hey, Patricia!

    We are confirming your order
    with the below details:

    – Order Date: 10/19/2017
    – Order Amount: $97.00
    – Discount: ($97.00)
    – Amt Charged: $0.00

    Your purchase is ready here:

    >> Get purchase < Download NOW
    36 Whittier ST
    Portland ME 04103

    Since I was upset I googled how to report scam emails and found this link for anyone else who feels they’ve been scammed.

    1. Hello Patricia and Welcome to my site,

      Thanks for your comment, I have to ask did you put your credit card in? The program was $79 at the time I did this review. So I don’t know if they went up or stopped the $20 discount or maybe you didn’t click out enough times to get the discount.

      The $20 discount does still work, and don’t think your going to see any of that $400 they use it as a ploy to say he is taking $400 off the price. My thing is I don’t want to buy, I still watched the video to the end I want my $400… haha, guess what its not going to happen and I am not waiting by the mailbox.

      I still say pass on this its a link posting scheme, they never work out well! Also, if you get charged just for looking that’s real BS, not sure how that would happen but I don’t put anything past these people.

      I hope for your sake you didn’t get charged, but if you did we can see how well the refund policy works out. I am already worried to see how that goes, if you did get charged please let us know how the refund goes if you choose to get out.

      If you are looking to make money online I stand by my #1 pick and that is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a training not a get rich quick program.

      If you follow the training you will succeed, you will also get the help of the biggest and best community of like minded people on the internet! They don’t make nonsense promises because they don’t have too.

      I wish you nothing but success no matter what you choose to do!

      Thanks again for the visit and the comment.

      All the best,


  7. Oh boy,,,, by the way, “go wild” I can affirm that not ONE , right, read that again NOT ONE of the online marketing schemes works to your benefit, I have checked, and purhased half a dozen, including, SEND EMAILs, and Send Post Cards and after doing all the set ups, with GoDaddy, Go Pro, JMailer Pro, Web Hosting, and several other emailing programs, I have yet to see even ONE of them make any money, all claims to the affirmative are contrary to fact. FICtion. Now I have enough material, and receipts to write a novel Novel on Preying on the Needy U… I have been on SS and carefully budget my expenditures, including and understanding the Risk factor…NEVER pay money for any program that offers exceedingly high returns above common sense and rational work . Believe it, the money is not with ONLINE schemes, it might be better to go buy a lotto ticket.. oh yes, I even purchased Lotto Dominator,,, fantastic luck to hit six jackpots… I would like to see that happen once. Anyway, you are doing a good service. Keep it clean and honest, Maybe the good people will reward you in some tangible manner in the future.

    1. Thanks Walter for stopping by and for your comment!

      I completely agree with you, when you see a program that guarantees huge returns with little to no work “just say no.” This is what kills me, they target people that need money or are looking for a job. We want to believe these are true and money can be made. But, we need to keep things in perspective. Is someone really going to sell a program for $49 that will create a 6 or 7 figure income with little to no work?

      The answer is simple, NO! That’s why I can feel 100% comfortable recommending Wealthy Affiliate. It’s FREE to try and no credit card is needed. Wealthy Affiliate let’s you try before you buy. Here is a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review give it a read and see what you think.

      Thank you again Walter, for your comment. Check out WA it might be just what you are looking for. Please let me know what you think.

      All the best,


  8. Thank you Rick for your review. Being in the same Profession I almost went for it. Have you done any reviews for Anik Singal Lurn?

    It’s expensive but seems legit.
    And I will definitely check out your leads!
    Rosy K

    1. Hey Rosy,

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!

      I am going to check that out and see what they have to offer. I am actually on a road trip from CT to Nevada (moving there). So I have been behind, but starting Tuesday I’m back! I will be in Nevada starting a new chapter!!!

      Anyway, I want to thank you for stopping by. It makes me happy when I can stop people from losing there hard earned money! Wealthy Affiliate is really the way to go, its amazing training at a reasonable price. The great thing is you can try it out for FREE! It’s hard to come by any that let you try before you spend any money.

      Give Wealthy Affiliate a try, you have nothing to lose. But you have a lot to gain!

      All the best,


  9. I’ve watched the full video, and I’m wondering on how amuch I goingredients to receive the $400.00 from watching that video???

    1. Hello Jonathan,

      Thanks for the visit and the comment,

      Unfortunately this is just a ploy to get you to waste your time. Although we know no one is going to give us $400 for watching a video. Most of us are going to be curious as to how this works. We just need to remember you never get something for nothing!

      Well almost never, with Wealthy Affiliate they have a FREE membership that you will learn more from than most packages you pay for. (No Credit Card Needed) So forget about looking for the free money give WA a shot you have nothing to lose.

      All the best,


  10. This is Online Dream Biz is not as advertised. I have a close friend that paid into this. She is putting in the time with very little return. Do not buy into this. She is out has money and time now. Scammers suck!

    1. Hello Shereen and thanks for the comment!

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Scammers Do Suck! I hate to see good people lose their hard earned money. What I hate even more is that you get excited, work a system, only to find out you have been scammed! I hope your friend hasn’t given up, if they are still looking for training that can show them how to build a successful online business. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try, it’s free to sign up.

      You can give WA a test drive for free no credit card required. If you like what you see you can sign up for the premium membership and that’s it, no up-sells. Your going to get the most up to date training, weekly live trainings, and the biggest online community of like minded people that are there to help.(That’s only the beginning) It’s just a thought, I wish you and your friend nothing but success!

      Thanks Again, for stopping by and sharing your friends story…

      All the best,


    1. Hello Sherry,

      My number one pick is Wealthy Affiliate, there are so many great things about this training. It’s always up to date, live video training every week, the biggest and best online community on the web. Ask the community a question the average response time is less than 2 minutes.

      Let’s say you don’t think that’s enough well there is more much more, you can talk to the founders of the company. Oh ya, it’s FREE to try you can remain a FREE member for as long as you like. If, you like what you see you can sign up for a premium membership and that’s it your all in. No crazy up-sells, no more training to buy, everything you need to build a successful online business for one low monthly price or save a bunch and pay for the year.

      There is another training that I also like just not as much as Wealthy Affiliate, and that’s ClickFunnel 100 Day Affiliate Boot Camp. There is more training that you might find yourself needing. But, the 100 Day Challenge itself is free. Following that training helped me gain a bunch of ideas.

      I still would recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate join for FREE and see what you think. Thanks again for the visit and the question! If, you have any more questions about either program please just ask.

      I wish you nothing but Success!

      All the best,


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