My Super Affiliate Mentor

My Super Affiliate Mentor – Just Another Pocket Picker?

  • Program Name – My Super Affiliate Mentor
  • Website – MySuperAfiliateMentor.Com
  • Price – Was $397 Now Just $37 (plus up sells high priced up sells)
  • Owner – Misha Wilson
  • Rating – 3 out of 10 (I would recommend walking away from this one.)

My Super Affiliate Mentor

I was looking through my emails again and came across My Super Affiliate Mentor – Just Another Pocket Picker? It looked a little interesting so I decided it was worth a look. Let’s dive on in and see if My Super Affiliate Mentor is a program you can live off of or just another Pocket Picker.

So it starts with the good old sales page. It really doesn’t have too much hype on it until you scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page there is a picture of a sweet older lady saying this program changed her life. It set her free, in the first 2 months she made over $10K (red flag #1 unreal income potential)

She also says, Misha has found and filled all the gaps that the other programs are missing. She goes on to say that anyone that wants to make real money online, this system is right up your alley. We are going to find out if there is any truth to those claims and see if My Super Affiliate Mentor is just another pocket picker.

What Are Some Of The Claims

  • Drop In Price $397 to $37
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Real 24/7 Support
  • 100% Risk Free
  • They Will Allow You To Cash 4 to 6 Checks Every Week

My Super Affiliate MentorNow we are not allowed to share this information, but we’re among friends so I trust you guys not to say anything. So if, anyone asks just say you have no idea what they are talking about. (haha) I hope your sitting down because they have a special gift just for us. (I can hardly wait)

We just don’t understand how lucky we are to be getting this special gift that is going to add money to our bank account. Now wait we must hurry because if we don’t act now this video could be gone in the next 5 to 10 minutes. (I am going to ease your mind it’s been up for at least a week straight so don’t worry too much)

Why Do We Need To Hurry

These free gifts are going so fast and they might be gone if we hesitate. So if we could just pay attention for just a few minutes we will find out what everyone wants to know. (How could everyone want to know if this is such a big secret) OK, *WARNING* this information is so controversial and you will find out why.

We are going to see this sensational video that has all the confidential secrets. No one else can know My Super Affiliate Mentorabout these confidential secrets, it’s just for us to know. The information that she is about to share can’t leave this web page. We can’t record this video, tell anyone about this video, and don’t you dare post this to Facebook!

Just so you know it’s OK this time to be greedy, cause this can change your life forever. This system is going to make us thousands of dollars a day, money anytime you want. My Super Affiliate Mentor is going to not only make you thousands a day but your only going to have to work at the most 20 mins a day. (red flag #2 unrealistic amounts of time)

This is the same system she used to go from rock bottom to the top of the world. Guess what we are going to be able to use this system for FREE! (OK, I will believe this when I see it) She insists it’s 100% FREE and because we were invited here it’s Free Lifetime Access. (wait till she finds out we were not invited)

Lifetime Free Access

That’s right we can login anytime we want for life, and make life changing money. (still red flag #1) She has been using this system to make large amounts of money for years now. You can trust her that this system is as beginner-friendly as it gets. (we don’t know who she is but we should trust her, why wouldn’t we trust her? )

As a matter a fact beginners have an edge, because they aren’t scared to take risks that the experts would avoid. She is getting real with us, it takes a lot of courage to make money online so if you have no courage leave now! Because big earners take risks! If your not willing to take risks play it safe and stay in your low paying job.

Millionaire’s Take Risks

Millionaires take risks you will find millionaires taking long vacations and not worrying about a 9 to 5 job. There are no million dollar ideas, there are only million dollar executions. Big earners live big, the average Joe stops being average. They have to make exceptional changes, nothing changes unless you change it.

She even goes into where there is Big Money to be earned there are also Scams. You know the ones the fake gurus have been pushing for years. You know the type the “miracles” where you pay a ton of money and you end up getting a run down PDF file teaching you BS methods that just don’t work. (nice try throwing us off the track)

She says this is why she likes beginners, because they haven’t been tainted by those worthless pieces of crap. Of course the other thing is they don’t know all the tricks these scammers use. I’m guessing she is not going to like us very much when all is said and done.

***No Matter What System You Use Keyword Research Needs To Be Your Best Friend***

Putting Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

First she is not going to ask for a dime of our profits. (if this is all free and she doesn’t want our money why not just give us access and end this BS infomercial) She is betting that we will be successful. She has an answer for everything, the reason she won’t let everyone in is because she will have a bunch of losers who won’t take action. Just waste her time (these statements just don’t sit right with me)

Why would she care if we don’t take action, if we could be an easy millionaire and we do nothing with her program why would it hurt her? She is going to cover 99% of the cost that we would need to pay to run her system. She will cover the costs right out of her pocket (red flag #3 no one is going to sell a program then pay any expenses out of their own pocket.)

Well maybe I am wrong she is willing to do that because when we make money then she makes money. Now all we have to do is watch the rest of this video and she is going to explain everything. This is the only shot we will most likely ever get at the remarkable money making opportunity. (we already know she would never lie to us so don’t worry)

Now when she says stop and take action JUST DO IT! Don’t worry she is going to be with us every step of the way. Here we go now she is going to show us her actual bank balance right now it’s at $151,858.44 this was all made in just 90 days. This was not actually her bank account it is one of her past students

This is the same ploy every other BS system tries to make us swallow the next bank balance was $224,089.52. The good thing is she wants us to be skeptical, because we should want cold hard proof. Don’t worry though she is going to give us this proof. (please don’t hold your breath)

Glad We Are Skeptical

Let’s face it, if we are smart and skeptical we are going to be even more impressed when we put all this money in our pockets. Just talking about all this money is not enough. Seeing is believing! So hold on to your seat are you ready to see how much your going to earn today?

Also, how your going to do it. Well because we have been invited here (remember we were not invited) it’s her job to show us how it works. She is going to show us how to login for FREE. She finally tells us her name Tonya Christensen, although she is a wealthy woman now, she is not a celebrity (we know that we never heard of her)

You can breathe a sigh of relief because she is not doing this to sell us anything. She was from a poor family and assumed she would be poor all her life. But, then she found the gold rush from the internet. We can still take advantage of that gold rush today. She didn’t have to work hard because the system was given to her by a friend already set up.

Claims Of Wealth With No Work

She got this system from her good friend Misha she is not going to give us his last name for his privacy. She claims we can Google him but when I did nothing comes up except some UFC fighters and a movie star. Then she shows another bank statement from a checking account that has $1,403,189.00 in it. (just BS numbers this is not proof of anything)

Now Misha wanted to share this system with at least 100 people but not more than 1000. It turns out that with those numbers he would deliver maximum profits. Those numbers outlined the magic range to make the most money from this system. That’s why you will make money because they will be in that magic number.

You don’t need to worry because they tested this and it works. (what the heck would we expect her to say) When she tells us to click the button, we need to do it and sign up there are only a few spots left. She is also going to show us how to log into the system and in days make money. Don’t be surprised if in 90 days you are making a video to tell her how much you made.

She shows us a bunch of claims that these people made a bunch of money in 90 days and didn’t have to do any work. (red flag #4, do nothing make a lot, doesn’t work that way) She goes on to say making as much money as she did was scary it felt illegal. Then we move on to fancy cars and big houses. (red flag #5 showing all this fancy purchases)My Super Affiliate Mentor

How Much Do You Want

The more money she made the more she wanted to make sure she wasen’t doing something illegal. Even though, Misha said it wasn’t illegal she hired 2 legal teams to cross-check everything. (give me a break) Don’t worry you won’t have to do the same because the 2 legal teams found it to be 100% legal and ethical. (again, what would you expect her to say)

This system is boarder line charitable, and this system makes the world a better place. This is such a great system because your making money by getting others what they want. You can make anywhere between $100,000 and $1million a year you get paid directly from her team. (use of these words make it sound scarier)

This system is fully automated, done for you system. (red flag #4) She took care of all the complicated stuff and you will find this very easy. She has personally brought in 100’s of people andevery one of them make 6 or 7 figures of passive income almost instantly. (no work equals no money) It only takes 20 minutes a day to make hundreds of thousands a year. (red flag #4)

You must sign up today because today is the last day. (funny because it’s said the same thing all week every day was the last day) She goes onto say that she has showed us proof, she means the videos of the testimonials that

My Super Affiliate Mentor

are made perfectly it’s really very hard to believe they are real. (that’s because they are all set-ups)

Oh ya she also tells us not to worry about how it works, we let her worry about that. Just so you know it costs $15K a month just to keep My Super Affiliate Mentor running. Now I hope you have your boots on cause it’s going to get deep in here. She claims that some millionaires offered to pay them $20K upfront and $1K a month for this system.

They turned them down Tonya is not upset she turned them down. She promised Misha she would only let people that need the money get in. Tonya added she dosen’t care because she is already rich she doesn’t need the $20k she doesn’t need the money at all after all she is a millionaire, and she does it because she wants to help the poor. (BS)

She ended up selling it for $2k and $100 a month and it sold like crazy. Misha was mad because he wanted the regular guy to afford it. So she went back and crunched the numbers came up with $997, but something was wrong she just didn’t feel right.

She doesn’t need the money and she doesn’t care if she loses money because heck she is making millions of dollars anyway. So you can get the whole system for just one payment of $37 yes just $37! This is like the cost of a tank of gas are you really going to give up 6 or 7 figures a year for the price of a tank of gas? This is what you will be getting…

  • The Entire Businesses
  • The Coaching
  • The Team
  • The Automation
  • The Support
  • The Experience
  • The Direct Wires To Your Bank

Now she decides to tell us that we are a moron if we don’t get in for the $37. That’s a hell of a way to get people to buy your system just tell them they are stupid. Oh ya, you don’t need to worry because you are going to get a 100% guarantee. If you don’t make $100K in 90 days she is going to jump in and help you. (that’s if you could ever find her)

She has the moron-proof guarantee if in 60 days you don’t like the system you can get your $37 back. When, you sign up you are going to get a welcome phone call what she doesn’t tell you is this is where they will get you to buy into the up sells or at least try to get you to buy. (who knows if we would ever see the refund, and they have our personial information pretty scary)

The Bottom Line – The Super Affiliate Network

My Online Dream Biz - Dream Or NightmareAs you can see the name above is a little different than we started with. That is because they don’t tell you the whole truth. I think most people figured that out already. The bottom line to this program is you are selling the same thing you just bought into. The problem with programs like this is it is very expensive to get in and make any real money.

Of course, they say your getting in for free we just need you to pay a small fee so they know you are serious. That’s complete BS first off if you never do anything with the program they don’t lose any money. Second if your going to give it away like they claim then just give it away!

This program is set up as a 4 tier buy in…

  • Basic Membership
  • Annual Membership
  • Plus Membership
  • VIP Membership

You start the program with the very basic membership. But, that’s all the commission you can make by selling this. Its just like another review I did a while back you might remember it was called Aspire. Just like with Aspire you can only collect commissions up to the level you bought into.

To make the big bucks you would have to buy all the way up to the VIP membership. That level alone is going to set you back $1,997 not just a one time payment that’s per year! Let’s say that’s chump change for you well you could buy into the top of the line for just one payment of $9K yes that’s right $9,000.00. They call this their Diamond Coaching Program.

They set you up with a coach to see if you can dump a $9K program on your family and friends. Let’s be honest do you have $9K lying around to take a shot. This as well as the Aspire program are known as “Licensed Rights” Deals. Most high tier programs use this business model. (Take a look at the review click Aspire)

So as, you can see we have too many red flags. Does this make this program and out-and-out scam? Not completely, there is a possibility of making money with this it would just be very very hard. What I don’t like is the red flags, the half-truths, and just not being totally transparent. That is why I recommend walking away from this one.

Do yourself a favor if your goal is to build a successful online business my #1 pick is Wealthy Affiliate. This program you can actually get started for FREE no credit card required! I want you guys to know that I have looked far and wide, for a great program that is cost effective. That truly teaches you all aspects of Affiliate Marketing.

A program that if you follow the steps you will succeed. That is why I picked Wealthy Affiliate, I want you guys to succeed. There are over 2 billion people on the web so there is plenty of people to go around. The choice is yours you need to make the right decision for you. I just want to be as much help to you as I can.


If, you have any questions on WA or this review please leave a comment below.

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