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NETcinity – Pro Series Blue Tooth Beacon

This is something I received a phone call for. I didn’t pick up the call, but I went back to listen to the message. The message starts with him introducing himself as Sean. He goes on to tell me he is calling from a company called Trinity. Later I found out that that is the parent company for NETcinity.

Sean tells me that I was referred to them. Sean goes on to say that he know it sounds strange, they are bringing in a city wide Bluetooth network. That is coming in about 3 weeks and if I would like to know more about it. Just go onto bluetoothcareers and I would see what its all about.

The message goes on to say they want me as a manager for my city. As, sales manager I would be making recurring income on the deal. I can do it part-time or full time and that I also have a chance to win a brand-new BMW.

NETcinity What Is This All About

Well, I have to say I was intrigued so I went to the website and there were scheduled live presentations or I could pick the prerecorded one. I had to know what was going on so I went for the prerecorded one.

Chad Copel and Emily Glass (if I spelled their name wrong I’m sorry) where the presenters of the recruiting video. They start off telling us that this product is not only going to change our community, but also our financial future. Their home office is located in Sulfur Springs, Texas I thought that was worth mentioning.

I have to add that in the beginning of the presentation Chad introduced a couple of managers, but not in person by video screen none of the 3 said a word just a hand wave. I don’t really know why I got an uncomfortable feeling from this, so I am just letting you know.

NETcinity – Who Are They Looking For?

We get right into it after that, so who are they looking for and why? I have been selected because of my ability, and my ties with the community. This is the long version of you have, in the past looked on a work at home site or something in the work at home industry.

Again, a little uneasy feeling. Don’t blow smoke up my b–t, there were over 200 people on this training how was everyone referred or how would they know who is active in the community?

NETcinity – Who, What Are They?

NETcinity has developed the world’s first ever interactive local community smart app. Everything they do is designed for local communities, and the small to medium business to be on the same playing field as the big box stores. He goes to this little white box and says they didn’t invent this Beacon (It sounds like something I heard on Zoo last night)

They empowered it, they did something never done before. The community app as well as the Beacon technology, provided them the tools to complete the Bluetooth marketing platform service. That is NETcinity B2B Sales Businesstheir very own Patton technology service. No one can copy this service or this technology.

The Beacon, the community app, the phone and their servers work together seamlessly to provide instant notifications for local business owners to the end users smart phone. While they are in the proximity of one or more of the Beacons. They call this, “Just in time Marketing”.

“Just in time marketing,” is when the smart phone user is in the vicinity of the store owner. They send out a message through the Beacon and then the cell phone user gets a nudge to check out their business, lets them know they are there. It doesn’t only work on the app for that community, if you have an app from your community you will still get the notification.

There are bunches of business that are using Beacons like Target and Macey’s even McDonalds that are using it inside of their business. This system works with their company apps they can tell the customer what isle the deal is in or anything they want to send to their phone.

NETcinity What’s The Difference

With the big companies like I just mentioned Target, McDonalds they can let customers inside the store know of the deals. With NETcinity this system can tell potential customers that are just walking or driving in the vicinity of their store. Now at this stage of the video they have us download the NETcinity app.

NETcinity B2B Sales

Once they build the app for your community, it uses pictures and color schemes to make it relevant to that community. If there is an old statue or old church that has been in the community forever they may use that for the app picture. Unlike the Target app that is just set up for Target only.

These Beacons have a 260-foot unidirectional reach, you have a circle around the Beacon going out 260 feet to nudge the customer to your business. The business owner can move the Beacon, say they have a trade show or they have a booth at a fair they can bring their Beacon with them and use it there.

Once you have the app downloaded you can click the near me button the app will go and search the area for Beacons. With the app you can actually pick a category to search for like food and drink.

NETcinity What Message Can The Business Owner Send 

The business owner can send out a coupon, they can put an expiration date or time on the coupon. They can add a video the business owner would put it up on YouTube and link it to the message sent out. Now the potential customer can watch a video about the business.NETcinity Bluetooth Beacon

The business owner also gets access to the back office, this makes it easy for them to program in what they want the customer to see. They have full control and its very easy to use, if you can upload a picture to Facebook you can use this app. As, the business owner in the back office you can check all the analytics. (with the $149 & $299 packages) The ads you receive can be shared on social media.

The customer can actually like the ad or the coupon and it will show up on their Social Media feed. What I’m saying is you can share the add from the business on Facebook, Twitter and a few others.

NETcinity How Much Does It Cost

There are 3 levels that a business owner can sign up for.

  1. Silver – $99/Month, Your only going to have the ability to do one promotion a month. You still get all the other items. Except for the analytics.
  2. Gold – $149/Month, You can do as many ads as you would like, all the analytics, this is the package that is sold the most you get the best bang for your buck. (His words not mine)
  3. Platinum – $299/Month, You also get a personally branded app it will be available in the App Store & Google Play. Plus you get everything else and more.

What Does The Sales Manager Make

  • The sales manager makes 30% commission monthly.
  • Residual Income
  • No Quotas
  • Not a multi level marketing system.
  • You can hire a sales team that’s it, it doesn’t go any deeper.
  • The sales person makes 25% commission monthly.
  • The sales manager makes a 5% override.
  • *****NETcinity also offers 30 day FREE trial.*****

As a “Manager” you get your own Beacon and the ability to program it so you can use it as a demo. The part that I’m not to crazy about is it cost the manager $99 a month. You can get that waived as soon as you make 5 sales at the Gold level for $149 a month.

They give income potential that I’m not sure if I agree with it. They say if you work part-time if you do only 5 sales a week for 3 months straight at the end assuming everyone stays in you would be earning over $2K a month.

The other example they give is for full time this one I am really not sure about. They say if you were to make 5 sales a day for 3 straight months and assuming everyone stays in you would be earning over $13.4K a month.

NETcinity This Is Your Business

Like I said you have to pay the $99 a month until you make the 5, $149/month sales. In other words the $99/month sales won’t count against you 5 sales. NETcinity will provide everything you need for NETcinity B2B Salesyour success. All marketing materials, fliers, website, email, even a phone number if you want it.

It is nice that you get your own web page and email so you look more professional. Don’t forget you also get your own Beacon and the back office to make your own ads, so you can demo the unit for an easier sale. No quotas once you sell the 5 @ $149 you will never have to pay the $99 again.

30 day free trial will make this a lot easier to sell, they can try the product and see the benefits right in their business.

Fast Track Bonus Offers

  • 20 sales in the first 30 days… Free iPad
  • 100 sales in the first 6 months… $5,000
  • 250 sales no limit… M3 NETcinity Blue BMW

Community Marketing

  • No one knows your community like you do.
  • They are giving you all the tools you need to be the Hometown Hero, Your local business owners have been waiting for and you will be the Chamber of Commerence’s best friend.
  • They have the technology to place messages on most every cell phone in your community announcing your arrival in just one day.
  • They begin a Social Media campaign in the same day.
  • They supply Table Tents, Door Stickers, Television, Radio, and Print Media Spots all made available to you.

Now It’s Your Move

  • You have been hand selected to be our manager in your community.
  • To represent their company and services, they are after Quality not just Quantity.
  • Your NETcinity Box & Partnership includes…
  • 1 Pro Series Beacon with your own Portal
  • 100 Personalized NETcinity Brochures
  • 2 Table Tents to Demo
  • 2 Door Stickers to Demo
  • Your own direct buy web page
  • Your own Corprate Email
  • A Direct Office phone number also available


NETcinity Bottom Line

This is a tough one the idea is great the concept is wonderful. I really think this could be a very fast moving product. The issues I have is…

  1. The $99 a month you have to pay to be a Manager. My advice would be that if you are not ready to do this, or for some reasons don’t think you have the time to sell 5 in a month is to wait. When you decide to get in you want to make sure you can sell 5 fast so the $99 will be dropped.
  2. This is a product that could flood the market quickly, so after a couple years you might have some problems selling it. The other issue is if this takes off like a rocket, it will bring you to issue #3
  3. In the contract you signed there is a clause that if the company gets sold. (This could be very real if this takes off as they expect.) When the company gets bought off by say an Amazon or some other big company, they are only entitled to pay you 3 months of your residual income. The new company will have no obligation to pay your residuals.
  4. This company is in the start up stage so you have no idea how they will preform or how strong the company is. We also don’t know how they will run the company or if they are looking to make money off the sales managers from the $99/month.

I am looking at all the angles and being cautious, I am not saying by any means this is a scam. I do however think you should make sure all your questions are answered. Because, the opportunity for this is so big it is very intriguing so you have a couple of options try it for a month and decide. Walk NETcinity Bluetooth Beaconaway and don’t look back. Lastly you can ask about it in your community and see if it’s something business owners would be interested in.

To close this out, I would say if you are a seasoned salesperson, you could make some money doing this. Someone that is new to sales may have to have a bit of training, but I think some could be successful. If, you can get past the fact that the company is brand new.

This is in the pre stage launch so, I have no information about if they pay on time and all that need to know stuff. You can look at it like this if you go for it the worst case you lose $99. But, you might just come out ahead or even way ahead.

Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Not rates this opportunity a 7.5 / 10. Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck!


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