One Click Payday Scam Or Not

One Click Payday Scam Or Not

I was looking through my emails and I happened to click on this one. One Click Pay Day, so I clicked on the button and up came a video. I watched about three minutes of it and I said to myself this needs to go to the blog. Here we are and I am going to give you a straight forward review.

I do not promote this company and I have nothing against them. (right now anyway) The only time that happens is if they are out to scam you guys, then there is no love loss. Anyway, lets get going so we can see if One Click Payday is a scam or not.

  • Name – One Click Payday
  • Website –
  • Cost – $37
  • Refund – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Owner – Cathy Evans???

“Use This Weird Hack To Siphon

Money Into Your Account”

This is what they use as their hook at the top of the email page so we will see what it’s all about.

One Click Payday

She starts by saying she is creating our account as we watch the video, so she has somewhere to put our money. OK, it’s all set up and now she is going to funnel money into our account while the video plays. We will find out how much is in our account at the end of this video.One Click Payday Scam Or Not

She claims she has put all the piece work on autopilot, all the repetitive tasks that need to be done in order to make money online. This program is going to let us click and sit back. (There is our first red flag) As we have seen in the past there is no push button system, if you want to make money you have to put in the work. Let’s keep going…

Cathy Evans, that is the woman talking on the video. Well, that is what she said her name was? You can’t forget about throwing in a few cheesy reviews. They are all talking about how they quit their jobs. About how many thousands they are making. And of course how much time they have to spend with their family and they quit there 9 to 5.

Making The Switch To Making Money Online

Cathy goes on to say that the brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past. I can go off on a tangent with this one, but I will just say there are people out there that still want the item right now. Times are a changing, and we need to be positioned in the right direction. The direction they are speaking about is working online.One Click Payday Scam Or Not

They find the opportunities and bring the commissions directly to you. Cathy says, that if we do it that way we are going to make more money and not have to do much work. One more great thing, if we get lucky and get in today we are going to be part of the biggest concentration of money on the entire internet.

Now we are going to have to hurry because there are only 45 spots left. These 45 people are going to be rich, this is not a rich gets richer deal. This is a person on the verge of poverty and how you can get into the top 1%. (here we go with red flag number 2) The call to action does not bother me, that is to try to get people doing instead thinking about doing.

When Did This All Start And How

Cathy was one of us she says, now she is a millionaire many times over since her start in 2012. This is a time proven system, that turns regular dreams into true reality. Cathy is doing a bunch of running around in circles, so we haven’t gotten to the meat and potatoes yet.

Cathy is starting to let us in a little. She met someone 5 years ago and they introduced her to a similar product. All it takes is to know the right people to do the right jobs at the right time. Now 5 years later when back then she had basically a zero balance in her accounts. Fast forward 5 years later and now she shows a screen that she claims is her account summery with over $6 million in it. (red flag number 3)

While she or if we sign up, we will be relaxing in a beach chair on a beach somewhere while someone else is doing the work for us. (red flag number 4) Oh, but you still do have to log in once in a while, just to make sure it’s working. (this is so silly, but red flag number 5) Now we are up to $210 in our account right now, but it’s whoever signs up first or 1 of the 45 spots open.

These accounts will bring in up to $1 – $2 thousand dollars a day 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (red flag number 6) not gonna happen! It just keeps getting deeper and deeper now she adds most people after 30 days make more than they did in a year.

Be In Charge Of Your Own Actions

This statement I do agree with “Only you should decide how you spend the hours of your day.” Now were getting down to it she has just told us that all it’s going to cost us is… $37 that’s it one time payment, Cathy is going to set up all the technical aspects of this for us. This way we can start today and start to collect our money.

We will not have to deal with any of these things…

  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • HTML Coding
  • Marketing & Sales
  • No Tech Jargon

If we are not responsible for any of these things what exactly do we do. Cathy has completely automated this One Click process. Now some truth is spilling out, Cathy is not doing this because she is some kind of Mother Teresa or something. I know this must come as a real shock to you, I’m sure it’s a little upsetting.

I believe we can move on though. Cathy is doing this because when she has a small network of people she makes a little more money. (red flag #7) For your comfort she has added this Iron Clad 60 day refund so you can rest easy. (felling calm & rested now?)

I bet you have been wondering how much we have in our account right now $278.34 WOW! We haven’t even done anything yet, this is just wonderful? Before, I forget even if we are not happy with this system and get our refund Maybe? We get to keep the system and all the money we have made! What? If, we made $37 bucks who is going to go through all the hassle to maybe get a refund.

Then if we make hundreds or thousands then why would we return it. The reason I go into all of this is to just think about the claims and promises. Basically meaningless all BS. In the end this is something you just want to stear clear of. I don’t like having one red flag when I review a product.

Here we have a product with 7 Red Flags, so far this is the only name I have found for this system. I am going to keep my eyes open remember she did say relaunch. When, I find the other names this was launched under I will update this post.

Just thought I would bring this to your attention if you had any doubts you should walk away. I copied this right off of the Google search page. (you have to put in for it to come up)

One Click Payday Scam Or Not

What I Just Found Out

After, further investigation the 60-day return information just might be valid. It seems that this product is being sold through, ClickBetter and that is their return policy.

So as it would seam, they are going through ClickBetter to get the program through their affiliate program. There is nothing wrong with that except, I don’t like the over the top claims. From top to bottom this is the 1-2-3 of just getting you to buy a product. It wouldn’t matter to them if it was weight loss, built a business, dog toys they want the sale.

I find this crazy there are so many legit companies you can sell for affiliate compensation. If they are only out to sell a product and don’t care who they hurt that’s disgusting. The point I am trying to make is a company like Wealthy Affiliate the owners are front and center, Kyle and Carson are available to members and perspective members. CLICK HERE to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

You see their pictures you know who they are no hiding. Same thing with Russell Brunson from ClickBank you know who he is and they don’t care that you do. All I am saying is legit programs that are out there they are the ones where the creator, owner is not hiding. CLICK HERE to read my ClickFunnels posts

As I said earlier in the post if I find anymore information on this will I will be updating the post. If you have any information on this or any program that is cheating good people out of their money. Let me know in the comment section below, I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


All the best,



    1. Hello David,

      Thanks for the visit and the question.

      I was a bit confused myself when looking into One Click Payday. I did find out that this was a rerelease, so from what I can tell One Click Code and One Click Payday are one in the same. If you look up One Click Code nothing comes up.

      Companies like this will change names and then release it under a new name. So once they get found out instead of changing the whole system they just change the name. This allows them to keep making money off the same system and its hard too put it together.

      This happens a lot I have another review Countdown To Profits they changed the name of this system a few times and they forgot to change it in the sales video. So you can see they are in a hurry to get it out under a different name and sell more copies of the same system under a different name.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment,
      All the best,


  1. It’s so disheartening to find oneself 54 yrs old , feeling tired , weary etc .. , then feeling as if you’re the most gullible , stupid , OLD person in the world!! I know a bit melodramatic , but as a wife , mom and grandma , I’ve always been a bit trusting , but thought I’d finally learned to spot a lowlife , liar , not to mention greedy as well… I’m going to try your program , because after wasting another hour of my time , I probably would have been out of more money bc of the same click & funnel BS scam ..I received my invitation via my email! Sorry , not trying to waste your time , this scammers name was “Harper” …first name I’m thinking “Scott” … he sounded like, the nicest , most caring , family man and concerned citizen EVER! Nevertheless , I am still kicking and the Lord loves me , so thank you for exposing these EVIL DOERS and I’m going to take a step in the right direction! I hope… it’s getting to where this old lady … me .. is becoming down right untrusting of anyone!!!! I’m believing in your “idea” at the moment…

    1. Peggy, thanks for the visit and your thoughts,

      First you shouldn’t feel Stupid, because I am sure you are not. You have a husband, kids, and grandkids and I will bet that none of them think you are stupid. Second, most of us want to believe that people are generally good. I know I do and that’s why I have been beat up by scammers myself, I have lost thousands to more scams than I care to count.

      This is the reason I started this site. It’s the part that we get our hopes up only to be disappointed that really steams me. I don’t like to be taken advantage of and I really hate seeing other people taken advantage of. I believe in fighting for the little guy.

      I really think you will be happy with the program at Wealthy Affiliate! It’s Free to join and you can see if it is something you will like before you spend a dime. There are no crazy priced up sells, it’s a huge group of like minded people all looking to succeed and help others with their success.

      Ask a question, the average response time is 2 minutes. The training is always updated and fresh. I wish you the best no matter where you end up! Try to still have some faith in people, as I said I choose to believe most people are generally good. We just need to stick together, and I will keep doing what I am doing as long as it helps good people like you!

      All the best,


      P.S. Fifty is the new thirty, and thirty is not old at all!

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