Online Dating Scams Men or Women

Online Dating Scams – Men Or Women

In this day and age the old way of meeting and dating just seems crazy. You know going into a bar Online Dating Scams Men and Womenor club searching all around for that special someone that catches your eye. Then going over to them with the offer of buying them a drink or with some cheesy pick up line.

Yep people, this is pretty much a thing of the past. The way to find love these days come through a computer. You search through maybe thousands of online profiles until you think you find Mister or Misses right. But once you think you have found someone you might like to talk with, you just never know who they are.

How do you know if you are going to be part of an Online Dating Scam, men or women can be fooled. So we are going to dig in and see what it’s all about and what you need to be careful of. There are so many stories of this happening, it’s time to look at Online Dating Scams Men and Women.

How Does This Begin

So this all starts with a fake profile, this gets put up either on a dating website or in the online Online Dating Scams Men and Womenpersonals. They will start with building the fake profile, finding pictures on the internet that target the target. What that means if they are going after an older person it’s an older picture but always intriguing. Of course adding all the interests that would make anyone just swoon.

When the profile is finished as I said it goes on the internet. They now just wait until some unsuspecting person answers the ad, usually by sending an email. If, on a dating website by following their procedure. Now it begins they will send you emails back and forth to gain trust.

The Scam – Now Were In The Meat And Potatoes

Now that they have gained your trust and you have been interacting for a while here it comes. Online Dating Scams Men and WomenSomething awful has happened and they need money. Their child fell ill, they are stuck somewhere, they need money for their parents. It will sometimes depend on what you have been talking about.

Don’t forget they are pretty crafty they will get you into conversations that will end up with needing money. Bringing up parents, children, a relative someway to turn the story. The problem is you won’t see it coming, as usual they are pulling on the heart strings.

Money scams are about being vulnerable, when someone is in need of money they use the fact that you can have money in a short period. With dating it’s about the companionship, especially if they find that family is important to you. It’s all about whatever they can exploit.

How Do I Know If It’s A Scam

There are some signs you can look for to find out who you are dealing with. Mind you these are just things to watch out for none of them definitely mean it’s a scam. Just do your due diligence if you feel that something doesn’t feel quite right. This is what to watch out for…

  • If they bring up the military that’s a sign, these scammers love using military.
  • They have a very attractive or suggestive photo.
  • They often say they are single with the responsibility of children of course all on their own.
  • Their emails are over the top calling you “Love of my life” quickly adding things like “I love you”
  • When they send a picture do a Google image search, that’s where they get most pictures.
  • Check for grammar and spelling a lot of these scams come from Nigeria, when they are writing in English usually there will be many errors.
  • Watch out for people that are from out of state, its easy to be invisible when they are out of state.
  • If they need money, that’s your cue to end the connection, they ask for the money by wire transfer, money gram, or Western Union.
  • They have a very resent profile, but be careful chances are they have others, not much on their profile.
  • They will ask to communicate through yahoo messenger or some other chat app.
  • They will say that age is just a number, or it doesn’t matter how far away we are.
  • Don’t forget that web-cams can be faked if you have reason to believe it is ask for them to motion or move somehow, raise their arm or fingers.

Online Dating Scams Men and Women

The Bottom Line – Be Smarter Than They Are

The big problem with scams is anyone can fall for them, there are so many of them out there is hard to keep track. You need to just be smart about it. Keep your eyes and ears open if you sense something is wrong go with your gut. Remember these scammers have no conscience they will brag about what they do.

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad about not sending money. They are good at this they willOnline Dating Scams Men and Women try anything to get money out of you. That’s why the number one rule is if someone asks for money stop communicating with them turn them in to local authorities.

Don’t ever give any personal information to anyone online. It’s tough when you feel like someone cares for you. you like what they are saying and it feels good. Just don’t let that cloud your good judgment. You will find love or friendship, whatever it is your looking for but don’t lose yourself in the process.

I hope this post helps, online dating scams can happen to men or women. They don’t only hurt your wallet they also hurt your heart.


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