Profit With Alex

Profit With Alex – Or Alex Profits From You?

Well hello everyone! Today I have found something that looks to be very interesting. It’s called “Profit With Alex” as I said in the title we are going to find out who is going to get the profit? This system has been gaining some steam and you can find it quite easily. Let’s take a look at the sales page and video to get this ball rolling.

Sales Page

How can you help, but take a look at this page the headline is. “Exploits Glitch In $136 Billion Market” When you are looking to make money online you will look for any edge you can find. Just so your not Profit With Alexworried they follow up with “This Legal Glitch Racks Up To $38,491 Every 30 Days Like Clockwork” The only point I was making is they say it’s legal.

Well, that’s all fine and good, but legal does not mean good. The other thing is we already have (red flag #1, unrealistic money claim) don’t get me wrong I would love to find a system that could make $38K every month like clockwork. The question is can any system really do that in the short period of time they claim.

The Sales Video

The sales video starts with a bunch of news casters talking about work from home jobs. There are work at home jobs where people can make money, but none of these news casters are talking about Profit With Alex. I want to make this perfectly clear this has never been on any news cast that said Profit With Alex is a legit work at home opportunity!

They don’t come out and say that, but it is implied.

Next it goes right in…

Profit With Alexto saying that we have been personally invited to watch this confidential video. I was never invited to watch I just happened upon this page. Anyone that lands on this page can watch this video. (Here we have lie #1) They even go on to say that this video is not available to the public, it is available to anyone!

Who Is Alex Goodwin

They person talking on the video says he is Alex Goodwin, well we will see about that. Alex says this is completely new and no one has ever seen it before. He says it has nothing to do with binary trading, forex trading, YouTube, Google, or MLM. He is going to prove to us in a live demo that his secret software can get us started today in under 5 minutes and just 14 clicks.

Then at the end of the video he is going to give us his money making software for FREE! Of course, he shows us the proof that he knows how to make money. So he pulls up a bank account with $2.3 million in it, now we all know that can’t be faked? This is not to brag it’s so we can trust him that he knows how to make money. Does anyone reading this really trust him?


We can use his software to set up our own Done For You, money making website. Again in less than 5 minutes and 14 clicks. This free software is called ClickCart. Oh ya, Alex tells us that he is not doing this for charity, he just wants us to partner with him. So all he is going to do is take a small percentage of our commission. You can feel good about it though, cause it’s a nice little extra income for Alex.

But, don’t you worry the money that Alex takes does not come out of your pocket. This is a win-win Alex only makes money if we make money so of course he wants us to succeed.

ClickCart & Profit With Alex, How It Works

The Profit With Alex software, he claims is a revolutionary app that makes money fast on Amazon. So once, you use this software it loads your website with the hottest selling products on Amazon. It does everything for you, no delivering products or stocking products that’s all on Amazon. After 5 minutes and 14 clicks you will have your own Amazon affiliate website. (That’s the claim)Profit With Alex ClickCart

Then the software finds real people that are interested in buying from your website. An average of 6 million people go to the Amazon website every day. The idea is that this software finds thousands of people before they get to Amazon and directs them to your website. Then when they are ready to buy it sends them back to Amazon, when they buy you get the commission.

You can use this software to build as many of these websites as you want. These websites are supposed to pull in thousands of people a day.  Now don’t go anywhere, he is going to show us how this software works. Remember don’t leave or you will hate yourself later.

The Back Story

Alex tried to make money online starting back in 2007, but found himself being scammed and spending tons of money only to hit dead ends. Then out of the blue he ran into his friend Mark, at the train station. They got to talking and Mark had mentioned he was making money online. The Rolex on his wrist told him he was really good at it.

We sat together for the 2-hour trip, I discovered that Mark’s net worth was over $10 million and most of this wealth came from Amazon. After he told his friend his sob story Mark took piety on him and took him to his $4 million dollar mansion and showed him step-by-step how he makes money online. He showed his secret system on how he made all this money online.

He remembers the date like it was yesterday the day that changed his and his families life forever. Over the next year he spent over $140K on software development, he worked close with Mark’s company ClickCart. Together they programmed his secret code into plug and play software. The whole key to this is the software that picks the most sought after products on Amazon, with the least competition.

You don’t need to know how this software works, all you do is click a button and select a product. I still don’t quite understand how this is Alex’s system, sounds more like it should have been called “Profit With Mark”.

How The Software Works

  • Log in with your user name and password
  • It’s all laid out in 5 simple steps
  1. Watch The Video
  2. Auto Product Search
  3. Auto Website Builder
  4. Auto Traffic Generator
  5. ClickCart Website Live

All you need to do is spend about 20 minutes a day building a few ClickCart websites. Then use the extreme traffic accelerator strategy. Now we fast-forward 8 days later so we can see how this new affiliate account preformed. WOW! in only 8 days he is claiming he received over 21,000 clicks and a conversion rate of .41% and total earnings of over $4K.

Remember Alex is going to give you his system for FREE, but you have to pay a small fee for hosting that’s $37. Alex beat up the folks at ClickCart to get the hosting down to $37 and if you don’t find success he is going to take the money right out of his pocket to get you a refund. Please don’t click away and go buy this system read below so you can see if that is the right thing to do.

Just so you know ClickBank is the company this system is sold through. ClickBank, has an automatic 60 day return policy so the money is not coming out of his pocket for any refund within the 60-day time frame.

The Bottom Line

Where do I start let’s start with Alex, the guy talking on the video and the pictures that he shows of his family are all FAKES! You can do a simple image search and find that this picture has been used on other websites. OK, just think about it why do you need to use a voice actor and fake family photos if you have found the secret to making unlimited amounts of money online?

Profit With Alex

Profit With Alex

There is another website that uses the images found on the “Profit With Alex” sales page. ( On this website the video doesn’t work, but the interesting thing is there are comments on the bottom of this page that make a mention to something called “The Money Glitch”. This is a binary options scam software that most likely was shut down and then re branded as Profit With Alex. Of course, the comments are all fakes and there is some very shady activity going on here.

is profit with alex a scam

Profit With Alex

Profit With Alex

The fact that you were personally invited to view this system. No one invited me and as I said earlier anyone can view this video, anyone can get access to the website. The other thing is there are limited amounts of FREE software to be given out. That’s all BullSh*^ too. They will never stop scamming people into buying this software, Oh ya it’s FREE well not exactly it’s $37 they hide behind the web hosting. But, this product is sold by ClickBank so is the $37 for the product or the hosting?

Profit With Alex

This has got to give you the warm and fuzzes, The Profit With Alex disclaimer. It clearly states that The Profit With Alex sales video is fictitious. Also, it goes on to say that this is to be viewed for entertainment purposes. There is no guarantee income or success. In other words it is saying that the whole thing is a fake, nothing you looked at is real.

is profit with alex a scam
Profit With Alex disclaimer

They also talk a lot about Amazon Affiliate Program, the chances of you being accepted into the affiliate program with out a website, are slim to none and slim just left town. Amazon checks your site and looks to see how much traffic you are getting and also looks to see what you website looks like. The thing is with the website you get from Profit With Alex you don’t own it. They can do what ever they want to do with that website, that’s another thing your paying $37 for hosting, but you don’t own the website?

The last thing I am going to leave you with, you will find some reviews that will actually say this is the best thing since chocolate chip cookies and milk. Just look and see all the links to the system in their review, saying a system is great just to get you guys to click on it is not what I choose to do in my reviews. I actually almost got sucked into this one until I dug in.

I did a post on how some of these Review Sites will say anything to get you to click on their links. They will give any system a glowing review if they are making a commission off the sale of the system.

I have showed you all the reasons to pass on this one. I do put affiliate links at the end of my reviews for the training I think is the best out there. That’s Wealthy Affiliate I will continue to do this because you can join for FREE really FREE! No credit card needed! If you decide it’s not for you then you have lost nothing. Just be careful what you click on if the system or training is that good why not give it to you for FREE and let you decide. Chances are because you are going to end up with the short end of the stick.

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  1. well I signed up and set things up the funny thing is it has nothing to do with Amazon instead they informed me amazon is closed and now its ebay I thought I was signing up for amazon but no I have an ebay affiliate account the creating a website software works but I have had no traffic I need to direct it to my site I had to set up a domain also.. and I have been offered a coach and investment for 2400 but no info as to why I need to invest this much..director will not talk to me unless I have it …

    I am sticking to it but I have had nothing in 2 days

    1. Magdelaine thanks for the visit and the comment,

      This is the problem with these money making systems they lead you to believe that you open a website and then you get flooded with traffic. You need to show up in the search engine, Google of course is number one. What type of site did you open what is your niche? To be ranked in Google you need content, good content that will rank. That is how you will get traffic to your site.

      As far as giving them $2400 that’s crazy what are you getting for $2400 a coach? With Wealthy Affiliate you get all that for free you have a whole community that is just here to help you. I am sure you have too much invested to just leave, but I would not give them any more money that’s why I said “Or Alex Profits From You”

      I wish you success!


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