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Push Button System Scam Or Not

Welcome to my website, I hope you find what you learn in here to be helpful in your quest for a real system or training learning how to build a business online. I don’t know if you have been here before, but I am all about helping the average person find ways to make money online.

I hate the fact that all of these scammers can continue to cheat good people out of their hard-earned money. Rest assured that there are good programs out there and you can make money online. I am out to find them and bring them straight to you so you don’t have to waste your time checking everyone out for yourself.

With that being said let’s see if Push Button System is a Scam or a way to make money online. The sales page starts by giving you a Warning: You’re about to hate your boss. We are supposed to be watching as he flat out embarrass the experts. Then show us how making an online income has never been easier.

  • Name – Push Button System
  • Website – PushButtonSystem.com
  • Owner – Jay Brown
  • Cost – Starts At $67 If You Hang In $37
  • Rating – 1 out of 10 (Don’t walk away, run away) 

Push One Button

We start this video with people saying how much money they made by just pushing one button. They were so surprised that they made thousands of dollars by just pushing one button. So now we are going to find out what is this button? Where is this button? Who made this button?

Most importantly how do we get our hands on this button TODAY? All of our questions will be answered in the next 6 minutes. Remember, this button really exists. Well as the video says the money is real, the people are real, the income proof is real, just real money generated in real time.

All we need to do is to watch this video till the end, and we will be given the chance to push it for our self and make $20K in just 3 hours. (red flag #1 unrealistic income potential)

The Push Button Revolution Begins

In 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 CLICK. They start with a little story how a 25-year-old man put $100 in the mega money slot machine. One click later he won the biggest jackpot in LasVegas history he took home $39,710,826.36. He just pressed a button and in seconds he was a multi-millionaire.

The lesson to this story is never underestimated the power of just one button. If you want to be a Push Button System Scamsmillionaire yourself, all you need to know is where to find that one button. We are watching a red Ferrari as it drives up to a mansion (red flag #2 expensive cars and houses) a guy hops out of the car to tell us we have found the button.

He goes on to show us bank statements that show $500K, $1.5 million, and even $2.7 million. (red flag #1) Claiming to be the luckiest man alive. He also claims to the only man alive that has that lever that wins the jackpot every time you pull it. But, what about us? Are we busy still trying to get traffic? Are you still blogging?

Are we just trying to make $100 a day online, and were having a problem just doing that? He wants to know if we are listening to the so called Gurus that are nothing more than paid actors. I don’t know yet, but we will find out if he really wants to go down that road with the paid actors?

Pull Money Out Of Thin Air

Who? Wouldn’t want to pull money out of thin air? Can he really pull $20K out of thin air at a time? Well, we are going to find out well maybe, Jay Brown is our host. Jay claims to be one of the top 5, highest grossing super affiliates on the internet. Were going to go inside Jay’s huge house so he can explain how he does this.

Today is the day that Jay is going to prove once and for all what one button can do. So hold on to your hats folks were going in. He is comparing using one button on your microwave to his one button system, you don’t ask how the microwave works with one push of a button. That is ridicules, but Let’s Push Button System Scamhang in for a few and see.

This is where I have a problem with this as well as many other systems. Just push one button and it’s all done for you, and in 3 hours you will have at least $20K in your bank account.(red flag #3 done for you) Here is where the sob story comes in, he lost his job everyone cried he couldn’t get work for 6 months.

Jay finally got a job the very last one listed in the classifieds. (I don’t even know what that means) He took a job as a ticket taker at the local movie theater. (Please) As poor Jay was hiding from his old coworkers at the movies cause they all just looked at him with pitty in their eyes. Jay started looking on the internet and tried every get-rich-quick scheme.

He knew they wouldn’t work but he was trying everything. Then as he tried his 22nd system something happened he made $52 in two days. He had the dreams of giving up his ticket taker job, but it didn’t happen in the first or second month. Then in the third month he made $2,266 dollars.

Giving Credit And The Button

Jay was so pleased with his profit he emailed the creator of the system he used. He was so happy to hear from Jay, he told Jay in is email reply that 99% of the people just don’t take action. He told Jay your timing couldn’t be any better because he and his team were working on automating the system.

He told Jay he could do what he was doing except now he could do it 100 times a day. He wanted Jay to be one of his case studies. The system he wanted him to test was called the button. It took over $600K and 10,000 hours to create this button. He has been offered tons of money for this button, they want it because it’s the only button of it’s kind.

Bought The Theater

Push Button System Scam
Just Not True, Can You Say Bullsh**

OK, this is an amusing story and all and it gets even better. Jay claims he pushed this magic button, he quit his job on Tuesday and on Thursday he bought the movie theater. Of course his life has never been the same since he pushed that button. I don’t understand it’s not his button and he didn’t create it why doesn’t the creator have the button?

Now, of course Jay has to show us the success stories, one guy made $500K I am not even going to go into the rest because you don’t makePush Button System Scam $20K with a push of a button. Well, you don’t think you can. Jay takes a walk in the park he walks up to a random stranger. He asks the guy if he would like to try his system of course the guy says no.

But, Jay the silver tongue devil he is, gets the guy to try and after a few questions and the guy pushing the button he starts making money instantly. Well, it’s got to be true now we just saw it that can’t be faked. (BS) Now of course the guy wants to know how he did that. Well Jay simply says you don’t ask a pilot how the plane works.

How Does It Work

This just drives me crazy Jay says you don’t need to know how it works and anyway why do you care. In 10 minutes time Lee made $10K and this other woman made $8K if this doesn’t prove it’s the real deal what else can he do to show us. There are a few problems with this system and Jay is such an honest guy he is going to let us in on them.

  1. The system could get saturated. That’s why they are putting a cap on who can access.
  2. This is not an autopilot system. It’s a push button system. That means you need to push a button every day.
  3. The button is highly protected. There are several firewalls protecting the button.

Jay just is not going to tell us how it works, he claims he buys what he wants when he wants. Jay tells us he bought a baseball card for $199K, but he doesn’t show us the card. He is in his house supposedly, why not just get up and get the card?

This System Is Dependable

This system is so dependable that he is going on a trip around the world. Jay is not bringing any money with him, he is just going to hit the button every morning in each country. He just doesn’t want to put a dent in his bank account. The complete instructions for the Push Button Money System are… Push Button System ScamReady? OK, Push The Button! That’s it.

With this system your not buying any training, your not buying anything except one big fat button! That’s what is going to make you a millionaire. The longest it will take you to be a millionaire is 3 months. (OK, stop this is such BS I can’t even take it) Since I started I will finish but this is the biggest load of crap I think I have ever heard.

Good Karma

Don’t worry this “Button” was built by people that would make Mother Teresa say they were saints. You are just sending good Karma all over the world with that push. This is just crazy he is telling us we do nothing not one single thing all you do is push the button and spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want.

Don’t worry what you do because the button doesn’t judge. So simple an 8-year old can do this. (Well a 2-year old can push a button)

What’s The Catch?

Push Button System Scam
Ya OK, Where Is The Golden Goose

First off 100 people will get into the system, that’s it if too many people got in who knows what would happen? At this point Jay couldn’t care less if you want the button or not it’s up to you. Do you want $20K or not it’s entirely up to you. But, if you want the button there is a cost, your not going to pay as much as you would think not $10K.

I am confused again Jay just said there is $10K worth of technology in this, but earlier he said there was $600K and 10,000 hours in this system. OK Jay id it $10K or $600K you tell me… So the deal is when we make our first million (ya OK your killin me) we owe Jay $10K but for now you only have to put up $37. It’s not really a cost it can be refunded anytime it’s just a small fee to keep out the riff raff.

The Guarantee

We will be millionaires in 3 months from today by just hitting the button we are shown to hit. We are going to make a full year salary the very first time we hit the button. Everyone will quit their job in thePush Button System Scam And Lies first week Everyone! After we make our first million we will get a half a penny for every sale made across the entire push button money system team.

Because, of the huge volume that this does in a year, it usually adds up to $400 to $500K per year. Once, we make our million you know in 3 months we will be part of the elite. Once, we do we will get invites to private parties, backstage passes to concerts, and any NFL games. When you hit the button traffic comes instantly from 40 different sources, offers are pre-made, links are already set up.

Bottom Line

When you go to the checkout it is sold through ClickBetter, this is the most ridicules system I have heard to date. Just think about what he is saying push one button and all kinds of money is magically deposited into your bank account. I get it everyone wants to believe it could be real it would be the easy way out.

I am telling you this is a bunch of BS, this will suck you in and before you know it they will be trying to get you on upsells. Upsells are items and systems that they will say make the system work better. You will find these upsells will cost thousands of dollars.Push Button System Scam

I really hate to be the bad guy, but I will because you will thank me in the long run. Just think for a minute if you had a system where you could push one button and make $20K how much would it be worth, how much would you sell it for? I know $67 haha ya right more like a few million.

When trying to start a business online it takes hard work and dedication. Can anyone do it? Yes, anyone that wants to put the time and effort into it. That’s why I am going to tell you that if you want to learn how to make money online there is one training that stands out in the crowd.

That training is Wealthy Affiliate with this training you can have the lifestyle you are looking for. I am going to be honest your not going to do it in a week or even a month. Building an online business that is going to give you the chance to quit your job could take a little while.

Once you get there though, there will be no looking back. Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free no Credt Card Needed. Just see what you think before you spend a single penny. That is not hype it’s the gods honest truth. Take a look at my review and then click on the join button and you will see for yourself it’s Free 100% to try.

I want to thank you for reading this review and for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Good luck on your quest for an online training that really works for you. But, if you don’t want to waste your time looking just go to Wealthy Affiliate and see what you think. 100% FREE!


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    1. Thanks for the visit Mj, and for the question.

      To answer your question I did not waste my time trying this system. I have tried many systems most of which were scams looking to get you to buy in and then hammer you with up sells. They all have the same things in common, you don’t have to do any work and your bank account will fill like magic.

      After losing thousands of dollars trying these so called systems you get to know what to avoid. I would say that is where my opinionated attitude comes from. I don’t want other people to have to waste all the money I did before finding something that actually works.

      I stand behind Wealthy Affiliate, because I know the training can and will work if you follow it and put in the time. Building an online business doesn’t happen in 2 minutes and with a simple push of a button. It takes hard work and dedication just like any business.

      The other thing I wanted to add is with Wealthy Affiliate you can actually try for Free no credit card needed. That shows they have something to offer, updated training and the best online community, if you have a question it’s answered within minutes. The owners are also very involved and anyone can ask them a question at anytime and get a response.

      I hope that you find what you are looking for and I wish you nothing but success!

      All the best,


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