The Truth About Scam Sites

Scam Review Sites – Are They A Scam???

This most likely sounds to you like a crazy post for me to write. I’m condemning sites like the one I write. Well, the one thing that I have done in my life is always told the truth. There are 3 things I just can’t tolerate and that is…

  • LyingPenny Auction Sites, Fraud, Scam
  • Cheating
  • Stealing

I know some people will say you always told the truth, no one can do that. Well, I’m sure I have spoken the little white lie before to stop from hurting someone. The thing is we only have one life to live and I believe we should live it the best we can.

I don’t want to get into a whole morality conversation, I just wanted to let my readers know where I stand. So this is the reason for this post, not to out the sites that are doing unethical things just to let you know what is going on out their and that they exist.

What Is The Mindset?

The funny or not so funny thing is sites like mine are started, to open peoples eyes to the scams that are on the internet. Outing the people online that claim they are going to make you millions of dollars with little or no work. But, actually line their pockets with millions of your hard-earned dollars.

Let me first say there are a lot of really good sites out there that expose scams and help. They are out to do the right thing, that is my goal for starting this site.

I really believe what happens is people lose sight of their goals and greed over shines the original reason for the site. Of course some people we all know greed is the motivating factor from the start.

So, What’s Going On Out There?

In the beginning when you first start out all you’re looking for is visitors to your site. Trying everything you can to direct people to you and your content so you can get your word out.

So, once you finally get over the hump and get your site up and running and have visitors rolling in Penny Auction Sites, Fraud, Scamthings start to happen. Other’s start to notice your site and you really become somewhat of an expert in your niche.

Now you get contacted by one of these scam sites and they want you to write a review about their system and project them in a good light. They will actually pay commissions to affiliate marketers to promote their product.

There are actual review sites that will take bribes, in the form of commissions to promote their scam sites.

Its ugly and it shouldn’t happen and no one is out there to over see these acts of greed. These sites in my opinion are worse than the scam sites they promote.

How Are We Suppose To Know – Who Do We Trust

This is the million dollar question how do we know what sites to trust. Well, that’s tough, first I would never buy something off the first review you see. Now this advice is for the person that has never searched on these anti scams sites in the past.

I have searched these sites over and over and there are a few I really trust, and there are bunches I wouldn’t give the time of day. This was one of the main reasons I decided to start this website, so that people would have a place to go and know I won’t steer them wrong.

It’s all about trust as we talked about in the beginning of this post. You really don’t know until you have tested these sites by reading their reviews and checking them against other reviews. Or doing a lot of research about the product you are looking at. Of course this defetes the purpose of the anti scam site.

You will quickly find out who is telling the truth, you will see most of the times the scam site will promote everything and find good in everything. Also, have links to every program they review because they are giving most everything a good review and getting paid to do it.

Example – I was recently on an anti-scam site that was promoting a program (giving them a good review). This make money online venture can cost the person that is going to purchase the program a total of over $46,000. Most everything you are buying for this $46K you could find on the internet for FREE.

At this point I would love to know how much money it takes to promote a program that is going to fleece people out of $46K. This is one of the more obvious ones but you get the idea.

The Bottom Line

It comes down to, “let the buyer beware”, and I know you are doing you do diligence by looking at these anti scam sites but check out the anti scam site before you listen. Just know like the scam you are checking, there are others that are trying to capitalize on the fact that you are looking to make money online.

What I mean by that is people that are looking to make money online can be in a desperate state. They want to believe that this is the one. Look, all these people made millions and this site is saying it’s legit. I’m just asking you to please be careful and protect yourselves against these scamming thieves.Bottom Line, Real Or Scam, Truth Matters

As I said earlier in the post watch out for the sites that recommend everything and have a link on their website for all these programs. In some cases even legit sites will have links to everything they review, even if they do a negative review on the product so it’s not about the links, it’s about paying attention to what the site is saying.

I have a link on a lot of my posts to Wealthy Affiliate but I stand behind my choice, not only because it’s not a scam but because I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This program has helped me with my online business and because of Wealthy Affiliate I am doing things I never thought possible.

I believe it’s OK to promote something you are excited about, that you have done the research on, and you 100% know is not a scam. Telling people about these programs are helping people, at least giving them a choice they won’t be scammed by.

My Commitment To You

When you come to my site and you find something you want to comment on, whether it’s good or bad you will see your comment posted. I will respond to every comment and if I ever make a mistake I will own up to it.Trust, Review Sites, Fraud

I am human and I do make mistakes. A lot of time and research goes into every one of my posts, to make sure you are getting the most accurate assessment of any review I do.

I am here to help you and protect your hard-earned money. Also, to make sure you are not wasting your time with systems that just don’t work. I would love to see us all make money on line and all live the life we deserve.


Please leave your comments below, I will respond as quickly as I can,


All the best,






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