Scams Against The Elderly

Scamming The Elderly -This Is Disgusting

Scamming The Elderly, Senior Citizen Scams, Ugly Scams

These are probably the worst scams in the world, Scamming The Elderly. When I think of my Parents and Grandparents being scammed it just turns your stomach.

We should cherish our seniors and not be stealing their money. Just think the elderly have been working all their lives to have enough money to retire and be comfortable for the rest of their life.

Then mean spirited lazy people that don’t want to work come along and take advantage of their good nature. This just has to end, so I am going to tell you about some of the worst scams that target our seniors. Maybe you will be able to stop them before they get into your families wallets.

Scamming The Elderly, Senior Citizen Scams, Ugly Scams

The Grandchild Scam – This Is Just Terrible

The scammer will call an unsuspecting elderly person, and when the elderly person answers the phone the scammer will say. Hi Grandma / Grandpa in a frantic voice, and most likely call from a noisy location. The scammer (grandchild) will say he got into some trouble out of state or even out of the country.

Then the scammer will say he got into a car accident and he is in jail and he needs money to pay for damages and get out of jail. Of course, he is telling the grandparents not to tell his parents. So then he will give the phone to someone who claims to be his lawyer (public defender).

The lawyer? will then explain that the judge will go easy on him, only if he pays for all the damages that were caused by the accident. Of course the other people that were involved in the accident were driving a rented car. He will go on to say the car received several thousand dollars worth of damage. Now he will tell them the people in the rented car had to fly home so they had to return the car and they paid for the damage.

So the judge ordered the “grandson” to reimburse the couple their money. Now the lawyer will give the unsuspecting grandparents all the information to wire the money to him. Meantime he is trying to clam down the grandparents telling them the judge said he knows your grandson is a good kid and he just made a mistake. So if you just wire the money all will be taken care of and he can put it behind him.

At this point the grandparents are all worked up and worried about their grandson. So in a lot of cases they will go ahead and wire the money. This scam has got even worse because these scammers will go onto Facebook and other social media outlets to find out as much personal information they can. Usually these calls come early in the morning or very late at night this way the scammer catches the elderly grandparents when they are half asleep.

If you ever get calls like this actually before the call comes tell your parents and grandparents never to wire money because of a phone call. Tell them to slow down and call their grandson or granddaughter and if they can’t get a hold of them call their parents. If all this ends in no contact explain to them to call the police station where they are supposed to be and find out what is going on.

The more they know about these scams the better they will be. Don’t just assume this won’t happen to my family because you never know. This happened to someone I know personally luckily they did not fork over any money but they almost did.

Telemarketing Scams For The Elderly – The Elderly Are Trusting

This scam is pretty straight forward it tends to be directed to elderly women that live alone. The scammer will call and offer something for free if you purchase right away. They will tell them that they must act NOW because the promotion is ending today.

The scammer will call and offer a free all expense paid vacation most likely to some tropical place or somewhere like Florida and then say all you need to do is pay for the plane ticket or some kind of handling charge.

You don’t need any more information about the company, remember this offer is ending today. All I need to get you this offer is your credit card number. If they say they don’t have a credit card they will ask for bank account information or the money can be picked up by courier service, they won’t give them a chance to think about it.

Some of these crooks will go as far as to say you don’t have to worry or check us out everything here is 100% legal and if you act NOW I will even give you a discount.

Just remember any legitimate company won’t pressure you to make a decision right away or without sending any information. So take your time don’t feel pressured into anything if you do that’s a sign something is wrong. If a company wants to send a messenger to your house to pick up money. Then they say that it is part of there service, they are most likely taking your money and running. They don’t want any trace of who they are, where they do business, and any way they can be reached.

When you are talking to a telemarketer ask for the person’s name, if they have an ID number, where the business is located, and if you can get their business license number. They can still give you fakes of all of these but at least you can check it out before you buy. Don’t be afraid to check with the Better Business Bureau if they are not listed then you know something might be wrong.

The bottom line is help protect our seniors make sure you go over all these things with your parents and grandparents. Information is power the more information you can give them the better prepared they will be if your not there.

Scamming The Elderly, Senior Citizen Scams, Ugly Scams, Prescription Drug Scams

Prescription Drug Scams – This One Can Be Deadly

We all know the problems with health care and the cost of prescription drugs so our seniors are left in a bind, they go online to see if they can find cheaper drugs. The scary part of this is they can be counterfeit drugs, making this a potentially deadly scam. The other issue is they can order the drugs pay for them and the fraudulent company keeps the money.

The other thing these scam artists target is anti aging products. They will try to sell fake homeopathic remedies and also things like fake Botox. Our seniors are being targeted by these scam artist’s by selling these anti aging products. It’s important to let our seniors know that just because it’s on the internet it doesn’t mean it’s real. The consequences can be deadly.

Computer Tech Support Scams – Another Ugly Scam

The senior will get a call from a blocked number or even an international number. They like to target seniors because they are usually more trusting. The scammers will claim to be a certified tech from Microsoft or some other reputable company.

They will scare the senior with claims that they found a virus, or some malware, or a virus on their computer. Then the scammer will walk them through a bunch of screens, of course all technical screens. The senior gets nervous not knowing any of the technical stuff.

Then the scammer will say, don’t worry I can fix your computer from here. They will ask if the senior minds if they attach to their computer remotely so they can install software to fix and clean the computer.

Of course the scammer will ask for payment for the services. This can cost the senior hundreds of dollars and of course will want the payment with a credit card or an online payment.

If the senior was to say no the scammer will most likely tell them that the computer will end up being useless and you will lose all your important data that is saved on the computer. Sometimes the scammer will get really angry and start to threaten the senior and tell them they will destroy their computer.

I’m sure you figured out there is nothing wrong with the computer and this is just a way to scam the senior out of their money. But they have a way of being very sincere and they are only looking out for their best interest.

Again, just let your family know about these ruthless scammers. They do like to go after seniors but this scam can get anyone they are very convincing.

Scamming The Elderly, Senior Citizen Scams, Ugly Scams, Work At Home

Work From Home Scams – Taking Advantage Of A Need

Many of our seniors haven’t planned well for their golden years, or they are just looking for a sense of worth. So when these scams come along looking for people to work from home the unsuspecting senior thinks this is a way to make some money.

Now of course the scammer promises that the pay is wonderful and you don’t have to do much work. Of course there is an upfront cost to get into these business. They will make it sound like you will make the money back in no time, and then make big money after they get into the business.

After, the senior forks over the money they will never hear from the company again. The most popular scams out there are Stuffing Envelopes, Product Assembly, and Medical Billing. Although, these companies like to target seniors anyone can fall victim to these scams.

If things sound too good to be true, they usually are.


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  1. Great read. Scamming people who do not understand technology is horrendous. Sad there are people out there praying on the people who helped make the world the way it is.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Great to see you here, to me this is the worst of all scams, to take advantage of our Seniors is just horrible. I really agree with you. We should be thanking and helping them not trying to steal their life savings. It’s great to hear from readers that really get it. Thank you for stopping by, come back soon I am always adding new content to expose all the scammers out there.

      All the best,


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