Worst Teen Scams Going Around

Scams That Target Teens – Protect Our Teens

Scams That Target Teens, Take Advantage Teens, Work At Home Teens

There are many scams that target teens, mostly because they to trusting. They see dreams of being rich without doing anywork. They see FREE and they think it is really free. Teens are more tech savvy than ever before, they have been using computers since they were in preschool.

This sometimes brings the teens to a whole new level of confidence so they feel untouchable. Scammers love this because their over confidence leads them to be careless. There is software, we as parents can put on our computers to lock some of this activity. Most of the time parents either don’t think about it or think that their kid is not going to be the one that it will happen to.

Modeling / Talent – Scam – Play On Vanity

This can happen at a busy mall or shopping center. The scammer will stop your child and tell them that they are a “talent scout” and asks them if they ever did any modeling. The teen usually says no, so the “talent scout” (shocked) says wow you’ve could be a model! Then they will give them their business card.

Scams That Target Teens, Take Advantage Teens, Work At Home Teens, Modeling Teens

Now because the teen and a lot of the time the parents as well have dreams of stardom now all common sense goes out the window. So you’ve made an

appointment bring your teen to the “agency” and you sitand talk to a “talent scout”. This is where the scam starts they will tell you all the potential your child has and start talking about head shots and a portfolio. Of course, they are not going to pay for that it is on you.

They will now want to set appointments for all of this to happen with a hefty price tag. The modeling and acting field is filled with these types of scams, they play not only on the teens vanity but also the parents. Just be sure to check into the agency and / or the person on the card. Most likely you will find their name and company name on the internet under “Scam Alert”.

Get Rich Quick – Teens Have Dreams

This is all about the “get-rich-quick” dream. These companies are targeting social media and who is always on social media, our teens. You must have seen the adds Make $200/hour from the comfort of home. This small town girl has made $19,000 last month you can too if you follow our turn key system.

These adds are targeting social media like Instagram, because this site is popular with teens. I would imagine Snap Chat is riddled with them as well. With all these easy money scams it is like fishing in a

Scams That Target Teens, Take Advantage Teens, Work At Home Teens

barrel, you have all these teens with dreams of being rich with almost no work. Then you have these sites that promise this very same thing.

Explain to your teens that things that sound too good to be true usually are. When they try these scam site and lose their money usually they won’t tell anyone.

Fake Brand Name Scam – Teens Want What Everyone Has

Scammers will set up online stores to sell their counterfeit goods, they will copy the sites of the big brand name sites. They are hoping to fool you’ve into thinking these are the real thing. Teens just want what is hot and if they see the items that they want for a closeout or bargain price they will buy.

There are so many online stores it is very difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fake. So when, your teengoes on these sites most likely they think they are just getting a deal. These scammers are mostly operating out of China. When you buy from this scam site they will ask for payment with a credit card. They want the credit card so not only can they grab your money but they can also get your info. There has also been reports of victims of identity theft as well.

So the scammer will get the order for the items, then they will get the credit card number. Like I said they now have payment and your credit card number. They will likely buy other items fraudulently, or sell your info and card number on the black market. Of course, they will also process the payment for the items your teen purchased.

Once they get payment they will either send some cheap knock-off of the product you thought you

Scams That Target Teens, Take Advantage Teens, Work At Home Teenspurchased. Or they just won’t send the item at all. Remember the item is shipping from China so most likely it will take about 2 weeks shipping time. So once, your teen realizes they have been scammed it is weeks later. Even when the brand name companies find out about these scammer sites and shut them down, it is too late.

So when your teen asks for your credit card, ask what they are buying and where are they buying it from. Check out the website and make sure it is reputable. If they have their own credit card talk to them about sites like this and make sure they understand not everyone is honest.

Secret Shopper Scam – Tempting To Teens

You get a package from FEDEX it is addressed to your teenage son / daughter they take it to their room and open it. Inside is a check for $2750 and a letter. The letter says this is your mystery shopper job take the $2500 check cash it at your bank. Then go to Walmart and buy 5 – $500 vanilla prepaid credit cards, you can go to more than one store if you have to. You keep $150 as your payment for the job. If you’ve done it in less than 24 hours you get a bonus of $100 so you kept the $250.

After you, buy the cards fill out the survey about your experience with the clerk when buying them. After you, buy the cards and fill out the survey put the cards and the survey in the postage paid envelope and Scams That Target Teens, Take Advantage Teens, Work At Home Teens, Phone Scamsdrop it in the mailbox. Depending on how well you’ve done you will be getting many more opportunities to earn money with our company.

Now lets say your teen gets all excited about this easy money. They follow all the directions cash the check, buy the cards, fill out survey, and keep their $250 (Easy Money). Now about a week later you get another letter, except this time it is from the bank you’ve cashed the check at. It’s a letter telling you the $2500 check bounced and there is a $35 bounced check fee, and another $35 charge for account being over drafted.

Now that easy money turned into a disaster your out $2,570 you’ve been SCAMMED. This is why they attempt to go after teens and elderly people. They are trusting and sometimes naive. Talk to your teens or eldery parents or grandparents about this scam. Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you.

The Bottom Line – Have The Talk

Talk to your teens about the world and how not everyone is honest. If they get that funny feeling listen to it, or at least ask an adult what they think. Keep the lines of communication open let your teen know you are there for them. And if they do make a mistake let them know they are not the only one to ever fall for this. Keep in mind that you as the parent can make a difference.

Just love your kids no matter what losing a sum of money will hurt but it’s a life lesson. Remember we all had to learn somehow and they will come out better for it. With that being said, talking and knowledge can stop this before it ever happens.

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  1. Teenagers today just want to make the most money for the least amount of work. This makes it easy for scammers to get participants. Great article capturing this problem, teens or anyone thinking about working online should read.

    1. Nicole,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. You are absolutely right they are looking for easy prey. You just need to do some research before jumping into anything. It’s just like the saying goes… If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is. Stay away from those SCAMS!!! Come back soon, I am always adding new content.

      All the best,


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