Seven Figure Profit Code – Quit Being Self-Destructive

Hey folks, how’s things going? All is well at this end. Just doing my regular looking into systems that guarantee you will make money. Like Seven Figure Profit Code, I love that guarantee “If you don’t make money we will give you a full refund.” We see this all the time, but do we ever get our refund?

First, do you request your refund, most people never do. Second, do you really put your all into the system you just purchased? Your most likely tired of me saying this if you come here often, but with Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to worry about a refund.

Why you ask, because you can start Wealthy Affiliate for Free no Credit Card required. You can try before you spend one red cent. I have yet to find another program that lets you sign up first and then pay. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, but I want you to give it a real try.

On to, Seven Figure Profit Code – You can finally quit being Self-Destructive 

Seven Figure Profit Code – Sales Page

Lets jump right into Seven Figure Profit Code, they are not off to a good start. The sales page is just that a sales page, right off the go they use the tactic of there is only 7 spots left. This just makes me laugh, I would love to hear from someone anyone that was turned down to sign up. (red flag #1 hurry or your gonna miss out)

I can say with 100% confidence that you will never be turned down. Not only that but the sales videostarts right out with claims of making $1K or more a day. (red flag #2 outrageous claims of wealth) I don’t know if you have watched the sales video yet, but the third person Megan starts by saying she is nervous.

                       Nervous recording yourself? Really!

Poor Megan is nervous because she has never recorded herself before? That is an interesting claim because you can actually hire Megan through a site called Fiverr.

She and many others will make a sales video for your program claiming whatever you pay them to claim (basically). (red flag #3 fake testimonials) At least she is Top Rated and on the first page of Fiverr… If your product is worth a damn you don’t need paid actors.

Don’t Share, This Is Confidential

               Pick an owner any owner?

At this point in the sales video we get to meet Meaghan Harper, she says she can’t afford to give everyone on the internet $1K. So she is letting us know how special we are that we are on this page. I don’t feel very special because all I did was type SevenFigureProfitCode. Com in the address bar.

What would a sales video be without claims of her own wealth as she shows a bank balance of $3.1 million. If that’s, not enough she also shows a PayPal account with $192K in it just sitting there. I feel it necessary to let you know that you won’t find her name or any other on these statements.

Meaghan, goes on to tell us that she just paid out over $67K of her own money to 11 people that just watched this video last week. Oh ya I almost forgot if you are watching the sales video and it goes down it’s because all the spots are filled up and you missed out. (red flag #1 again)

I want you to do me a big favor, no matter what she says don’t feel the need to jump on the button. I promise you the spots will never fill up. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, get you all nerved up thinking you are going to miss out.

You Can Be On The Payroll By Tomorrow

This is how you can be on the payroll by tomorrow she is looking for 45 people to join her. All you need is a desire to win personally and professionally. You don’t need to know anything about the business she is going to provide all the training necessary to succeed.

To set up this system it only takes about 15 minutes on our end. Its so simple a child could set this up and run it. (red flag #4 to make money online it takes work) You are going to be happy to know that she is telling us that this is not another cheesy sales pitch. (I don’t know what else you would call it)

                                     You know better than this…

Now, she is going to tell us all this money she sent out like to Bobby $1.6K also $1.1K to Megan you remember these two are our friends from Fiverr. Just in case you are skeptical you can find these people on Fiverr that’s simple. The second thing is in the corner of the video it says “User testimonials are not representative of average earnings”

So what she would like you to believe is you are going to make at least $1K a day that’s $365K a year. All you have to do is spend 15 – 20 minutes a day on your schedule. (red flag #2 and a splash of a new red flag) I can’t stress this enough, it takes work to make an income online.

She Is Not Asking

That’s right she is not asking for any money and she is not asking for us to commit to anything. Right off this makes no sense she wants our money at least other wise why is she doing this sales video? She can only tell us so much in a public setting like this one.

So all she wants is for us to fill out our name and email address to let her know we are interested and she will fill us in later. GOOD NEWS! I’m in my spot has been confirmed. Now I am 90% done all I have to do is watch this video for my next steps.

You are not going to believe this but I am so lucky that a discounted spot has just opened up for 22% of the price. WOW! what luck now I can get in for $67 instead of everyone else that had to pay $97. Just when I thought this is as good as it gets another discount spot just opened up and I can get in for $47 48% off the price.

It does give you a pop up that says you can get in for $17. The lowest I can get the checkout to say is $47. The bottom line to this is you are here because you looking to make money online. So throwing away even $17 is not why you are here.

OK, we were having some fun at the expense of this system and the ridiculous claims. So let’s see what you think of this disclaimer that is right at the bottom of the website before you opt in.

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”


The one good thing if your looking for some bright light is that this is being sold through ClickBetter so the refund policy is 60 days. Just remember that if you buy any up sells your going to be on your own. Don’t count on a swift refund policy on their part.

Bottom Line

I could keep going on and showing you many more ways this is not a program you want to be involved in. I think with the Red Flags you most likely have seen enough to know you might just want to pass on this. There is also the owner of the system is it this Meghan Harper or Michael Grayson?

          Owner? Mugshot? Both?

Take a look at his picture tell me this isn’t a stock photo? There is no other information about this guy, who he is? Where he came from? Also, where does Meghan fit into this? I am guessing this is just a smoke screen for who ever is really the man/woman  behind the curtain.

As usual, they are using this secret system to make crazy amounts of money but never give you any idea what it’s about. I will be honest with you guys, I didn’t buy this program. I have bought so many of these so called Systems that I know a BS system when I see it.

I spend my days searching out systems and trainings that will work for the regular person. The unrealistic claims of this hidden system, combined with the untruths that are littered throughout this sales video. Are enough for me to know where this system is going to leave you.

Let’s just say you want to go on your own and purchase this system. That is completely up to you and if you do I wish you the best of luck. But, just reread their disclaimer before you spend any money.

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”

If you still want to jump in you might want to take a look at this, I have to give them this much they have a pretty big set. This is not plastered on their front page you have to really look for it and sadly most people won’t see it.


So you have just given them permission to spam the living hell out of you, that’s at the least if you want to look at the worst case. Then your looking at the company selling your information to the highest bidder. So without to much reading between the lines you can see where they plan to make their money.

Just so you know I didn’t forget, I still have yet to figure out what You can finally quit being Self-Destructive even has to do with this so called program?

If you have any questions or you just want to comment or wait… if you try this system please leave a comment below!

All the best,






  1. OK—I got sucked in tonight to “seven figure profit code”.
    I want my money back and it’s already being processed so the bank can’t stop the transactions.
    Is there some route you know of to get a refund from them — What makes them act on a refund request, if anything? Total amount $264.00 ($67.00 + $197.00).

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hello Charles,

      I’m sorry you got pulled in, but I have lost more money than I care to think about on phony claims and get rich quick schemes. Don’t feel too bad its happened to all of us. OK, this system is sold through ClickBetter so you can get a refund from them up to 60 days after purchase. That’s the good news, but if you bought up sells and it looks like you did its going to be tough to get a refund on the up sells.

      Seven figure profit code most likely will not refund you anything. They grab and go that’s how they make their money. You can try and I would try, but I hate to say it most of these companies you will never see a refund from. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and I wish I could offer more.

      If you would like to get involved in a legit company and start for FREE no credit card needed take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They have all up to date training and you can build 2 free websites with the FREE membership. Give it a try you have absolutely nothing too lose!

      Thanks for your question!
      I wish you nothing but success!


    2. Hey Charles,

      I got sucked in, too, even though I know better. I listened to it while driving and know there’s a lot of money to be made online. Did you get a call from a live person? This girls seems super nice and so I almost got in further! Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!

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