Big Profit System Review

The Big Profit System Review – Is There Big Profit?

Big Profit System ReviewThe Big Profit System deserves a review, I opened my text the other day and against my better judgment I clicked on the link. It brought me to The Big Profit System page and I wondered is there really opportunity for Big Profit.

I get more systems, get-rich-quick scams, and how to make money from home opportunities than I can count. This one caught my eye I’m really not sure why? But I figured I will look into it. You might be in the same boat, I get them because I am always looking out to make sure you guys don’t get scammed.

But, most of the time your inbox and text get over run by these so called opportunities because your looking for a way to make money online. The more you click the more you get. Anyway, let’s see what we have in this system and get on with… “The Big Profit System Review” and find out if there is big profit?

Is This Really Big Profit System?

I have been trying to get to the end of the yellow brick road, it seems every time I click on a link Millionaire-Marketing-Machine-Reviewit brings me to another system. When, you click on The Big Profit System (official) on Google it will take you to a video. In the video you see a guy standing in an empty house except for a couch with 35 one hundred dollar bills on it.

He then goes to the door to get the delivery FedEx left (so he says) of course he shows us his huge house complete with a drawbridge yup a drawbridge. He opens the envelope inside is $3600 in cash. But, when you put in your first name and email it takes you to the Millionaire Marketing Machine website.

What Is The Big Profit System Or Millionaire Marketing Machine

This is a system where you sell nothing but make big profits? This is what they want you to believe, you get a website when you sign up you send out text messages or emails. People just come to you to I guess beg you to sign up but, they do have a call center that will close your deal if you need it.

Now they claim it’s all about advertising and this cookie cutter website that you get. What it looks like is you get this website and you can customize it so that’s the reason for all these names. When, you customize your website you put in the name you want to go by. I will also add once your on Millionaire Marketing Machine and you keep clicking to get to the sign up page.

Finally, you get there and then click on terms and conditions it will take you to yet another website called “The Alliance” I’m guessing this is the master mind behind these systems. The terms and conditions are nothing you would want to sign off on. Any attorney would most likely have a coronary if you brought this to them and told them you signed up.


OK, So What Are You Getting Into

It is a system that has quite a few levels that you can invest into. The low level starts at $500 all the way up to I hope your sitting down $20,000. The levels…

  • Bronze – $500 commission $195 Admin Fee for the company.
  • Silver – $2,000 commission $196 admin fee for company
  • Gold – $3,500 commission $197 admin fee
  • Platinum – $6,500 commission $248 admin fee
  • Diamond – $12,000 commission $298 – wave the 1 up qualifier sale
  • Elite – $20,000 commission $485 – wave the 1 up qualifier sale

With this system you will only be paid up to the level that you are signed up for. If your in at the Bronze level you can only make the $500 commission and all the rest gets passed up the line millionaire-marketing-machine-productsuntil you get to the person that is at that level. With each person in between taking the money at their level.

So if your at the bronze at $500 and you sell an Elite package you only get the $500 commission. The rest of the $19,500 keeps going up the line so if the next person is at Gold level they can only get $3500 and so on till the money is gone.

Now, if you get in at the Bronze to the Platinum level you must pass up your first commission to the person that signed you up, that is their reward for getting you into this mess. (Did I type that) When you get in at the Diamond or Elite level they wave the 1 up. But, it is the plan that this will all come back you to over and over.

They tell you that the beauty part of this whole scheme is that you get paid direct when you sell these packages, I will tell you about them in a minute. Being paid direct as I was saying by cash, money order, check, certified check, wire transfer, or credit card. The plan is that over time assuming that you could unload any of these packages you will upgrade your tier so you can make the top dollar.

How Much Does It Cost To Get In

  • Bronze – $695Big Profit system evil
  • Silver – $2,196
  • Gold – $3,697
  • Platinum – $6,748
  • Diamond – $12,298
  • Elite – $20,485

That’s not the end of paying you also pay $30 a month fee for website hosting and another $19 a month for email system. Not done yet you still have to pay for advertising that can cost another bundle. Remember back in the beginning when they said they will close the deal for you, they will but they take a 20% cut of the sale.

Now if you are thinking I can always upgrade to higher level if I ever make any money it works like this. If you get in at the Bronze level and then you want to go to the Gold level you would pay the $3500 less the $500 you already paid for bronze level, plus the $196 silver level admin fee plus the $197 gold admin fee. They win 2 different ways.

  1. They either get as much out of you as you can upfront.
  2. They get all the extra admin fees if you ever sign up to upgrade.

What are you buying and then selling for all that $$

You are selling different packages of business building products. It seems a bit crazy they are selling all kinds of videos and books internet based so you can build a business. BUT!!!, Theybig profit system review are telling you that this is a turn key system and it’s all done for you.

So if this is just a money making machine what the heck do you need with all this crap that you could find on the internet and not have to pay $20K for it. I’m not going to list all the products cause it’s just a waste of time. They have some kind of product so it stays on the line of legal, barely. There are more ebooks and videos depending what level you buy in at I just didn’t put every picture in this post. I wanted to give you an idea of what $20K is going to get you.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I have to say too much as you can see it’s a bunch of (BS). If, your really going to be blinded by all this nonsense there is nothing anyone can say. What they are hoping is all the big numbers and all the money your going to make will cloud your judgement.  Any system that says it’s 100% done for you and then sells the products they do is just double talking.

This is why these things just keep poping up because people fall for them. The only one that is going to make a bunch of money is the people at the top and try to find out who that is. They do use a couple of first names but that’s it, if you have this great system making all kinds of people so much money. Wouldn’t you shout your name from the rooftops!!! I did see one name but he is a diamond director not the creator of the scam, I mean system.

Lastly I didn’t bring this up but I will now they put down just about every job there is on the internet. They put down owning a website, blogging, MLM, and any other way to make legit money online. By saying it takes to long, too much competition, or how many $20 ebooks do you think your going to sell.

There is nothing out there that happens without work unless you can stay ahead of the law. Even that would be work because your always looking over your shoulder.

My final, final thoughts on this system is to pass and just keep looking.


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