Lazy Trader Scam Or Not

The Lazy Trader – Scam Or Not?

Lazy Trader, Work From Home

Here we go, today we are going to look at something called The Lazy Trader. Just for a second lets look at the name The Lazy Trader, “LAZY” my question how many of us look at this and say “Great LAZY” and how many look at this and say “Oh no LAZY

I’m sure you can find other review’s about The Lazy Trader, and I bet some might be good of course some will be bad. I just want you to know I have nothing to do with The Lazy Trader. This is just a view from the outside looking in. All by doing much research on this.

Name: The Lazy Trader

Website: TheLazyTrader.Com

Price: SCAM 0/10 Free to join (Wait there is more to it)

Owner: Rick Daniels

Training: SCAM 0/10

Support: SCAM 0/10

Overall Rank: SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

We rank each of these items as a SCAM or SUCCESS from 0-10, 10 being the best and 0 well, not so good in other words RUN, RUN like the wind…

Why? All These Zeros

If you were to go on to this site and start digging in I can see why people would get sucked in. But as soon as you were to start watching the sales video’s you get that funny feeling like I have seen something like this before, but where? Could it be the beginning of those other Scams I looked at.

When you get those feelings just remember what happened to you last time. Sometimes it’s tough you want to believe that this is it I finally found what I was looking for. Just remember that little voice in your head.

What is The Lazy Trader All About

This is one of those so called trading websites, many of these are popping up all over the web. Binary option trading is what this is all about.

Binary option trading is being tagged as a very easy way to make money. So as it says in the name “Lazy Trader” they target this to people that want to make a bunch of money online but, not having to do much work.

As we all know you can’t make money online or off without doing any of the work. Anything worth having is worth working for.

The Good And The Bad

The Good

The good is for the owners of this site and system, if you think the free training software is a plus just keep reading.

The Bad

You will lose money. (More on this in a bit)

They use all the oldest tricks in the book. Showing you all the “Good things in life” all the beautiful cars and the model like women. Of course all the huge claims of wealth and all the money they are making from this system.

Free Training Software – Is Free Really Free

So looking at this and seeing “Free Training Software” how can I lose it’s free so what’s the harm? This is where they get you they give you some useless software and get you to sign up with one of their brokers.

Now if you want the “Free Software” to work they will ask you to add money to your account, the minimum they will ask for is $250. As soon as you do that then they will activate the software.

Now once this money is put into your account they will take a commission from that deposit. Now you can see how they make their money. This puts you in a bad position because now you are stuck.

This Is Why You Might Find Good Reviews

If you look around online you may come across some reviews that say this system actually works. Now I’m going to tell you why, the reason is they will pay commissions to affiliate marketers to promote their product.

There are even different review sites that will actually take bribes in the form of commissions to post positive reviews. So you need to be careful when looking for reviews.

The Lazy Trader – Bottom Line

When you look at their website and video they show all kinds of fake claims of how much money can be made in such a short period. Fake testimonials and as you can see Not HTTPS Secure.

Scam Exposed, Scam Alert


Outrageous Claims, Work At Home

Not to mention they show a fake image of a trading interface. They lifted this from some other software. My guess would be they copied this software because they think it looks convincing.

Fake Trading Dashboard, Lazy Trader

Please don’t be pulled into this web of lies, once they get your credit card it’s to late. Even when you fill out the add to get the free video and system they are cashing in on your information by selling it.

So the advice of AffiliateMarketingScamOrNot is to stay far away from Lazy Trader as I have talked about many times if a system gives claims that you can make a ton of money with little or no work it’s not legit.

AffiliateMarketingScamOrNot – Ranking 0/10 SCAM!!!

If you have any questions about this review or a product you would like us to review leave your comments below.

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