Too Damn Easy A Scam?

Hello folks! How is everyone doing on this Sunday? Today we are going to look at something called “Too Damn Easy.Com” already I am worried just by the name. But, we will see what happens. The first thing on the sales page is the headline. Yearly Salaries Delivered Daily. In Cash. By Overnight Courier. 6 Days A Week. This is a cash gifting system now the question is what is a cash gifting system?

  • Name – TooDamnEasy
  • Website – TooDamnEasy.Com
  • Owner – Q
  • Price – There Are Different Levels $2K, $6K, $18K
  • Rating – My Advice Stay Away!

Cash Gifting Expert

Q (That’s his name) is the cash gifting expert, well so he says. He starts his sales video showing you $60K in cash, that was what he says he made in one day. So this is where he Too Damn Easygets, make a year salary in just one day. Now he is going to show us that there is really 600, $100 bills. I am not sure what this has to do with anything, but will see where this goes. He puts the money through an electronic counter to show there is 600, $100 bills.

Now he tells us how he has gone to a car dealerships and bought cars for cash. This cash gifting system is freedom, it’s a way to not having to work all the time we do now. So the whole sales video was just to see that there was really $60K there. I still have no idea, why not show us what this system is all about?

Who Is This Q Character

He is the mystery man behind the stack of cash. Q is the guy that just made an over 14-minute video about counting $60K, 600, $100 dollar bills. We never really find out who he actually is and he doesn’t show his face on the video. I don’t know about you, but I have a very hard time trusting someone I have no idea who he is. It really doesn’t give me any confidence in this Q or his system.

What Is Cash Gifting

First off according to the IRS you can gift up to $14K without paying taxes. Now that doesn’t mean that these cash gifting schemes are legit. So, cash gifting is really just the process of giving money away to someone or something else. It can be anything from giving a Christmas, Birthday, or Wedding gift etc or giving money to your favorite charity. Simply it’s gifting cash, there are no sales going on nothing given in return.

Too Damn Easy

So Is It Legal

As you saw above what the IRS allows you to do and what is within the law. But, if these schemes are actually a pyramid then they would be illegal. The IRS is only in the business of tax codes and how to apply the taxes. They do not decide if the way you actually make money is legal or not. So bottom line if the gifting system is a pyramid scheme they are illegal.

Too Damn Easy

What Is A Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits member with a promise of making money or getting services for getting others to join into the scheme, without supplying investments or any sale of products or services. While you are recruiting many others, recruiting becomes impossible, and most of the members do not profit. This makes pyramid schemes unsustainable and often times illegal.Too Damn Easy

Pyramid schemes have been around for at least a century in different forms. Most multi-level marketing plans fall into a sub-group of pyramid schemes. In a pyramid scheme, an organization requires people that want to join to make a payment. They then promise its new members a share of the money that they take in from recruiting more members. The people at the top also get a share of this money.

It can be very lucrative for the people at the top of the pyramid, whether they do any work or not. The rest of the organization’s members have the incentive to continue recruiting new members as they funnel money to the top of the pyramid. It’s the top people in the pyramid that make all the money.

OK, So How Does Too Damn Easy Work

You start by signing up for “Too Damn Easy” then you gift away either $2K, $6K, or $18K. I don’t know about you, but they lost me when they want me to gift someone I don’t know any of those amounts of money. Now, for this system to keep working there has to be new members. The way you get new members is by sending out postcards yours will have your personal referral ID on them.

They make up the postcards so you just have to put a stamp on them and send them out. Q supposedly has lists of people that are just dying to give you their money, a list of leads. Q will supply you with this list of leads. There are so many issues already with this from the investment (If you want to call it that) to having to place a stamp on each card. How many do you think you will send out and pay for the stamps?

Then your “Million Dollar Professional Team Leader” will take charge of the sign up process with your prospects. The team leader will get a recruiting bonus, and you get your “gift” from the person that the leader signed up. Like I said earlier there is no way I am gifting anyone I don’t know that amount of money, so how many people do you think are going to feel the same way.

This is a chart of how this all is supposed to go down…

Too Damn Easy

What Is This Going To Set You Back

As you saw earlier there are 3 levels to join at three high level investments. But, that’s not all if your really lucky (Or unlucky) you will get invited to join at the high tier level, I will explain in a minute. That’s not all you will have to pay there is also a membership fee as well as a team leader bonus. Not only that, but at these prices you only get access to the system for 6 months. You can stay in if you want to start all over again with a new investment.

  1. $2K Gift & $100 Team Lead Bonus & $300 Membership Fee
  2. $6K Gift & $200 Team Lead Bonus & $400 Membership Fee
  3. $18K Gift & $300 Team Lead Bonus & $500 Membership Fee
  4. $100K Gift & $400 Team Lead Bonus & $1K Membership Fee (This is the invitation only level)

The Bottom Line

The bottom line to this is how many people do you think you are going to get to go all in for $2K+, $6K+, $18K+, or $100K+ are you kidding me. Not only that, but could you really try to recruit people when you know full well this system is going to collapse?

How would you feel if you were at the end of the line and your money was going to be gone. Money is important to all of us, but would you really compromise your morals knowing people are going to lose big. Only you can answer this question and you know whether you can live with yourself or not.

Q says he is going to give us leads and they are suppose to be people that are ready to spend. But, what happens when the leads run out are you going to con your family and friends? My advice to you is pass this by don’t get involved in a system that you know is going to fall.

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