WahRev Review, Scam Warning

WahRev Review – WahRev Scam Or Not ?

Again, I was doing my usual daily ritual of checking out my site then I check Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. See if there is anything going on their and see if I need to update any content. After that I do my click and go method and see where the internet takes me. It took me to WahRev work at home business website.

WahRev Review, Scam WarningI came upon this video of this woman telling me that she was laid off from her job had no where to turn, had 3 kids at home, she was a single mother and all the other stories. She then went on to say that all of a sudden her life changed when she connected with this guy on Facebook.

He offered her a job but on one condition she couldn’t tell anyone about what she was doing. Even though she thought that was strange she agreed and took the job. She now works only a few hours a day from the beach, pool, out of the country wherever she wants.

She went from no job no hope thinking that her and her 3 kids were going to live on the streets, to living in a beach side property with more money than she ever thought possible. WOW, that was something I think I have to get a tissue, but at least her 3 kids are not out on the streets.

I’m sure you have guessed by now were here to do a WahRev Review and you are right. Today were going to take a look at WahRev also called Work At Home Revenue System and were going to see if her claims are a SCAM or NOT.

  • Product Name – Wah-Rev (Work At Home Revenue System)
  • Owner – Michelle Robinson? Bobbie?
  • Price – Starts At $97 If You Hang In Long Enough It Goes To $47
  • Guarantee – 30-day money back.
  • Website – WahRev.Com
  • AffiliateMarketingScamOrNot – Rating – SCAM!! RUN!!!

What Is WahRev All About – What You Do To Rake In The Dough

You are led to believe by the woman in the video, that she is Michelle Robinson or Bobbie. But in the real world Michelle Robinson and Bobbie don’t exist. (Sorry to all the real Michelle Robinson’s and Bobbie’s out their, you do exist.) You are going to learn all about link posting. If, you remember you might have heard of Stay At Home Revenue, Work At Home Institute and WahEdu.WahRev Review, Scam

They were all put out by “Michelle Robinson” and their are a few more and I am guessing by now you figured out to stay away. They put out these scams until someone figures out they are scams then they change the name and keep going. Actually one of their sites is still in operation WahEdu.Com it’s basically the same except no woman telling her sob story. When, you look at the page of what you will get with each system both pages are exactly the same.

These companies, the ones that are scams will use fake people to try to relate to the average “Joe”, they make up stories about how they were down-and-out and then became wealthy. Using the idea that anyone can do this and no special skills are required all add to the game. People read these stories and think well if they can do it so can I, and so begins the SCAM.

WahRev Price – What’s The Deal

The price actually starts at $397 but then they say it’s a special so they are taking $300 right off the top. Now they start with the pitch, spots are filling up fast and I (Fake Michelle) can only personally train so many people and if you don’t get in now it will be too late.WahRev Review, Whats The Deal

So after she said that, of course I was nervous I was going to miss out so I pressed the join now button, HAHA. Once I was on the sign up page I clicked the back button and a pop up came up saying to stay on the page. I did and then the video started playing and said if you sign up now were going to reduce the price another $20 so now you pay only $77.

So I figured why not try the back button again, the same thing happened and they went down to the rock bottom price of $47 so you better act now. Classic scam move you can’t get them to sign up so keep lowering the price till you snag them. I feel bad for anyone that signs up for this program but even worse if you paid the $97.

What is WahRev Going to Give You For $97 now $77 I Mean $47

They are going to give you…

  • Get instant access to all our video lessons.
  • Learn at your own pace.WahRev Review
  • Access your material from anywhere in the world 24/7.
  • 5 days a week phone & email support included.
  • 6-month of unlimited access (Not Sure What Happens After 6 Months)
  • Subscription to our newsletter where we share market news, trends, and new developments.
  • And much more

What they are giving you is the steps to a link-posting scam the program they are selling is nothing you can’t find on the internet for free. They are giving you access to over 100 videos how much fluff can one person watch. Now if you watch the sob story video they tell you what you are going to be doing but they use terms that the average person might not know means link-posting. If, they said that in the first place they would loose most people right there.

It Says No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

WahRev Review, WahRev ScamThey were right about half of this statement, it’s no hassle because you will never see your money back. The only thing is you thought it meant no hassle for you that’s where you would be mistaken. The other thing is they say it’s only the one time fee don’t believe that either there are up sells.

They will call you and email you to death trying to get you to go to the next step to earning more money. Of course, they will be the only one getting more money, I will not say earning. I have seen people get scammed for $700 and more from this system. It’s all about taking advantage of people when they are down-and-out they thrive on peoples emotions.

They Ask For Your Info

This is the other thing you really need to be careful of they ask for your name, address, phone number, email, and credit card info. Most people wouldn’t think too much about this you figure they need this WahRev Scam Reviewinformation to process the sale and nowadays it’s secure to put that info online. Isn’t it?

It is usually pretty safe to put your information online as far as paying bills and to reputable companies. The key here is reputable companies this is not one of them, they will sell your information for additional profits. They will sell your information to other marketing companies and then watch the spam emails and the non-stop phone calls come in.

The Bottom Line – How Do They Sleep At Night

Stay far away from this SCAM when you see a company using fake names, fake people, and fake situations to pull at the heart strings its FAKE. This company is not the only one, the same people have WahRev Review Scam, Bottom Linescammed money from hard-working people, it’s just one in a long line of scams.

It takes a bit of checking and you have to try to keep emotions out of your decision. The hard part of this scam company is they are very vague about what you will be doing. Like I said they do tell you what you will be doing but, most people won’t notice or understand because they hide it in some fancy terms.

They also, have a good line of old fashion BS just enough to get you interested. Just don’t jump into anything until you check things out a little at least to find out if they have multiple companies doing the same thing. Come back and see me I add content all the time to try to let people know so they don’t get scammed.

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