ClickBank vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank 2.0 – Who’s The Winner?

Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank 2.0, Scam or Not

I decided to write this just so people can see the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank 2.0. I was wondering the internet and came upon the ClickBank website, I clicked on it and went for a look. What popped up, a video telling all about ClickBank 2.0 so I stayed to watch. I decided to dig a bit deeper to see what I could find out. It was very interesting and made me think this post was a good idea.

I don’t want to sound to redundant because if you looked around at my site, I have done a review about Wealthy Affiliate. This will be a much different view, it’s more of a comparison well it is a comparison.

OK, enough of that let’s just get going to the meat and potatoes…

The Owners / Creators

Wealthy Affiliates – Kyle & Carson

ClickBank 2.0 – Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

Free Starter Wealthy Affiliate, Legit Home BusinessClickBank 2.0, Online Marketplace

Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank 2.0 – Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate – Getting started is very easy you click the link and go to a sign up page, and then sign up for free. You get a free account for 7 days that includes 2 free websites, free website builder, free training, access to the community, and more (you can stay a free member for as long as you like). If you like what you see you have the option of being a premium member for $47 a month. With premium, you get access to 50 included websites, thousands of themes, full access to the community, more training, live webinars and so much more.

ClickBank 2.0 – Getting started is easy here as well, sign up and go. The only difference is you pay $47 to join they claim it’s a 30-day money back guarantee but I didn’t try a refund. You can also sign up for up sells to add value to your experience $297 for a year, $97 a month. They also have live webinars, and a bunch of training.

Getting Into The Websites

Wealthy Affiliate – Once you get into the website, you can start right in with the 10 steps of training that you get with your free membership. You also have full access to the huge community and other training material and get to know the website. When you become a full member $47/month you have access to all training, videos, community and much more.

ClickBank Funnel, ClickBank University, Funnel

ClickBank 2.0 – After you pay your $47 you have access to the site but some classes are locked out. They will open at some point, you have things to keep you busy in the meantime. Once you open the members site it is laid out neat and orderly with easy to find material. The biggest issue is if you learn faster you still have to wait till they open the others to move on.

They Have Two Different Ways Of Doing Things

Wealthy Affiliate – At Wealthy Affiliate you learn all about the world of affiliate marketing, they dive into helping pick out your niche, setting up your website, picking out keywords, and much more. Their focus is getting you rolling on how to make an income online. Also, they will help you with signing up for affiliates this is the main way they teach you to make money online.

ClickBank 2.0 – ClickBank has a different strategy their focus is on helping you to build your product. Their training helps you decide on an idea for a product, and how to set that product up with their affiliate network. They are looking for people that want to start from scratch from product development to selling in their affiliate network. They do have some training on working with affiliates to sell their products as well.

Number One Community, Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank 2.0

The Community

Wealthy Affiliate – The community is ranked #1 they have a community of like-minded people all working for the same goal, Success In Online Marketing and helping others succeed. If you have a problem or are stuck and need a hand just post your question and in a matter of minutes you will have an answer actually many answers. You also have access to the programs creators they answer questions and you can private message them.

ClickBank 2.0 – The community at ClickBank is not as interactive as the one at Wealthy Affiliate. It takes much longer to get an answer to a question. You also don’t get access to the owners / creators of the program.

Website Building

Wealthy Affiliates – The website builder is very easy to use, you can literally build a website in 30 seconds. I know its hard to believe but once you understand the system you can. There is no extra cost for the web builder and you can get up to 50 included websites.

ClickBank 2.0 – The website builder is set up to create a site to sell your own products. It integrates with ClickBank to make selling your products much easier. For people that are creating their own product the up sell might just be worth it. The one drawback besides the extra cost that I can see is if you decide at some point that you want to change to an outside platform, I’m not sure if that is possible.

The Bottom Line – Wealthy Affiliates vs ClickBank

So here is the deal, the two platforms are somewhat different and all in all a comparison is a bit difficult. On one hand if your looking for a training site that delivers on selling other peoples products then Wealthy Affiliate is where you want to be. But, if your looking to build your own digital products and don’t mind the big investment you should be looking at ClickBank 2.0.

It’s very hard to beat all the training, training videos, personal contact to the owners, 50 included websites, a website builder that you can build a website in 30 sec, and a community of like-minded people that are all in it to help, and so much more. It’s hard to beat the Wealthy Affiliate platform but the truth is Wealthy Affiliate does not dig into building your own digital products anywhere near how ClickBank 2.0 does.

Only you know what you want to do online, in my opinion I like the idea of selling other peoples products and it’s much easier to do. I don’t want all the extra issues that come with making your own digital products. But if you have an idea and the training of ClickBank 2.0 building your own products might be for you.

If you would like to try Wealth Affiliates for free


I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave your comments below…


    1. Hey JT,

      Thanks for the question, after reviewing my information I believe you are correct there are no reports or studies that claim WA is the number one online community. I will go back and amend my review. I still stand behind my personal findings, I have been a member of more trainings and systems than I care to count. The community at WA is the best I have ever been a part of by far.

      They have a less than 2 min. response time, you ask a question and in less than 2 miniutes you will have an answer. Sometimes you will get more than one answer, but you will know who has the best answers and the most experience very quickly.

      You can give it a try, Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE trial no credit card needed you can go and ask unlimited amounts of questions and see if you agree with my findings.

      Thanks again,

      All the best,


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