eCom Crusher Scam or Not

What Is eCom Crusher – Should We Hide Our Wallet

This is exactly what we are going to find out today “What is eCom Crusher”? Now I’m not going to spoil the whole review but I have seen both sides of the spectrum on this one.

From, Oh Ya! this is the best thing since sliced bread! To you have got to be kidding me this is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever seen. So, what is it all about?

That’s why I am here I will give you the long and short of this program. If, you have read any of my posts so far you know that the truth is the only thing I am after.

I have been scammed more times than I care to count, I have since then found a solid plan to make money online. But, that’s not what we are here to talk about right now. Let’s find out all about “What Is eCom Crusher – Should We Hide Our Wallet?

  • Name – eCom Crusher
  • Website –
  • Owner – Robin McGiynn or Robin Daly
  • Cost – $37 plus Upsells
  • Rank – 3.5 / 10

What Is eCom Crusher All About

So the video starts out with our narrator telling us that people all around the world are making $10K in 5 days. They are doing that by using the most revolutionary new website in the world. Now, he tells us that anyone with less than an hour a day can use this new online opportunity to make over $500k a year. OK, wait over $500,000 a year. (red flag #1)

See the thing is that nobody does make this because we just don’t know about this opportunity. People eCom Crusher Scam or Notall around are looking for jobs and we have this opportunity right there. Ya, I know just get to how are we going to do this. Instead of that he is telling us about the scammers out there just taking advantage of us. (That’s a good one get us on your side)

Right after that he goes right into stop being scammed while people are being scammed he is making over $2K a day, over $40K a month, and over $500K a year. (Still red flag #1) We can do all of this from the comfort of our homes or the local coffee house from anywhere. (This is just concerning too me)(not quite a red flag…close)

I’m sorry I made a mistake it’s actually under 30 minutes a day. (red flag #2) You don’t need any special skills to do this in fact you don’t need anything except the will to succeed. The reason no one is making any real money online is that there hasn’t been a good cash making opportunity in years.

At this point he goes into how he has been around affiliate marketing forever. He was around when Google adwords was paying well and he was the guy out there helping people make money. Then he says something that puzzled me he said there was plenty of money to be made until Google started slapping us. (red flag #3) You only get kicked off if you do something wrong?

OK, pouring it on a little thick. He says he had to face reality either scam innocent people out of their money, or leave the internet world behind. (Where was this coming from a hologram of Darth Vader) Now we hear from Robin himself after he hit rock bottom. He hit rock bottom because he refused to scam people.

Let’s Move To Cambodia

Since, the online money dried up he moved to Cambodia to be a Teacher. He still lives there today. There is a Robin McGlynn listed in Cambodia so were figuring that is him. It has him listed in Phnom Penh and that’s where he says he lives on the video. The part I don’t get is he has no online presence. Which is strange for someone that makes their living online. eComCrusher Scam or not

Well he wasn’t making much money being an English teacher so he searched and searched and finally one night in a night club. He met a guy named Sam he was the smartest Cambodian he ever met. (that doesn’t sound right) This Sam came in wearing some fancy clothes dripping in gold, and surrounded by beautiful woman.

Robin the inquisitive guy that he is asked Sam what he did for a living. Sam said well son I made my big bucks on the internet. With a little site they call Shopify. Well not only is Robin inquisitive he is also sneaky, because he just listened because Sam was drunk and unaware that Robin had all kinds of experience online.

Let’s See If We Can Fool, Drunk Sam Out Of The Info

Yes he did, Sam went into detail of what he was doing online. That was enough for Robin to copy what Sam was doing online to make that fat cash. (red flag #4) What happened to mister honest. It’s not OK to scam people but stealing from them is all together different.

After all of his searching he finally found a way to make $2k a day and over $500K last year. Here areeCom Crusher scam or not some facts, there were over $555K of transactions occur in a single minute on Shopify at their peak. Shopify is the largest growing sales giant for ordinary people.

In 2015 Shopify purchases totaled $7.7 billion, in 2016 it was $15.3 billion. Now anyone that is smart like Robin is going to cash in on the eComm Crusher to make a shocking daily income. You know I wonder how much does poor old Sam get considering it was his idea?

Robin is going to show us how this all works cause he bets your thinking?

  • What products do we sell
  • How do I guarantee the biggest products sales
  • Do I need a website
  • How do I get customers to my site

This is where you failed in the past, you didn’t have the right methods. The great thing is he isn’t going to give us all the crap of how easy it is. Because he, is just going to show us. He just said something very interesting he said he is going to show us how to get over $2K in sales a day. That is a lot different from making $2K a day???

Here’s The Claim

The eCom Crusher taps into a pool of internet traffic specifically targeted ready-to-buy users and taking you straight to the money. (that’s what it said) no side stepping, no crazy moves. You’re going straight to the millions of online customers who are ready to buy the products you are offering.

You won’t need to…
  • Handle any products
  • Pay for any products to sell
  • Or do anything at all during the purchase process
  • You don’t need any affiliate experience
You will need…
  • A laptop or smart phone and internet connection
  • 30 to 60 minutes a day

You can copy the system that has allowed him to bank cash profits like that every day. Like $2.7K a day over $40K a month and over $500K a year. Because, Shopify is new anyone can use this program to make profits.

  • You don’t need any hosting platform to make this work.
  • You don’t need any experience

He wants to show us how easy it is he is going to supply all the customer support personally. Then of course he goes into the list.

  • You don’t have to worry about being laid off
  • You don’t have to worry about a boss
  • You don’t have to worry about getting up for work

Would If The Secret Gets Out

He is giving us a fool proof step-by-step tool to start earning insane Shopify sales every-day (again with the sales) Since he decided to go public with this he has been getting calls upon calls begging him not to release this system. Why? Well he claims it’s that they are greedy and want to keep this fool-proof guarantee cash system to themselves.eCom Crusher Scam Or Not

He didn’t join the online game to get rich it was to help people, frankly scammers make him sick. He is here to expose the only way that normal guys could make a killing on the internet. The eCom Crusher automates the whole process for you. Now if you don’t get in fast you won’t be able to extract the vast fortune wait for you.

You need to get in fast before you miss your chance. Now don’t share this site with anyone, we don’t want those nasty scammers to get a hold of this the only honest method on the internet and steal our piece of the pie. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because so few people have access to this unique uncopied tool.

eCom Crusher Does What

The eCom Crusher is specifically designed to utilize a gap in Shopify targeted traffic opportunity and eCom Crusher Scam Or Notunmask a hidden cave of online cash. Now Robin doesn’t want our car or our house or even thousands of dollars. He is just a regular guy that doesn’t want peoples money. He just wants to help you out.

All it’s going to take is the same tool that he uses to guarantee daily shopify sales its only going to be a small one time fee. Then if your not satisfied with the results. He swears on gods honor (I don’t like this at all he even used a capital G) that you will get every penny back with his 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t worry he has your back. (why doesn’t that confort me one bit)

Bottom Line

This is a lot of talk about how much money we will make. I don’t understand why anyone would be so stuck on not wanting to scam anyone, then he steals the system from this drunk guy in a bar. There is not much talk about how the system works. Except for a series of videos that walk you step by step but don’t miss a step it will mess everything up.

However like I said there is a lot of talk about all this money your going to make. Now you might be thinking $37 isn’t much to invest so why not give it a try. Well I’m going to tell you the reason is that the $37 gets you in but if you want to make the big bucks there is going to be up sells.eCom Crusher Scam Or Not

The $37 is backed by ClickBank but the policy of ClickBank is always a 60-day money back guarantee. That means making a big deal about the money back guarantee really is no big deal at all. The other thing is that the up sells are not backed by the same money back guarantee.

Remember this guy lives in Cambodia so what do you think the chances are you would get your money back if things went upside down. You can be an affiliate of Shopify as well as ClickBank, without buying this system. It seems that this system is giving different email campaigns that you can use to sell affiliate programs.

After all this looking, reading, and searching I’m not getting that warm and cozy feeling. I don’t like the Red Flags. The sales video is all about making tons of money in a short period, while investing between 30 – 60 minutes a day. You know if you read my reviews that’s 3 Red Flags in one sentence.

My advice to you is to stay away, there are no big names behind this system. There are too many big promises and if you watch the video you will understand why I came to this conclusion. Also, I looked through Google and I believe there is a phony review that was put out by Robin or someone that has a stake in this. You will know it when you see it.


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If you have already made up your mind then ==>CLICK HERE<== I will get you right over to Wealthy Affiliate. When you get there look me up, you bet I am a member of WA!


I want to thank you for stopping by and reading this review, I hope that I helped. I would love to here your comments or questions. If you happened to buy into Robin’s system please let us know how you made out…


All the best,









  1. Having registered for Wealthy Affiliate myself, I don’t think I would have bought the eCom Crusher thing. The write-up is good and will be relevant to those who jump into all kinds of online business scams and tall claims. For someone like me who had been browsing the internet for years looking for an online business affiliate program, it is not easy to separate wheat from the chaff. But this review helps. A great review!

    1. Sukumar thank you for your comment,

      This is the problem with these scammers they keep trying to get better. When your reading these fancy promises, of massive wealth. People want to believe, they just really want it to be true.

      A lot of people that are looking at make money online, are looking at this as a last resort. That’s why I chose this niche. Stealing is just not OK.

      Sorry got a little carried away. Thanks again for stopping by and for the comment!

      All the best,


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