What Is QuantumCode – Free Ad Cash System

Good day to all, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I happened to stumble onto this system while looking at something entirely different. What caught my eye was Make An Extra $13,671.32 PER DAY using The QuantumCode for Free! WOW, making that kind of money per day and it’s all for free.

QuantumCode What’s The Deal

Were going to look into this system and find out “What is QuantumCode” Free Ad Cash System and can any system actually make you that unbelievable amount of money every day. They tell us that we most likely don’t realize it yet, but we have just stumbled upon the world’s most effective Free Ad Cash System. This is a system that made 132 people filthy rich in just the last two and a half months.QuantumCode Scam

So just sit tight because we are about to find out how. Of course, we have a bunch of people telling us how much money they have made in a very short period. Now they know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but we just stumbled on a video that will change the way we think about money.

The reason is that within the next 45 days, we will be earning a minimum of $3500 per day. They know that we have been caught up in wasting time and money on affiliate marketing, binary options and forex. We were fooled into thinking that those methods could and would make us money. I know some people that would say different, they have quit their 9-5 job and are making money online doing affiliate marketing.

They are very upset just knowing how much money those folks have taken from people. The claim is that after today we are never going to have to worry about money again. Because, we are going to be put on the fast track to making at least $25K per week by flipping online real estate.

Who Is This And What Is He Talking About

He is Simon Green, better know as Simon “the flipper” Green. I’m not sure who knows him as “the flipper” but this is his claim. Simon claims that his nickname originates from him discovering a QuantumCode Scamground-breaking system for making money in the online advertising industry. He claims he has made over $22 million dollars, without leaving his house and all with a few clicks of his mouse.

His family is so lucky that he has found this system, he says he can make more money in a few hours than most people can make in a year. This all comes with a warning, because the video we are watching has highly sensitive information. The elite advertising networks would be extremely concerned if they heard that we were watching it right now.

So whatever you do don’t leave the page, because it’s likely that it will be taken down. This video has upset more than a few power brokers in the world of online advertising. Simon has been making an effort to recruit a few new members, but the big advertising networks are still coming after him. The reason is that the more members he attracts, the harder it is for them to do business as usual.

We Are So Lucky

Don’t worry about Simon, because he is not concerned with them. They are just mad at him for revealing the truth about how online advertising world works. We couldn’t be luckier because Simon is only selecting a handful of new members who can join his elite circle and go on to make at least 1 million within the next two and a half months.

The important thing is he has to keep this circle very small. The more attention that he draws to the system, the more likely the big advertisers will shut it down. He is only going to add 5 new members, once they are added he is heading for retirement to enjoy all the 22 million he has made. What he is about to tell us is going to bring all the possibilities of online advertising riches in our reach.

A Little About Simon

A few years ago Simon was in the same position we are in maybe even worse. He was working at a leading brokerage firm, but he got very sick and lost his jobs. Now by this time his family was used to QuantumCode Scama very comfortable lifestyle and he couldn’t afford it anymore. He was just sick every time the mailman came to the door just the thought of those overdue bills.

He started missing mortgage payment and before he knew it he was 7 months behind. After, 16 years of making their house a home they were going to lose everything. (I can hardly go on I am so broken up) But, I will toughen up and try to go on. There was nothing he could do, and his wife needed his help. The issue was his brother-in-law, Mike they had fallen out of touch, but then suddenly he had an urgent need for advice on a deal he was putting together.

Mike Found The Golden Goose

Mike wanted him to help him finalize the terms of a deal he was closing with one of the biggest online advertising firms in the world. He had just received an offer to partner with this firm as a creative partner, Simon was more than just a little jealous of him. Simon had to ask what kind of money was QuantumCode Scamhe talking about?

Mike told him the deal was worth about $600K per year with a 3-year minimum. This is nothing when you’re flipping ads online. Mike was only doing this partnership to get more information that would help him with his ad flipping activity. With all the advertising deals he has done, he put together a powerful ad flipping strategy that works day in, day out, he made money while he slept using this system.

This strategy was started by a group of online advertisers back in Silicon Vally in 2013. They kept it a secret until they were hacked and all of their secrets were exposed. When Mike started doing these deals in the online advertising industry a few years ago, the information was only being passed around by a few elite insiders. He managed to get a copy of the secrets, he then started using it himself just during his time off.

Simon Wanted To Know How It Worked

It’s a fool proof money maker. He started with $250 in his account and before he knew it he had more QuantumCodethan $2480 in his first day, after a month he had $248K. After the second month he had earned $822K just from buying and selling ads online. Then after 3 months of ongoing effort, he know had $2.8 million. He was making so much money he needed an advisor he could trust, if Simon would agree to take care of his finances he would give him access to the system.

Mike just felt bad for Simon, he was giving him the mother of all gifts because he had such a rough time with his house and everything. With this system he was going to be able to re-establish himself and be more successful than he ever thought possible. But, how could someone with no knowledge about online advertising become successful at flipping ads online.

Simon New Nothing About Ads

Before using this system he had never bought or sold, an ad in his life. So he went with $250 and started buying ads, and the rest is history. After 90 days Simon had made $1,852,141.22. So for 2 years he has spent 45 minutes a day managing ad purchases. So after the result of this activity his net worth is $22 million, so don’t worry he paid off his old house and bought 2 more.

Now Simon goes back to his old job with his new Bentley just to show them what a mistake they made. QuantumCode ScamSimon is not here to brag, this is to encourage us to chase the same success. Now don’t worry because it’s our turn to have the same success, and we are about to become very wealthy. Simon is going to give us access to the same system he used to build the life he now enjoys.

Hold on just a minute, Mike told him he could only share the system with people he knew and trusted? The reason Simon is going to share this with us is because he just feels guilty. After, all there are people out there that are going through the same kind of trouble he did. So he just wants to help us make things right, help us get the life we deserve.

Simon Is Here To Help

He has been told to not bother he can’t save the world by himself, you can’t make people successful quantum-code-scam-newespecially if they don’t have enough hunger for success. But, if he can help just one person that is one person he helped. Simon is going to help only 5 people right now, so if we are still watching this video a place is still open for us. Just know there are not only 5 spots, that is just plain BS.

We are going to see in just a few minutes that his system has been developed with such a high degree of precision that anyone that access it can make it work. We now have the chance to join the elite circle of high-earners. This is all going to be made possible by The Free Ad Cash System.

What Do We Need To Do

We open the program and look through the available ads, its so easy to use you are going to be in the top 1% in no time. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with The Free Ad Cash System. The Free Ad Cash System is Free to access, all you need to do is add funds to your account so you can start buying, then selling ads for a tidy profit. We need to deal with the art of being successful QuantumCode Scamthat’s what we need to figure out for ourselves.

So whether we want to make big money, that’s what is going to happen. Now remember Simon is putting his name on the line for this system. (Not sure what that means to us) Simon is still talking about only 5 people are going to get in, as I said before that number will never hit zero. This is a ploy to get you to hurry and sign up, telling us our once in a lifetime opportunity will be gone.

We need to fill out the form to get instant access, but that’s not all you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 in order to have funds to invest in buying ads. Simon goes on to say the more you put in the better your chance of being a huge success. The money you put in is your money and you can take it out whenever you want.

Getting Sassy

If, you stay on the marketing video Simon gets a bit sassy. Simon says (I was waiting to put that in) you must be pretty comfortable with your current financial position. Why? Else would you turn down an opportunity like this, we must be just waiting to go back to our 9 to 5 jobs. We have the chance to be rich not only the chance we will be rich if we get into this fool proof system.

Now we get all the people telling us how much money they are making in a matter of minutes. They all made $100K, $200K and more in weeks. It’s funny it goes on and on about how were letting this chance pass us by, but the counter never gets to zero what a surprise.

The Bottom Line


A few things bother me about this system…

  1. Mike is Michael Crawford he claims to be a millionaire, but no where can you find any proof of this. He claims he is the owner and CEO, but the company just doesn’t exist. Do a search for Michael Crawford, there is nothing about him or his made up names like Wall Street Wizard, The Millionaire Trader, and The Nicest Rich Guy In The World.
  2. The claim is the system has been around for a while, but the site was registered on June 12th 2016.
  3. The claims of making Thousands in 24 hours is just not going to happen. If, you have been in the trading business for any amount of time you know it’s just not possible to make $10K in 24 hours with a $250 investment.
  4. NQS technology doesn’t exist this is the technology that Mike claims he is using. Check it out for yourself it just doesn’t exist. It is used to make you think he has some new technology that can predict the financial markets at 100% accuracy.
  5. Let’s just say for a minute that this system has made the 132 people in the last 2 months rich beyond their dreams. Where are they don’t they have social media? No one is saying anything about them not likely. There are some paid actors from our friends at Fivver.


QuantumCode Scam

Again, I do this so good people like you don’t lose their hard earned money. You will find reviews that say this is 100% not a scam, but as you will quickly notice they have affiliate links all over the page. Trying to get you to click on the QuantumCode to get you to sign up. You can look for yourself to confirm the points made above and see that these things are just not true.

My advice to you is to run away from this system, anytime someone tells you you can be a millionaire in just 2 short months with a $250 investment might as well just be selling magic beans.

If you have any questions or comments or if you got involved in this system please share your story. Don’t feel bad if you were taken in by the hype I have done the same thing so many times I lost count. But, if you could save someone from losing their money your experience was not a total waste.

All the best,


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  1. I guess I was taken with this ad. I’ll see how lucky I’ll be when I ask for my $200
    Back. It’s amazing how much scams are out there and people like myself fall right in there lap.Oh well that lesson cost me 200 ,very expensive don’t you think. Thank you for posting that scam.
    Ok Rick have good day and goodluck.

    1. Raymond thanks for the visit and the comment,

      Don’t be so hard on yourself, that is what they are good at they make things sound easy and a way to get rich quick. We would all love to make fast money, but what I have learned is there is no such thing as easy money. It’s true what they say to find success there is not substitute for hard work! If you are looking for a program that really works take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it takes work and it’s not a get rich quick scam. But it’s a program that you can find success with, hang in and never give up!

      All the best,


    1. Jennifer thanks for stopping by,

      The answer is to make money, I don’t know how they can sleep at night! I believe that you should work for what you have, that’s why I started this site to call out the scammers. Also, to give credit for those real opportunities that are available. Please just watch out for those scams and if you have a question about a program let me know and I will review it.

      If you are looking for a program that you can really follow and actually teaches you how to build a successful business online check out Wealthy Affiliate

      All the best,


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