The Job Quitter

What Is The Job Quitter System

Well Hello out there in the real world! How are things? Is everyone ready for Christmas? For today, we are going to take a look at something called “The Job Quitter”. That sounds nice, to be able to quit your job and work from home. That is what a lot of people are striving to do, and let me tell you it is more than possible!

  • Name – The Job Quitter
  • Website – TheJobQuitter.Com
  • Owner – Jonathon Gray (Registrant Contact)
  • Price – $47
  • Rating – Run Don’t Walk Away!

Sales Page And Video

Here we go again with, I will pay you $500. Well if your going to stay on the page to collect your $500 you might just as well click away now. This is nothing more than a ploy to try to The Job Quitterget you to watch this whole video. Now on to the sales video it starts out telling us that we just took the first step to replacing our salary in the next month. Already we have (red flag #1) unrealistic income claims.

We should be so happy that we were invited to this page, because he only lets this out for a short period of time. Only for a couple of hours, he is only going to let the first 100 people in. (red flag #2 it will never close) He is limiting this to 100 because he wants to give his students individual attention. Now, I don’t know if this is our lucky day or what?

Let’s Use People

If we want to earn life changing money online, we need to know these three ugly, but The Job Quitterimportant secrets. He is going to reveal how we can make a huge automatic income using the efforts of other people without knowing them or even ever talking to them. This I got to see! All you are going to need to work this system is a computer or a smart phone and 5 minutes of free time. You don’t even need a keyboard if you don’t want.

This is going to be so crazy easy, all we have to do is listen, click, and tap on our cell phone and we can make money. The great thing is it is nearly impossible for us not to make money with this system. Then here we go with he is going to pay us $500 just for watching this video. I can tell you he is not going to give us $500 so don’t wait by the mailbox for your check or keep logging into your bank account.

He Doesn’t Need Our Money

He lets us know that he doesn’t need our money, but something tells me he is going to ask for it. He then shows us a graph of his earnings and tells us that it can be verified. This money is being made without even touching it, he then shows another graph and again says The Job Quitterit can be verified. He assures us that we can do this too and he is going to show us how. This money is being made day after day month after month and of course year after year from the comfort of his or our home.

He wants us to partner with him, so its in his best interest to see us earn big money. OK, this is as funny as it gets, remember a good partnership is never a pyramid scheme or anything shady. Well we will see about that? The first thing that he says that is true, he tells us that this is no get-rich-quick scheme and were not going to get rich overnight. This is a simple yet ingenious method that has people helping us without even knowing it.

It’s going to take us at least 30 days to start making the big bucks. Well, that’s pretty much get-rich-quick in my book.

Move On To Video 2

Now that we have watched sales video number 1 it’s time to move to video 2 and collect our The Job Quitter$500. Well rather than go through all the BS I am going to give you the short version of what you will see, if you decide to waste your time and watch it. Remember life is too short to
waste a minute of it, this is what this video is going to do and that’s waste your time. You will see more so called proof of all the money he is making.

Not only that, but you will see and hear Richard Harper, talk about his family, his house, and of course his cars, only thing is he uses stock photos so its all fake. There are also some great testimonials of the awesome system, you guessed it all fake as well. This is what happens when you are looking at what I would call a scam system. You hear all about the money they are making, you see all the fancy cars and houses.The Job Quitter

Also, your going to see more proof of all the money they are making, and don’t forget the family you know the one you see them in the frame you buy at any retail store. The only thing you don’t see or even hear about is what the heck are you are going to be doing to make all this money. Let’s put it this way if you have a great system and an easy way to make money why wouldn’t you at least show and tell the basics of what you will be doing.

As you can see the Registrant Contact is Jonathon Gray so who is Richard Harper?

Why They Won’t Show You

Because it’s a scam! Plain and simple there can be some small things about the system that might work, but you are not going to make enough money to quit your job in a month or The Job Quittertwo. It’s just not going to happen no matter what system or training you buy into. They also wouldn’t use fake sales results, they can be verified you tell me how?

If there was such a system, I can tell you with all honesty they would not hide behind false claims fake pictures and BS claims of giving away $500 to everyone that goes to this sales page.

Where Is My $500

As I said in the beginning you are never going to receive the $500. The twist to the $500 is The Job Quitterthat they guarantee that if you follow the system to a tee that you will be earning $500 a
day in the next 60 days. Then the next thing your going to hear is so you have nothing to lose. They do this to try to instill false confidence in their system and try to get you to join. If they can get you to feel like you have nothing to lose they will get more people sucked in.

The Job Quitter
Can You Say BullSh**

The only thing that this system is going to get you is a lighter pocket at least $47. There is no way on gods green earth anyone can guarantee that you will make a specific amount of money in a given time frame. Think about it everyone learns at a different pace, we all have different schedules so no one is going to put in the exact same time. You get the idea, so how can a guarantee like that be made or trusted.

The Bottom Line

I will tell you that I did not throw away the $47 and I am recommending that you don’t either. This system starts with a big red flag and then it just keeps getting worse. You have The Job Quitterunrealistic earning potential, a promise of giving you $500, we are only selling to 100 students, this video is coming down soon. You get the idea if you want to get rid of $47 that bad then give it to a family that can’t afford Christmas presents for their kids. This way at least you will get a great feeling during this time of year.

Most scams like this won’t stop at $47 that is just to get you in the door. Then there will be huge up sells and they will say if you are really going to make the big bucks you will need this training. The other thing like I said earlier no one can guarantee that everyone will make a certain amount of money in a given time frame. So just do yourself a favor and run don’t walk away from this one.

If you really want to build an online business and actually make some money try my #1 pick. Wealthy Affiliate, this traing is not only the most up to date training on the web, but it also has the biggest and best community. They do not hide anything nor do they make any promises of huge wealth in a short period of time. You can sign up for FREE with no credit card required.

You can actually try this system before you spend a dime, not only that you can remain a FREE member for as long as you like. When you feel comfortable you can decide to join, there is only one membership for all no up sells! Only the most up to date training, weekly live video training, a huge community of like-minded people that are there to help you succeed. Ask a question the average response time is under 2 minutes. You actually know who the owners are and they are always around to help as well.

I could go on forever about this training, but if you want to know more just click on any of the links and it will take you to my review. Try the FREE membership and see what they have to offer, I hope to see you on the inside!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s!!!

All the best,



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