Online Success Plan Name: MOS Success Plan Website: Owner: Jordan Daniels Price: $97 (down-sell to $77)

What Is The Online Success Plan About? received a very urgent text it said I am going to receive $500 all I have to do is reply OK to the text. Of course, I replied OK because I need to be able to let you guys know what this is all about. I got a text back with a link to a video, thank god I sent it in when I did.

I was the last to get in there were only 3 spots left, how lucky could I be. Not only was I the last of 3 they were letting in but it happens that The Online Success Plan, is ready for immediate release in my area today! I am just on a roll today must be my lucky day.

So now there is another video for me to watch, this one is telling me just how lucky I really am. It’s also letting me know if I decided to leave this video I will forfeit my Millionaire website and my $500 dollars. So I just let it play out and this is what I learned.

What Is The Online Success Plan About? Now I’m going to let you in on the big secret so then we will all know. So sit back you know the drill, go get a drink and a snack come back and you will find out all about this system.

Name: Online Success Plan
Plan Website:
Owner: Jordan Daniels
Price: $97 (down-sell to $77)

What Is The Deal With The Online Success Plan?

So I watched the rest of the video at the end I had to hit the button to see if they would let me in. They said in the video that 98% of the people were going to see a screen that said sorry theOnline-Success-Plan-AKA-Mos-Success-Plan-Review-Both-Not-Worth-Your-Time-Phone-Number promotion has been filled. Now if I were one of the 50 lucky people I would get in to see another video about how this works. Yes of course I was 1 of the 50.

Now my website is almost ready to crank out an unlimited amount of cash. They call this My Millionaire Website and you can own more than one. The other thing is that no one else can give me this kind of website or even close they are the only ones with this money making system.

The good news doesn’t stop there either, they are going to guarantee my success. They are going to guarantee that the least I will make is $500. Of course, they have a few success stories on this video and if I click out of the video I will forfeit my website and my $500 again.

What Is The Real Story

Now the real story is starting to poke it’s head out. He was a broke salesman and he stakes his reputation on this system of course we still don’t know who he is, well we know now it’s Jordan Daniels. Now he has all the money he will ever need, he can even help his family of course he doesn’t have to anymore because they all have the system now.

They kept this secret for a very long time, the only reason they let out the secret was to help people that are in need of money. Their Goal…

  1. Eliminate Debt
  2. Increase Family Time
  3. Permanently Seal Financial Freedom

What Other Promises Do We Get – It’s How Much?

If we can hit the Goal Level of Success, were going to be eligible for a 100% no-strings-attached Free new CAR. Not any new car a brand new Mercedes of your choice. Now were getting into the dollars and cents The normal price to get into this system is $15,500 but were not going to pay that.

OK, now they are just pushing it they are comparing buying into this system to how much FaceBook bought Instagram for. OK, a little over the top, that $15,500 price includes…

  • The WebsiteMy-Success-Plan-Online
  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Coaching, to teach everything we need to know.

But this guy on the video is going to cover almost all the cost including the Millionaire Website to get us closer to the brand new car. So even though they sell this for $15.5K we can get it for $297 one time charge. Wait but if you act now you can get everything for $97 one time fee. The $97 fee is a server fee that’s it.

Some Terms And Conditions

I don’t want you to get too excited though, I found the terms and conditions page this has got to give you the warm and cozies, read the text in red…

Restrictions on Use of Materials (This is right off their site)

Materials in this website, and within any of the products/services offered are protected under International Copyright Laws. All rights reserved to the respective owners. Text, graphics, databases, HTML code, and other intellectual property are protected by US and International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published, re-engineered, translated, hosted, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission. All of the trademarks are property of their respective owners and used with permission.

The products and services provided on this site are for education and entertainment purposes only. No money will be made simply by requesting the information, products or services. This site is not offering a business opportunity of any kind. Additional product purchases are required in order start your own business. Recommendations are provided for your consideration and you are under no obligation to purchase any other products or join any opportunity of any kind. All decisions are of your own educated intellect and made of your own free will.

So here you go if you spend $97 or $77 you get nothing except access to the site it will take additional products that you have to purchase in order to start you own business. These will be monthly reoccurring costs.

I’m Not Getting What I Need – But I’m Going To Get What?

Your also going to get a complete personal development system from Lee Milteer called successful life strategies. Your also going to get another program called The Wealth Factor (Mindset for Millions). That’s not it though your also going to get a personal coach that is going to work with you one on one. All of this…

  • The coachingMy-Success-Plan-Online
  • The tools
  • The website
  • The products
  • experience
  • guidance
  • strategies


Over $20,000 worth of stuff for only $97/$77 what could be so hard to believe about this. Not only that but you get the 2 times money back guarantee if you don’t make your first big commission check it the first 30 days you will get a $500 check plus your $97 back. Oh ya, No questions asked???

What’s The Deal, Really

OK so I had some fun posting this one but the bottom line is if it’s too good to be true it is. There is no system that will do what they are saying, even though they are really saying The online success plannothing. They have not told us anything about the system itself how it works, what you need to do, nothing.

Now once you get to the sign up page of course they want all your Credit Card information. If, you try to click out of it without paying you get a pop up giving you another $20 off. So lets see they are giving you $20K worth of stuff then they are going to sell it to you for $97 and if you don’t do it right away they will go down to $77.

This is a classic SCAM you get in for $77 and then the fun begins that’s when you start paying. Because the system needs other things to work so now they hit you with all the up sells. You have to love the part about no hype, that’s all this is about. Don’t forget the up sells will be monthly charges among other things.

Bottom Line

We have seen scams like this so many times before don’t get sucked in by dreams of quick money its not going to happen. There are no get rich quick schemes. I promise you that if there were I would have found it by now. I promise you that when I do find it everyone will know!!!

This is just another rebranded site, when the heat is on and they get found out they just rebrand the site and resell the crap under a different name.

I have said this before and I will keep saying it, having an online business is real. You can make money online but it comes with work, a lot of work to get your business off the ground. When you make it its worth it but there is no turn key auto system.

Please leave your questions and/or comments below we would love to hear about any scams you might have got into or any programs you would like us to review.

Thanks for visiting come back again soon.

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  1. Wow! One of the last 3 to get in. What a break! So then it gets better and you get the privilege of watching a video that then wants to take your money up front. I really like the disclaimer that says you really aren’t getting anything for your money. Looks like Mr. Daniels is the only winner here. Thanks for the warning.

    1. Hello Warren,

      Isn’t that just crazy, I hate the fact that these scams are out there. They make it sound so good until you really dig in and take a good look. You are 100% correct Mr. Daniels is the only one that is going to make out here. 

      I am glad that I get all these scams in my email and texts so that I can pass along the information and save someone. There is nothing worse than getting all excited, signing up for a program, only to find out that you have been scammed.

      Then just try to get your money back, more than likely you will never see the refund.

      Thank you for visiting my site, hope to see you back again soon.

      All the best,


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