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Here is a great question, Is working from home online a fraud? Well, the real answer is not always, there are many real work at home jobs that are 100% legit. Of course for every job that is real there are many that are not. Let’s think about it if it was that easy to find a work from home job who would drive to work?

I know a bunch of people would say I have to go to work “you think I could stay home with my Wife / Husband every day and stay married”. The other problem with working from home is actually “working” with all the distractions from being home it can be hard to stay focused.

There are a certain set of people that can only work from home, Mother’s / Father’s that just had a new baby, and want to stay home to raise them. People that just can’t work outside the home from a disability of some sort. There are many reasons. These are the people we are targeting today.

Here are somethings to keep in mind when looking to work from home online.

Get References

It’s in your best interest to try to get some references from people that are already doing the work your looking to do. Find out about the company, see if what they promise is really true. Then, you want to ask if the company follows through with these promises.

Know The Company You’re Working With

This one can sometimes be a little tricky, you need to know if the company your talking to is going to hire you as a direct employee.

A lot of these companies make it sound like they are going to hire you, until you get to the end and then they want to sell you some kind of training material.

Now you need to figure out if it’s legit or not, learn the material find customers or build your business and if could be months before you ever see a dime. That’s if it’s not a scam, then you lose your money, time, and sanity.

Don’t Get Into Any Get Rich Quick Schemes

This is one of the worst things to even click on. If, you see anything that promises wild riches in 24 hours with no work other than the 1 hour a day, because it’s a turn key business!!! Hold on I’m out of breath…

Legit Work From Home, Find Work At Home, Get Rich QuickOK, I’m back anyway these are scams to take your money. You can not make money online or anywhere else for that matter without putting in the work.

You will also need time and good quality products this is how to build a business.

Find Out If There Is A True Market

Anyone can tell you, “we are highly in demand” or “we have lines of customers waiting”. These also may not be true I know its hard to believe that people would lie.

There are a lot of Medical Billing jobs you will see posted but do they have any customers? If, the market they say your going to be working in has a backlog of customers. Ask them who they are if they tell you give them a call see if they ever heard of them.

If they don’t give you an answer because they say its confidential or something. Call around to doctors and dentists see if they have ever heard of this company.

When you call just ask for the person in charge of billing. When you get them tell them who you are and that you were thinking of going to work for this online company. You just wanted to know if they use them or ever heard of them.

You can at least get some piece of mind if doctors have heard of the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions any reputable company will not get upset by these questions.

Actually they would invite the questions they would think they have a better chance with someone interested in the job and the requirements than some who is not.

Find Out If There Are Any Legal Requirements

Find out if you need any certifications needed to fulfill the job requirements. This can be a bit tricky because different states have different requirements. So check with your state attorney general’s office.Legit Work From Home, Find Work At Home, Legal

Find out if there are any kind of zoning laws that would prohibit you from operating an at home business in your zoned area. Depending on what type of business it is it might be against the law to operate the business in your home.

Just to make sure of these things you can always go to your Department of Labor to check.

Envelope Stuffing Fraud

Make sure your not getting yourself into this. Its been around for a long time but as they say the oldies are the goodies.

They will want you to send out packets asking for people to send money if they are interested in finding out more about a home business. This is the old pyramid scam if there is not actual product you can’t do it and it is illegal.

When a job leads to a knock at the door and the boys in blue are on the other side, I really don’t want any part of that.

Ask About Their Refund Policy

If, you are buying anything to get started like classes, promo material, equipment anything at all. Find out what and if there is a refund policy. Most times it will be 15 to 30 days. Look up there track record, on them actually returning the money. And of course how hard it was to get it back.

Get Details And Copy Of Contract

Make sure before you pay for anything or e-sign anything you get all the information. Any reputable company will have no problem giving you all the information.

Make sure you have all the information about what you will be doing and who you will be doing it for.

Wrap Up

So there you have it steps to take so you can make a good decision before signing up for any work at home job.

There is only one other thing I forgot to add and that is. Be careful about any company that offers to pay Legit Work From Home, Find Work At Home, Fraud Alertyou upfront. What they do is pay you up front so you take the check to the bank and cash it. Everything seems to be fine then you get notified that they made a mistake.

Now they say they accidentally over paid you so you need to send the difference back to them. So in some cases the person might think everything is OK and they send it back.

Only to find out that the check when it went to internal processing actually bounced. So now your out the money you sent back.

There are a lot of people out there trying to rip off your hard-earned money but still have faith. There are good people out there with real opportunities so hang it its out there.


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